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Blisters, post-holing, spam and ramen, helicopter evacs, and hiker midnight. A not-so-expert romp through trails long and short by those who barely survived. Trail talk about prep, gear, food, legends, and misadventure with host Doc, with additional interviews with world travelers and adventure athletes. Amplifying the outdoor experience for those hooked on adventure! Support this podcast:

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Matt "Schmutz" Lyons and the SOBO Documentary

Fresh off the PCT, thru hiker Matt "Schmutz" Lyons sits down with Doc to talk trail.  In addition to updating us on his documentary project, Schmutz covers a lot of ground, including the magic of oatmeal, Trash Crocs, creative recipes with Snickers bars, and what happens when your IT band isn't cooperating with your 2,650-mile hike from Canada to Mexico. --- Support this podcast:

1h 21m
Feb 04
Atypical French Guy - Thomas Bouïssaguet and the HexaTrek

In an instant classic, thru hiker and trail creator Thomas Bouïssaguet joins Doc in the studio to talk about the newly created long trail in France, the HexaTrek.  During their conversation, the pair cover a lot of ground, including talk of berets, emergency alcohol, French pocket knives, aggressive mountains, holding grudges, the danger of being named Kevin or Dylan in France, the value of a charcuterie board on the trail, and the appropriate steps to take when confronted by a literal minefield between you and your next campsite. One hilarious moment after another in this episode. --- Support this podcast:

1h 32m
Jan 30
Moxie on the AT

What does it take for an 18-year-old woman to convince her parents to drop her off alone in the woods 2,000 miles away to hike the Appalachian Trail by herself?  Moxie.  Kaylin "Moxie" Brown did exactly that.  Less than six months later, she meets up with her parents at the base of Mt. Katahdin as she completes an epic adventure.  Tune in and hear Moxie share her story with Doc, complete with Type II adventure, sketchy hitches, and the power within each of us. --- Support this podcast:

1h 12m
Jan 28
Desperate and Lucky - Dylan Harris

Film producer, storyteller, thru hiker, and bikepacker Dylan "Lucky" Harris drops into the studio on the eve of his documentary premiere in Denver.  During his chat with Doc, Lucky covers a lot of ground, including his early years when he was desperate to care about something, how his dog encouraged him to pursue the outdoors, a 60-day sprint up the PCT, tales from the Sierra High Route, and the allure of telling stories with his camera.  Oh, and there's plenty of discussion about Jeff Garmire. --- Support this podcast:

1h 30m
Jan 21
Figuring It Out with Jason "Out and About" Tompkins

After seven months and 4,200 miles spent on the trail in 2022, Jason "Out and About" Tompkins comes in from the cold to share some adventures and lessons learned from the trail in the warm confines of the JFM Pod studio.  Tune in and hear about waist deep walks through swamps in the dark, the dangers of deadfalls, hopping on freight trains, the beauty of the Outer Banks, 375-mile road walks, and the creation of The Carolinian.  Lots of laugh out loud moments in this one! --- Support this podcast:

1h 8m
Jan 14
Trail Savants - The 2022 CYTC

What does it take to hike all three of America's long trails in one calendar year? Settle in and listen up as Doc and special co-host Jeff "Legend" Garmire talk to the four thru hikers who took on this feat in 2022 and completed what has been called the most prestigious accomplishment in long-distance hiking. Charlie "Kansas Express" Janssen, Rene "Boomerang" Heinrich, Carl "Professor" Stanfield, and Jack "Quadzilla" Jones address the questions you want answered:  Why? Gear? Sequence? Highs, lows, and the unexpected?  Tune in for a mind-blowing episode with some true thru hiking royalty. --- Support this podcast:

1h 46m
Jan 09
Bourgeois as Hell - Elina "TipTap" Osborne

Thru hiker, storyteller, and future documentarian Elina "TipTap" Osborne drops in from her new circus-themed flat in New Zealand to talk about what's she's been up to since her last visit to the studio.  Listen in as TipTap and Doc discuss weka attacks, the luxury item that makes thru hiking bourgeois as hell, hiking with legends across Europe, learning to surf, how not to hike the Vertical Kilometer.   --- Support this podcast:

1h 18m
Jan 07
I Wanna Do Everything - Ashly Winchester

Ashly Winchester, the women's unsupported solo SOBO JMT FKT-holder (phew!), cools her jets for a bit and drops into the John Freakin' Muir studio to chat with Doc.  Tune in and hear Ashly and Doc discuss her record-setting adventure, as well as growing up in the boonies, the Women of the Wild Pod, hallucinations during sleep deprivation in the Sierras, riding yaks by the decree of His Majesty the King, and the value of leaping before you look.  An instant classic.  --- Support this podcast:

1h 36m
Dec 31, 2022
Customize Your Adventure - Igor "Werewolf" Dorotic

The race director of Adventure Race Croatia, Igor "Werewolf" Dorotic, drops by the studio to talk adventure with Doc.  During the convo, Igor shares his newest creation, the Relive Project, which allows endurance athletes of all experience levels to customize their next adventure on an actual professional Adventure Race course!  This is the multisport holiday experience you've been looking for!   --- Support this podcast:

1h 21m
Dec 24, 2022
There's No Race - Chris "Stretch" Hurlbut

AT Section hiker AND Thru hiker Chris "Stretch" Hurlbut drops into the John Freakin' Muir studio to talk trail with Doc.  Listen in as Stretch discusses gear, tramily, philosophy, fear mongering, living in the moment, the benefits of growing up in the woods, and the fine art of flipping thrift apparel in the Northeast. --- Support this podcast:

1h 24m
Dec 17, 2022
Suffer Well - Josh "Long Story" Murphy

Josh "Long Story" Murphy sits down with Doc to share an amazing tale.  From his early beginnings roaming the hills in Pennsylvania and then onto his unhealthy teen years that led to serious weight gain, Long Story describes the life events that took him to a 200+ pound weight loss, enlisting in the military, and then thru hiking the PCT.  Tune in and hear a story that will have you shaking your head.  --- Support this podcast:

1h 25m
Dec 10, 2022
Well, sh*t. This is it. - Jason Hardrath

Ironman athlete and holder of 100 FKTs, Jason Hardrath stops by the studio to talk with Doc.  During the conversation, Jason talks about his childhood with ADHD, competing in Ironmans, the horrific car accident that changed his path, Norman's 13, and his journey to summitting Washington's 100 tallest peaks in less than 51 days.  Incredible stories from an incredible guest.  Don't miss a minute. --- Support this podcast:

1h 42m
Dec 03, 2022
Triple Crowner Eddie "Bard" Janicki

Newly minted Triple Crowner Eddie "Bard" Janicki drops into the studio to talk some trail with Doc.  During their discussion, the two chat about gear, large animals, bad weather, remote places, unplanned stream swims, and marriage proposals! Tune in and learn from a seasoned thru hiker! --- Support this podcast:

1h 14m
Nov 26, 2022
Unlikely and Unfiltered - Derick "Fab" Lugo

The author of The Unlikely Thru Hiker, Derick "Fab" Lugo, stops in for a chat with Doc.  Fresh off the Continental Divide Trail, Fab waxes eloquent on a wide variety of topics, including Type II Fun, racing storms, Clint Eastwood, Trail Brothers, CDT trail culture, and how to keep the thru hike from leaving you.  Epic episode with an epic guest. --- Support this podcast:

1h 29m
Nov 19, 2022
Jolly - Keep Going Forward

Bennett "Jolly" Fisher takes a quick break from the trail and from his hiking apparel company, Jolly Gear, to sit down with Doc in the studio to chat about some Type II fun. From his early start as an 18-year-old on his first overnight hike (um, the entire Appalachian Trail!) to his current ultralight status with a seven-pound pack on the PCT, Jolly shares his evolution as a thru hiker and a person.  Listen in and hear about heartbreak on the AT, a new definition of Hiker Trash, the importance of putting the What Ifs out of your mind, and the creation of one of the hottest brands out on the trail, Jolly Gear! --- Support this podcast:

1h 21m
Nov 12, 2022
Emptying the Tank with Adriel "Bacon" Young

Season 5 of the podcast leaps out of the gates when Adriel "Bacon" Young takes a breather to drop into the studio and chat with Doc.  The former Bondi Beach lifeguard, reality TV star, and winner of the inaugural One Water Race covers a lot of ground in his convo with Doc, including his unsuccessful sporting years in high school, lifeguard rescues on Bondi Beach, competing in the Kona Ironman, and his discovery of the Swedish sport of swimrunning.  There's plenty of Type II fun along the way.  --- Support this podcast:

1h 5m
Nov 05, 2022
Becoming Forrest - Rob Pope

In spectacular fashion, Doc wraps up Season 4 of the podcast by talking to Rob Pope, the bloke from Liverpool who recreated Forrest Gump's 15,600-mile run back and forth across America.  Rob, who is an author and the host of Red Bull's How to Be Superhuman podcast, shares some incredible stories from the run, including his interactions with Americans from all walks of life, his brushes with the law, how he fended off attacks from packs of stray dogs, his close your eyes and pray method of dealing with a charging moose, and the fuel behind any successful transcontinental run, donuts and beer.  The self-proclaimed King of Donuts also includes a good discussion on the power of unadulterated ands, his lucky number 12, and why he chose cross country over rugby.  Rob provides an exclamation point to an epic season! --- Support this podcast:

1h 29m
Oct 29, 2022
I'm Not Going to Live at 40% - Chad Lubinski

Chad "Scratch" (or Hooch) Lubinski takes a break from the busy world of content creating to talk to Doc in the John Freakin' Muir studio.  The two range far and wide in their discussion, including chats on Stateside slop, Homer, the next level of thru hiking, how to run 100 miles, the 4x4x48, and the Wind River High Route. --- Support this podcast:

1h 24m
Oct 22, 2022
It's a Thing - Brian Sheridan and the Everglades Challenge

Brian "B.S." Sheridan sits down and shoots the bull with Doc.  Fresh off his second attempt at the 300-mile Everglades Challenge, B.S. recounts his recent exploits and much more, including life as an engineer on a container ship, two-way trail magic, deet cream, predator eyes, and the magical memories of Chokoloskee, Buttonwood Canal, and the Nightmare.  You're not going to want to miss this one! --- Support this podcast:

1h 24m
Oct 17, 2022
Kate the Wild

Photographer, metalsmith, and thru hiker Katelin Reeser joins Doc in the studio for some serious trail talk.  Tune in for discussions of gear and photography and some stories from the JMT, the Long Trail, the PCT, and the Collegiate Loop.  Kate opines on Type II AND Type III fun, as well as the futility of long-range planning on the trail, eerie moments, and when things get too Bro-ey out there. --- Support this podcast:

1h 22m
Oct 15, 2022
Moonshine, Swamps, and Forks in the Road

Phil "Swamper" Tucker joins Doc from Mississippi for a very special episode.  Underneath the fun-loving exterior, Swamper hides a tough past and a difficult journey.  Tune in and hear the incredible story of a young boy raised in the swamps of Mississippi who loses his path, only to pull himself up and find it again by moving to Montana.  But the story doesn't end there.  After having his lower leg amputated, Swamper finds himself at a very dark fork in the road.  As he contemplates which path to take, he discovers the YouTube channel of Kate "Feather" Cloud, and is inspired to claw his way back and hike the PCT.  Also on his bucket list is to meet the woman who inspired him, Feather.  Can Doc pull any strings?  Listen and find out.  Bring some tissues.  Epic.  Oh, and there's water moccasins, gators, grizzlies, a shower curtain, and skinny dipping in Bogue Homa Creek. --- Support this podcast:

1h 16m
Oct 10, 2022
Fear and Loving on the PCT - Area 52 and Crunch

When you leave everything behind to pursue your dreams on the PCT, do you expect to fall in love with a stranger on the trail? Tune in and listen in as Joey (Area 52) and Alyssa (Crunch) talk to Doc about building a relationship on the trail.  Along the way, you'll hear about a Close Encounter (yes, that type of Close Encounter), the synthetic world, Ride Brides, good reasons to use a tent, and the importance of shooting your shot. --- Support this podcast:

1h 20m
Oct 08, 2022
Transgender Triple Crowner - Cal "Starburst" Dobbs

Cal "Starburst" Dobbs, the first transgender Triple Crowner, stops by the podcast studio to talk trail with Doc.  During the conversation, Cal shares their journey on the trail as well as their journey to self discovery and awareness.  Spreading a message of advocacy and inclusivity, Cal also talks with Doc about gear, ill-fitting pants, painful lessons, the importance of grit, the importance of windows and mirrors, emotional explosions on the trail, and the power of someone who believes in you.  Be sure to tune in for this powerful episode. --- Support this podcast:

1h 38m
Oct 03, 2022
Like the Nuts

In an instant classic, thru hiker Jocelyn "Ballsack" Smith drops into the studio to cover a wide variety of trail topics with Doc.  Tune in and hear the pastor's daughter gone rogue discuss the Fork Cartel, interesting uses for the tent vestibule, the Human World, Bernie Sanders' drink of choice, Irish goodbyes, night terrors on the trail, and selling your mom's phone number to randos while working in The Pickle Bar.  Oh, and there's plenty of talk about her AT thru hike, injury on the PCT, post trail depression, and living intentionally.  Truly an epic episode. --- Support this podcast:

1h 30m
Oct 01, 2022
Spunk and Spark with Kamrin "Pinecone" Peterson

Backpacking guide Kamrin "Pinecone" Peterson takes a brief break between treks to drop into the studio and chat with Doc.  During the conversation, the two discuss the extra burden and reward to guiding, the dangers of being a back base, torn biceps, gathering water with a Deuce of Spades, summit fever, and her friends, Karen and Chad. --- Support this podcast:

1h 12m
Sep 26, 2022
I've Always Wanted to do Something Ridiculous

Infinity Trail creator and long-distance walker extraordinaire, Jason "Eternal" O. Cook calls in from the trail to update Doc on his progress on the 16,000-mile trail.  Along the way, the two discuss Biscuit, Smiles, Jolly Gear shirts, the difficulty of resynchronization, finding answers on the trail, the human condition, and finding a balance. Don't miss this episode with an incredible human. --- Support this podcast:

1h 8m
Sep 24, 2022
72 hours and 47 minutes on the JMT

Jeff "Legend" Garmire sprints into the John Freakin' Muir Pod studio to chat with Doc about his newly established FKT of the JMT. The conversation, as you might imagine, ranges far and wide, with insights into Simulation Theory, discussion on the Roaring '20s, hitchhiking stories, and Star Wars.  They do eventually get to the heart of the matter: what it's like covering 70+ miles a day for three days to set the Unsupported Fastest Known Time on the John Muir Trail. Epic. --- Support this podcast:

1h 14m
Sep 19, 2022
The Long, Long Walk with Carl "Prof" Stanfield

Carl "Prof" Stanfield calls in during a Zero in Glacier National Park during his quest to set the record for most miles traveled on foot in a calendar year.  With his eyes set on 10,500 miles by Dec. 31, Prof talks to Doc on day 238 about the challenges involved while hiking on a time budget.  During the discussion, appropriately, they cover a lot of ground, including spooky stories from Florida, the benefits of hiking with Greased Pig, how to grind through 12 pairs of trail runners, and that one time Prof worked as a nude model for Outside Magazine. --- Support this podcast:

1h 5m
Sep 17, 2022
The Incident

The Great White Arrow and Chest Hair stop by the studio to relay a trauma-inducing story from the mountains that they are just now recovering from five years on. --- Support this podcast:

1h 13m
Sep 12, 2022
Turning the Tables

This week on the pod we have a very special guest: the creator and host of JFM Pod itself, Doc! Doc and new intern Lupin talk about the inner workings of the podcast including the how and why it was created. They discuss Doc’s experiences running marathons as well as some type 2 fun adventures hiking the JMT. You’ll even get to hear his opinion on the necessity of the Oxford comma, something he usually only brings up during his 9-5. This week, it's all about the man, the myth, the legend: Doc. --- Support this podcast:

1h 19m
Sep 10, 2022