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A Deep Dive into History. Season 1 is the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. Also the realities of 2020 and beyond.

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2/3 of You Hate To See It

2/3 of You Hate To See It stopped by to talk to me.    The You Hate To See It Linktree   If you want to get in touch with me     @theskullpodcast

1h 29m
Oct 30
NHL to Atlanta? Eventually?

Anson Carter bought the ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators. I had previously talked to Rick of NHL To Atlanta about rumors of Anson Carter eventually buying an NHL team.   @theskullpodcast

Oct 18
Transhumanism and The Future

I talk with "Ash" a young neuroscientist in Germany about the future and the past.   @theskullpodcast

1h 32m
Oct 16
Authoritarianism!: A Conversation with a Woman From An Outer Soviet Republic

An anonymous spoke to me about her impressions of the USA as well as her memories of living in the Soviet Union. Moore V Harper is also discussed.     @theskullpodcast 

1h 22m
Oct 05
Congressional Candidate Daniel Anthony

Daniel Anthony is a Navy Veteran who ran for Congress, but quit because he didn't want to keep dividing America. We talk about some of the issues of the present day. Including: Google being a monopoly, the state of education, Moore v. Harper. As well as other things.   He has a podcast called The Relief Valve   If you want to get in touch with me     @theskullpodcast 

Sep 28
Tesla’s New Vehicles: Tech Practical For My Family?

Dusty Cash, a Tesla owner talks with me about the practical concerns of owning a Tesla. Battery operated cars will be the main passenger car sold in Europe and North America within 3-5 years. I think this is an important episode.   If you want to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast  

1h 0m
Sep 09
Impressions of a Ukrainian

Tim B, a Ukrainian national returns to give a war update and talk about America.

1h 43m
Sep 06
Candy For Not Hitting People: An Anonymous Teacher Podcast

If you want to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast  

1h 4m
Sep 02
Electric Cars and Movies

I talk with Amit in Australia. We talk about many things including movies and the future.     @theskullpodcast

1h 49m
Aug 25
Christen Stovall, Author of Twisted Path

Christen Stovall is a fantasy author. Her latest effort is Twisted Path.     Twisted Path on Amazon     If You Want To Get In Touch With Me     @theskullpodcast    

1h 11m
Aug 17
WatchMojo Writer Derick McDuff

McDuff is a writer for, one of my favorite YouTube Channels.   We talk about film, one of my passions.

1h 23m
Aug 15
Brendan Black of Talk Ag To Me Talks about his students

Mr. Black mentors students in central California around agriculture. He runs the podcast Talk Ag To Me.   If you want to get in touch with me:   @theskullpodcast 

Aug 08
Covid reactions and other things in Northern California w/ Petra Buchanan

An old friend of the show talks about the situation around her in Northern California.   If you want to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast

Aug 06
Is School Daycare?: A serious problem in America

A teacher I know only as "Sam" came to talk about discipline problems in school.   If you want to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast

1h 45m
Aug 03
Bryan Parkerson/Dawn Journey Productions

Bryan Parkerson is an independent filmmaker and as he puts it a "Follower of Christ." His company Dawn Journey Productions seeks to make movies without sex, nudity, or cursing.    Blood Repentance Facebook Page     Dawn Journey Productions Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@DawnJourneyProd)   Bryan Parkerson's Facebook and Twitter (@bp4Christ)       If you want to get in touch with me     @theskullpodcast        

2h 56m
Jul 28
New Johnny Cash Book

Colin Woodward discusses his new book COUNTRY BOY: THE ROOTS OF JOHNNY CASH Available July 29, 2022   If you want to get in touch with me:   @theskullpodcast

1h 6m
Jul 23
Tuck In Food’s Micah Battino

Don't forget to give a rating and review!   Micah has a very well-done Youtube Channel that is very food Centric. He focuses on various aspects of food and cooking.     Youtube channel: Instagram: @tuckinvideos Tiktok: @tuckinvideos Website:   Or you could use my linktree:

1h 10m
Jul 20
What is Moore v Harper? A Conversation w/ King Williams

Moore V Harper is a Supreme Court case which could potentially rob Americans of their right to vote through a legislature changing the outcome of an election.

1h 4m
Jul 13
Covid in Evansville, Indiana

I talk with Andy Orem about COVID in Evansville, Indiana. He works in that town as a med-surg Tech in an oncology Ward.

1h 13m
Jul 09
Stopping Human Trafficking

Rico worked as a translator to help stop human trafficking. 

1h 10m
Jul 03
A UFO Sighting by Dan Mainwearing

Dan saw a UFO in 1996 in Naples, Italy. This is that story.   He has a podcast called Fascinating People, Fascinating Places.   If you wat to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast  

Jun 30
Guns and Tech w/ Man Tools Podcast

I talk about gun issues and tech issues with Trevor of The Man Tools podcast.   If you want to get in touch with me:   @theskullpodcast

1h 43m
Jun 27
Who Killed John Wilkes Booth?

Pro Athlete, Author, and Podcaster Josh Thomas discusses Boston Corbett. The man who assassinated John Wilkes Booth?   If you want to get in touch with me:   @theskullpodcast 

Jun 24
Christian Reeve: Podcaster

Christian Reeve is a podcaster who talks to a very wide range of people. Including a man who did a DB Cooper deep-dive show.   If you want to get in touch with me   @theskullpodcast

1h 57m
Jun 21
Josh Survived Cancer. We talk Inflation, Content Creation and COVID

Josh Survived Cancer and became an economist.

1h 14m
Jun 19
”The All About Nothing Podcast” w/ Barrett Gruber

My High School Classmate and Podcaster in the All About Nothing Podcast have a conversation about tech, and society. It was Fun. 

1h 21m
Jun 17
Adam Filipiak: Minor Hockey Goalie

Adam is a veteran podcaster and an ex-goalie. His Podcast is called You Hate To See It   We talked about hockey, being a coach, and podcasting.

1h 26m
Jun 15
The Philosophy of BJ Frost

BJ Frost is a fiction author based in Canada. He spoke to me about his philosophy.    

1h 11m
Jun 12
SEO, Society, and You

Cate Daniel was kind enough to come on my show and give a primer about search engine optimization. This is a critical topic in society.

1h 4m
Jun 08
”Jake” and I talk about Podcasting, Sports, and Society NSFW

"Jake" is half of "Jake and the Dingus". This self-described podcast about nothing is really a very interesting take on the world around us. They'll talk to anyone who wants to promote anything.        

1h 19m
Jun 06