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The Mexican Soccer Show is a weekly podcast show about fútbol south of the border. Hosted by Wiso Vazquez (@WisoVazquez), Tom Marshall (@mexicoworldcup), Nayib Morán (@NayibMoran), Cesar Hernandez (@cesarhfutbol), and Jason Marquitz (@soccermexicana). If questions, please e-mail at

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Who Will be Mexico’s New Coach: Piojo or Almada? How Worried Should Mexico Be About Dual Nationals?

The Mexican Soccer Show is back! Cesar Hernandez is joined by 90 Min’s Lizzy Becherano to discuss all that’s been happening (or NOT happening) with the Men’s Team as they hunt for a new coach, break down how worried should Mexico be about dual-nationals heading to the USMNT, and more! Intro 2:50 - Who Will be Mexico’s New Coach? 14:55 - Dual Nationals Discussion 25:15 - Julian Araujo to Barca Rumors 30:06 - CONCACAF + CONMEBOL New Partnership 33:05 - What does this mean for CONCACAF Women’s Soccer? 36:42 - Tigres Femenil vs. Bayern 39:12 - The New Leagues Cup Format 49:11 - Diego Lainez heads to Tigres 56:13 - Liga MX Recap

1h 17m
Jan 31
Messi Finally Wins The World Cup, Mbappe and Looking Ahead at the Future of Mexican Soccer

Wiso Vazquez and Cesar Hernandez wrap up the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Messi and Argentina finally winning it, THE best final in World Cup history and what's next for Mexican soccer - what needs to be done, who should be in charge, and more!

1h 10m
Dec 20, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Croatia Wins it in PKs, Brazil's Dominance and Wiso in Madrid (For Now)

After Monday's Round of 16 matches, Wiso Vazquez checks in from Madrid, Spain to give us his thoughts on the performances we've seen so far, the vibes in Madrid ahead of Spain's match on Tuesday and what lies ahead for Mexico.

Dec 05, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Cesar Talks CONCACAF Being Eliminated From The World Cup

Live from Doha, Cesar Hernandez speaks on what the vibes were in Doha during the Round of 16 match between the Netherlands and the US + Argentina & Australia.

Dec 03, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Amelia + Lizzy on Mexico's Early World Cup Exit, Final GS Matches & CR Didn't Touch The Ball

Back in Los Angeles after two weeks in Doha, Amelia Lopez checks in with 90mins' Lizzy Becherano to discuss Mexico's World Cup exit, what's next from the federation, the players and what legacy Tata leaves after the worst result in recent World Cup history + dive into the other matches that took place today.

1h 1m
Dec 02, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Cesar's Impressions From Press Conference with Tata + Guardado

Cesar Hernandez gives us his thoughts from the Doha Media Centre fresh off the press conference from Tata + Guardado, the scenarios that work in Mexico's favor and what it could all mean for Mexico ending the 2022 run.

Nov 29, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Mexico Was Always Suppose to Lose Against Argentina... So Why Do We Feel This Way?

Wiso Vazquez and Amelia Lopez discuss how they're processing Mexico's 2-0 loss to Argentina, what it means for the Group Standings, Tata's future and Mexico's development as a whole.

Nov 27, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Cesar and Wiso's Immediate Reactions After Mexico vs. Argentina Pre-Game Press Conference

From the Media Centre in Doha, Cesar Hernandez & Wiso Vazquez talk about what took place in the Mexico pre-game press conference that saw Chucky Lozano and Tata Martino share some words and what they expect tomorrow from fans and players in Lusail Stadium.

Nov 25, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Brazil vs. Serbia + Stadium Stuff

Walking out of Brazil vs. Serbia, Wiso Vazquez and Amelia Lopez bring you the not so shiny realities from Doha and blunders they've encountered after almost a week at the World Cup.

Nov 25, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Mexico vs. Poland Recap

As they drive to the Spain vs. Costa Rica match, Wiso Vazquez & Amelia Lopez discuss the Mexico vs. Poland match, what went right, what went wrong and what's not likely going to work against Argentina.

Nov 23, 2022
TMSS Mundial Daily - Mexico vs. Poland Preview

From Doha, Wiso Vazquez, Cesar Hernandez & Amelia Lopez discuss their feelings about Mexico's upcoming match, Cesar breaks down what was said during the pre-game press conference and what will be Mexico's point to prove against Poland.

Nov 22, 2022
No Santi Gimenez, No Diego Lainez... Mexico's Official World Cup Roster is Here!

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Lizzy Becherano and Amelia Lopez to break down the final 26-man roster that will represent Mexico in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the obvious absences and the questionable inclusions.

1h 4m
Nov 15, 2022
Mexico Defeats Iraq 4-0... Which Players Are Making it to the World Cup?

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Lizzy Becherano, Cesar Hernandez & Amelia Lopez to discuss the "dominant" 4-0 victory Mexico had over Iraq, what it means and who we can expect to be cut as Tata reveals his final roster in a few days.

1h 14m
Nov 10, 2022
The Mexican Soccer Show! Pachuca Campeon!

Wiso Vazquez and the crew chat about the ligamx final between Toluca and Pachuca. They also give their world Cup Hot takes!

1h 15m
Nov 01, 2022
Toluca Beats Club America, Pachuca Triumphs Monterrey & Mexico Going to Start Naming Players for Qatar Soon!

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Cesar Hernandez, Kari Torres and Lizzy Becherano to talk about the craziness of the Liga MX Liguilla semifinals, if Ambriz or Almada have what it takes to coach the national team and what's coming up Rumbo a Qatar later this week!

1h 20m
Oct 25, 2022
Chivas Cleans House, Liga MX Liguilla Quarterfinals Recap, & Mexicans Abroad Updates

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Cesar Hernandez & Lizzy Becherano to discuss the craziness that took place during the quarterfinals of the Liguilla that saw Club America, Monterrey, Toluca and Pachuca advance, a new era (once again) begins at Chivas + Jorge Sanchez & Chucky score over the weekend.

1h 6m
Oct 18, 2022
Mexicans in Champions League + Liguilla Preview

Cesar Hernandez and Amelia Lopez discuss the standouts of the Napoli vs. Ajax Champions League match, dive into the Liguilla and their takeaways from the repechaje.

Oct 13, 2022
Is Mexico Ready for the World Cup?

Wiso Vazquez is joined by 90Min's Lizzy Becherano to discuss the positives and negatives of Mexico's last two MexTour friendlies before the final roster is announced, who stood out, who shouldn't make the final roster and more.

Oct 04, 2022
TMSS Mini Pod - Live Reactions from Mexico's Media Day in Los Angeles

Live from outside Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Wiso Vazquez & Cesar Hernandez provide their reactions from the press conference from Tata Martino as well as the Media Pods where they were able to speak with over 30 players including Raul Jimenez, Ochoa and others.

Sep 21, 2022
Atlanta Match Recap, Final MexTour Friendlies Coming Up, Liga MX & More!

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Adriana Terrazas to discuss what stood out about Mexico's friendly in Atlanta, what to expect from the final MexTour friendlies, the excitement from this past weekend of Liga MX action and more! Be sure to follow The Mexican Soccer Show on Tik Tok!

Sep 13, 2022
Mexico Releases Their Away Jersey & Preview for Paraguay Match in Atlanta

Wiso Vazquez is back and settled into Atlanta alongside Cesar Hernandez to discuss the latest jersey launch from Adidas and Mexico, discuss whether the home or away jersey is better and dive into what to expect from the friendly against Paraguay on Wednesday.

1h 0m
Aug 30, 2022
Tecatito OUT for the World Cup, Atlanta MEXTour Friendly Coming Up, Henry Martin Shining & More!

Cesar Hernandez & Adriana Terrazas dive into the significant impact Tecatito's injury will have on the World Cup Roster, what to look forward to in the Atlanta friendly next week, the highlights of this weekend's Liga MX action (America, Chivas), the lows (Cruz Azul, Pumas) and more! Follow Cesar & Adriana on twitter at: Be sure to follow The Mexican Soccer Show on Tik Tok!

Aug 23, 2022
MLS vs. Liga MX All-Star Recap with The Cooligans!

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Christian Polanco & Alexis Guerreros of The Cooligans to recap their latest trip to Minnesota for the MLS vs. Liga MX All-Star match, what the future looks like for both leagues, the Mexican - US soccer landscape, Chicharito, Vela & much more! To listen to the Cooligans' interview with Chicharito and Vela at the All-Star events, listen here: Be sure to follow The Cooligans on Twitter: Instagram:

Aug 15, 2022
Leagues Cup Showcase, What's Going On With Chivas, & MLS vs. Liga MX All-Star Week

Wiso Vazquez and a healthier Cesar Hernandez discuss the lasting impressions of the Leagues Cup Showcase, the power of Los Angeles and other dominant cities in the United States, What's Going On With Chivas, upcoming international friendlies for Liga MX Femenil teams and more!

Aug 09, 2022
Tons of Moves for Mexicans Abroad, Raul Is Injured, Liga MX Recap & More!

Wiso Vazquez & Adriana Terrazas break down all the moves and rumors taking place abroad future young Mexican talent, what this means going into the World Cup in November plus with Raul injured, who is moving into that starting spot up top and more!

Aug 02, 2022
FMF Cleans House + Investigations on the U20 Women's Side

Cesar Hernandez & Adriana Terrazas return to the podcast to talk about some of the worst moments for Mexican soccer, the recent failures on and off the field and where the FMF goes from here.

Jul 25, 2022
MLS, Apple TV+... is Liga MX Leaving Money on The Table? Plus More 2026 Talk!

Wiso Vazquez, Adriana Terrazas & Amelia Lopez return to discuss the capabilities Mexico will have in hosting the 2026 World Cup alongside the US & Canada, what the MLS and Apple TV+ deal mean for Liga MX in the long run and more! Don't forget to follow the podcast on Spotify, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, & follow us on @mexsoccershow on twitter and @themexicansoccershow on Instagram!

1h 2m
Jun 21, 2022
TMSS Mini Pod - Cesar Hernandez On What's Wrong With El Tri + Host Cities Announced for WC2026

This week, Cesar Hernandez gives you a mini pod to break down Mexico's two Nations League matches that left up to be desired plus he looks at the significance of the host cities chosen for the World Cup in 2026. Don't forget to follow the podcast on Spotify, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, & follow us on @mexsoccershow on twitter and @themexicansoccershow on Instagram!

Jun 18, 2022
Is Mexico Ready for Qatar? Plus Nations League Preview

Amelia Lopez returns from traveling with the MexTour to discuss the last three matches with Adriana Terrazas & Cesar Hernandez, what they make of them, what expectations they have from the team and Tata as of this point & if Nations League will serve to ease some of those doubts.

1h 3m
Jun 06, 2022
Six More Years of FMF Playing Matches in the US, Liguilla Semifinals Madness & Mexico vs. Nigeria Preview

Wiso Vazquez is joined by Cesar Hernandez, Amelia Lopez & Kari Torres to talk about the nuances of the SUM deal recently announced, how Mexico fans in the US and Mexico feel about it, what it means going for plus dive into the semifinal madness that took place in the Tigres-Atlas game, the lopsided result in Pachuca vs. America & what Mexico should do in Arlington this weekend.

1h 4m
May 24, 2022