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S4 EP14: Colors and Materials Designer ft. Sarah Barnwell Smith

What is a "colors and materials" designer? I didn't know exactly either.  Sarah works at Puma and started her career at Reebok and New Balance.  I hate writing copy because I feel like the episode explains it all!  Also, I joined TikTok :) Follow me @TCRFFF  IG: @sarahbarnwell    Full Episode:   Enjoy! 

Mar 15
S4 EP13: Upcylcing feat. Nicole McLaughlin

To understand her work, follow Nicole on Instagram before you even press play! There is no music in this episode because I'm in a weird mood. I really like this girl, she's humble and hardworking and one of the few guests to ever ask me a question back, lol.  Nicole started upcycling while working as a graphic designer at Reebok. Her creations are ironic, witty, and clever. Each upcycled product she makes is for visual consumption, yet none of it is for sale. I sit down with Nicole nearly 5 years into her journey. Since starting, she's now done design collaborations with Reebok, Arc'teryx, Patagonia and Hermés and does workshops and consulting work for brands looking to implement sustainable practices. Today, we discuss her evolution into home design and furniture, what creative burn-out feels like, how she became fluent in sign language, and her upcoming wedding.  Full Episode:  IG:@nicolemclaughlin Enjoy!

Feb 01
S4 EP12: Beauty Photographer, Tom Newton

Tom got his start when Emily Weiss hired him to be the photographer for Into The Gloss. Today we talk about his influences, the best agencies for photographers and and photographers budgets & salaries.  IG: @tomtakesphotoss

Oct 27, 2022
S4 EP11: Curves at IMG Models ft. Mina White

Mina White has been a model agent for 20 years. For the last decade, she's fought tooth and nail for the chubby girls while working at IMG Models; the top modeling agency in the world.  She tells the story of her early days working at Supreme Models, what it means to be a fighter on behalf of others, and the day she burst into tears when her client, Ashely Graham landed the cover of Sports Illustrated. 

Oct 13, 2022
S4 EP10: Eliou ft. Cristy Mantilla & Duda Teixeira

Here's a story of two women who are best friends, creative partners, business partners and kindred spirits. They built the jewelry brand, Eliou, from their hometown of Miami. It's more proof that these days, you can build the life you want out of any city. I'm biased but I love this interview. Full Episode on Patreon. @eliou__  

Sep 28, 2022
S4 EP9: A Proper Designer ft. Melissa Battifarano

Melissa has over 20 years of experience in apparel design. Episodes like this are the reason I love this podcast. It's often the people who are *not* consumer facing, who know the most about the business. A self-proclaimed knitwear expert, Melissa started her career in the "urban" category, moved into sportswear & contemporary and even designed Rihanna's first ever Fenty collection for Puma. Today she is the creative director of Diesel Sport working alongside Glenn Martens.  We talk about her extensive expertise in knitwear, the day she was poached to work for Sean "Puffy" Combs, why Wolford has such high-quality knits and the soft skills needed to work with celebrities.  Listen to the full Episode on Patreon

Sep 16, 2022
S4 EP8:New Talent Ft. Taylor Dorry

Five years ago, at the age of 29, Taylor Dorry decided to enroll in fashion classes to learn how sew. She started making clothes out of her home in South Florida. I discovered her on Instagram about a year ago and was immediately drawn to her silhouettes, sense of humor and unique narrative. Listen to see how it's going. This is a story of entrepreneurship and self discovery.  IG: @TaylorDorry   Full Episode:  

Aug 31, 2022
S4 EP7: Steven Alan

Steven Alan has been in business for 30 years. A New York City native, he launched his first retail space in 1994 and built a retail business, wholesale business, showroom business and collaborated with several fashion brands like Nike, Levi's, Wrangler, Dockers, Uniqlo, Vans, West Elm & More.  For Full Episode Visit: 

Aug 10, 2022
S4 EP6: Fashion Styling ft. Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar is a stylist and brand consultant from Miami. Born to Columbian parents, she studied at George Washington University majoring in Business & French before deciding to pursue the fashion industry. After finding her footing with brief stints at YSL and Intermix, she officially began her fashion career at iconic retailer Hirshleifers. Today we discuss her non-traditional path to becoming a stylist, the biggest misconceptions about the job and how to maintain a good reputation, in an industry where relationships are everything. Enjoy.  IG: @julianasalazar  

Jul 27, 2022
S4 EP5: This is Cala ft. Andrew Wyatt

Six years ago, Andrew Wyatt founded a fashion tech company called Cala.  Cala is a SAAS company that manages all of the backend logistics for designers. Essentially, you upload your design to the website and Cala will not only help you design it but will also produce it *and* ship it to your customers, for you.  It's technology that sounds too good to be true. Today, I ask Andrew a million questions about how the software works and we leaving no stone unturned, and he was able to answer every single one.  Full 90minute episode on IG: @thisiscala  IG: @awhyit Website: 

Jul 13, 2022
S4 Ep4: Fashion Photography ft. Quil Lemons

Quil Lemons is a young, NYC based photographer.  FULL EPISODE:

Mar 09, 2022
S4 EP3: The Wholesale Merchant feat. Shawn Pean

Shawn Pean is Brooklyn native who built his career as a wholesale merchant; starting at retailers like JC Penny & Saks Fifth Avenue and making his way to becoming a Vice President at Valentino and President at Balmain. Today we talk the journey.  Full Episode:  IG: @OMNDI    

Feb 23, 2022
S4 EP2: Antidote feat. Lauren Amos & Eugene Rabkin

Antidote is a new luxury retailer located in Atlanta, Georgia and founded by Lauren Amos & Eugene Rabkin   To listen to the full episode:

Feb 09, 2022
S4 EP1: T.A New York ft. Telsha Anderson

Telsha Anderson is the boutique owner of T.A New York, located in the Meatpacking District of New York City. 

Jan 26, 2022
Season 3 Closer

A message of gratitude.  The next episode airs New Years Day.   

Dec 15, 2021
S4 EP5: Elevating The Culture ft. June Ambrose

Full Episode : IG: @JUNEAMBROSE

Nov 17, 2021
Style Zeitgeist ft. Eugene Rabkin

Eugene Rabkin is a writer and the founder of Style Zeitgeist. 

Oct 22, 2021
S4 EP3: Ft. Faran Krentcil

Faran Krentcil founded & is an underrated woman in fashion media. 

Oct 06, 2021
Mirror Palais ft. Marcelo Gaia

Sep 22, 2021
Black Frame ft. Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips founded the Fashion PR Company Black Frame which operated from 2004 until 2020. We discuss his POV on a what makes a talented publicist, what he's learned along the way and his ideas for the future. 

Sep 01, 2021
An Apology to the Jewish Communities

This is referencing the Tanning of America PT 1. 

Jul 20, 2021
S3 EP 10: The Tanning of America feat. Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine was the founder of Man Repeller. A blog turned media company that operated from 2010 - 2020. In 2020 she stepped down from her company after she and the company were criticized for their performative solidarity with black lives. Leandra reflects on her time running a company and what she's learned about racism in America. Leandra Medine: @leandramcohen Crystal Anderson: @beerbottles_chainsaws Mecca James Williams: @meccajw Sebastian Baptiste: @sebastianbaptiste Chrissy Rutherford: @chrissyford

1h 26m
Jul 12, 2021
S3 EP: 9 A Visual Lexicon feat. Christopher John Rogers

Today's episode is playful and relaxed. I talk so my friend Christopher John Rogers about his name sake brand and love for color. @christopherjohnrogers

Jun 23, 2021
S3 EP8: The Rag Trade Prince feat. Mickey Drexler

I launched a Patreon!  Mickey Drexler has been in the fashion industry otherise known as "the rag trade" for over 40 years. Best known for running The Gap for 18 years and later Old Navy, J.Crew, Madewell and now working alongside his son Alex Drexler who founded Alex Mill, Mickey has a unique approach to leadership, shopkeeping, and selling goods at great value.  INSTAGRAM: @OMNDI TWITTER: @OMONDIPRESENTS PATREON: PATREON.COM/THECUTTINGROOMFLOOR

1h 15m
Jun 09, 2021
Quick Cut: Mid-Season's Greetings.

The season isn't over! New episodes early June 2021.  Just stopping by to say Hi & Thank You. 

May 16, 2021
S3 EP7: Maker to Manager feat. Ibrahem Hasan

Ibrahem Hasan describes his role as a Senior Creative Director at Nike. Today, we dig into the structure of Nike as a huge, global organization or as Ibrahim calls it, "The Matrix." How many categories are there? What are their functions? Who are the appointed creative directors? How big are the teams and who's in charge of what? Born with raw talent on the south side of Chicago, Ibrahem learned on the job what it means to be a creative for a corporation. Today he describes the unspoken transition from being a "maker" to a "manager." 

1h 12m
Mar 24, 2021
S3 EP6: Ubiquity vs. Exclusivity feat. Shira Carmi

This a great episode for a young designers. I speak to Shira Carmi who is the former president of Mansur Gavriel and has since been named the CEO of Altuzarra. Shira is a business person; the kind that every design talent needs to know. She sits pole position between business and creativity with an understanding of how to service both sides. There's a lot a great business advice here. We talk about the challenge of over-distribution among e-commerce partners, why the CFDA/VOGUE/BARNEYS recipe doesn't guarantee a brand success and how true scarcity can help or hinder a brand depending on its authenticity.  IG: @shirasuecarmi

Mar 10, 2021
S3 EP5: An American Atelier feat. Peter Do

Peter Do is greater than the sum of its parts. While his name is on the door, Peter makes clear that this is not a one man show. This is a company built on friendship and craftsmanship. I sit with the founders of Peter Do, LLC at their Brooklyn Studio. 

Feb 24, 2021
S3 EP4: Girls Up For Grabs feat. James Scully

James Scully is a prominent casting director starting his career in PR & production over 25 years ago. This episode covers a lot. James walks us through Vogue Magazine before Anna Wintour, his time as a buyer at the avant garde NYC retailer Chari Vari and his experience producing Tom Ford's first show at Gucci. He describes the evolved role of the stylist & casting directors; some of which abused their power, revealing the dark side of the modeling industry. 

Feb 10, 2021
S3 EP3: Change or Die feat. Mara Hoffman

In 2020 Mara Hoffman celebrated her 20th year in business, no small feat for any independently owned NYC brand. Today we speak on the many reincarnations of Mara Hoffman, finding sustainability in your existence, and the importance of never being 'too cool'. 

Jan 27, 2021