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Karen Jones - Space Economist

On this episode, I have an engaging conversation about the space economy and its global environmental impact with Karen Jones, who is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Center for Space Policy and Strategy at the Aerospace Corporation. Karen has extensive experience advising governments, policymakers and companies on the environmental impacts of space. Her research is helping shape responsible practices, ensuring space will be approached with conservation in mind, while also aiming at preserving life on Earth. We discuss the environmental role of the space sector including remote sensing for methane emission, space based solar power, and monitoring of fishing activities on earth. After all, what kind of world are we leaving behind for Keith Richards?

Feb 07
Meagan Crawford - SpaceFund

On this episode, I talk to Meagan Crawford who is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SpaceFund, a venture capital company focused on funding space startups. Much of what you see today regarding the commercialization of space can be traced to Meagan’s work advising and investing in space startups, since before it was cool to do so! SpaceFund’s portfolio companies are some of the most recognizable names in new space including SpaceX, Axiom Space, Orbit Fab, and Made In Space, among others. We talk about how an unexpected conversation in college inspired her on this path, how timing plays a key role in technology and investment, why she founded the now longest standing space business plan challenge in the world, we compare asteroids to floating snowballs, define what the real space economy is, where she sees the development of space heading beyond LEO and how we are living in an opportune time with the convergence of so many industries. If you are fascinated by the business of space and are curious to learn as much as you can about this rapidly growing sector like I am, you will love this conversation.

Jan 17
Laura Forczyk - Space Consultant & Career Coach

On this episode, I talk to Laura Forczyk, who is on a mission to empower businesses, governments, nonprofits, and professionals around the world to succeed in the rapidly growing space-sector. Spanning her nearly 20-year career in space, as a scientist, analyst, author and now small business owner, Laura is leveraging her experiences to help others navigate the space sector so they can find their place within it. We talk about her background working with startups and how that experience led to her starting her own business, the inspiration behind her book, Becoming Off Worldy, and the plans for an upcoming book, and how she has become a trusted thought leader to news outlets, including BBC, Forbes, Fox, NPR and others. If you are curious about advancing or transitioning your career in the space sector, I highly encourage you to tune-in to our conversation.

Jan 03
Space Cowboy - Joe Guzman

On this episode, we talk to Joe Guzman, who is the founder and CEO of RockDrill Resolve, a company who has set their sights on resolving the very important issue of space debris. Joe shares his experience of rising through the ranks of the U.S. Army and his exposure to space related systems throughout his tenure; most of which were the origins of what is now the U.S. Space Force. We talk about why there is a need for a Space Force, how he is leveraging his previous experience to tackle the space debris issue and how his technology nicknamed “Space Cowboy” will be at the forefront of this effort.

Dec 14, 2022
Aerospace Investment

In support of the Houston Angel Network's Aerospace Investment Symposium on October 27, 2022 at The Ion Houston, we discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in space with Giuseppe Liberati, who is the CEO of Bridging Value, LLC and Chair of the Aerospace Committee for the Houston Angel's Network.

Oct 18, 2022
Unistellar - Dr. Franck Marchis

Dr. Franck Marchis is the Chief Scientific Officer at Unistellar, a company who has developed a compact, digital telescope called the eVscope, that allows anyone to view space from anywhere in the world with just the telescope and a cell phone. He explains the technology behind the eVscope and how Unistellar is leading the New Astronomy movement by building a global community of citizen astronomers, who can collectively leverage their data in partnership with the SETI institute to better understand and contribute to astronomical discoveries.

1h 1m
Sep 21, 2022
Tropical Weather Analytics

On this episode, we speak to Dan Harkins of Tropical Weather Analytics, a small satellite company whose aim is to save lives and mitigate damage by providing more accurate data to weather forecasters to better predict weather events before they happen. Dan tells about commercial weather and how it is an $8 billion a year and growing industry, how their technology will impact industries such as energy, aviation, farming, and construction. How current weather forecasting data only captures a piece of the weather puzzle and how their satellites can make it 2x more accurate. In one way or another, we are all impacted by the weather. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what weather can be expected in any given location in the world? Tropical Weather Analytics is on a mission to make it happen.

Aug 30, 2022
Arkisys - Dan Lopez

We talk to Dan Lopez of Arkisys, who is building one of the first business platforms in space for new technology hosting, satellite integration, assembly and resupply. Arkisys is unlocking undiscovered markets and enabling pioneering technologies for space development. Dan leads finance, strategy, corporate development, operations, and partnerships at Arkisys. Most recently, he was a technical co-founder and board member of several NewSpace startups and nonprofits, providing strategy for game-changing space data, machine learning applications and products for some of the world's most influential organizations.

Aug 16, 2022
Exo-Space with Jeremy Allam

On this episode we speak with Jeremy Allam, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Exo-Space, a company that is developing hardware and AI software for on orbit image processing. We talk to Jeremy about the needs of satellites to transfer real time data, how the space data market is a trillion dollar market in its infancy, how Exo-Space’s product can help in the early detection of forest fires, or accurately track shipping vessels across the globe all in the same orbit, and the commercial opportunities the company has announced and are working towards in the next year.

Sep 27, 2021
Houston Spaceport w/ Arturo Machuca

We talk to Arturo about the vision for the Houston Spaceport, why Houston is in perfect position to be at the forefront of the commercial space industry, the companies that will call the Houston Spaceport home, how the commercialization of space will open new opportunities for people with and without an aviation background, and how local colleges are working to support that demand. We also learn about the history of aviation and how Ellington Airport and the Houston Spaceport are fulfilling its evolution.

Apr 20, 2021
Frank White - The Overview Effect

Frank White, author of the well known book “The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution”, shares with us the origin of The Overview Effect and its impact on the psychology of those who have experienced it, what he has learned from the 40+ astronauts he has interviewed for his research,  his thoughts on the people and companies that are paving the way for public private partnerships in space, and how he got interested in space at a young age.

1h 3m
Jan 12, 2021
Star Trek Visual FX with Dan Curry

Dan Curry is a veteran of over 100 feature films and 40 television productions.  His visual effects work on STAR TREK was honored with 7 Emmy Awards and 19 nominations.  We spoke to Dan about his work with the visual effects department for Star Trek, his new book, what inspired Klingon martial arts, and his chance encounter with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during his time in the Peace Corps. We discuss the importance of the film industry to inspire public interest in space exploration.

Oct 27, 2020
Precursor Technologies with CEO Spencer Stanford

On this episode we talk to Spencer Stanford who is the CEO of Precursor Technologies, which specializes in developing and supporting space entrepreneurs through comprehensive ideation, R&D, engineering, and space architecture services or as they call it, from sketchpad to launchpad.

Oct 06, 2020
Solstar Space Co. CEO Brian Barnett

Solstar Space Co. is striving to create a 'Space Wide Web' to connect everything in space, to everything on Earth. On April 29th, 2018, Solstar demonstrated the first commercial two-way data and wi-fi hotspot service in space and sent the first Tweet from space. CEO Brian Barnett tells us why we need Wifi in space and how space tourism will be a major user of their service, the patent pending technology they are developing and how their first model ended up in the Smithsonian, how his persistent effort to land a job at NASA, led him to a rewarding career and spurred his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Aug 31, 2020
United Space Structures CEO Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the founder and CEO of United Space Structures, a space architecture firm that is aiming to construct large structures within lava tubes on the Moon and Mars starting as early as the year 2026. Learn more about his team of space architects/lawyers, the design concept and construction technique for building within a lava tube, how his curiosity of the Oneill Cylinder 37 years ago prompted him to create United Space Structures, and what life would be like for the first "Lunies" on the Moon.

Aug 12, 2020
E2MC with Raphael Roettgen, CFA

Raphael is the founder of E2MC Space Ventures and possesses a unique blend of space and financial expertise. He has twenty years of global financial markets experience at investment banks and hedge funds, and has also been a fintech entrepreneur in Brazil. Since 2017 he has been involved in the space sector as an advisor and investor. He holds degrees in Space Studies from the International Space University, Finance from the Wharton School and Machine Learning from PUC-Rio.  We talked to Raphael about how his company, E2MC, leverages their blend of technical and financial experience to advise investors and companies in the new space economy, how he got into the space industry and where it has taken him, which areas he foresees the most growth, how he plans to make it to space himself, and his work with the Space4Impact initiative. Raphael also hosts a podcast called ‘The Space Business Podcast’ where he interviews space entrepreneurs and learns about their company/technology.

Jul 28, 2020
Intergalactic Doctor Jose Morey, M.D.

Dr. Jose Morey is CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Media LLC and is a 2020 Eisenhower Fellow. He is a health and technology keynote speaker, author and a consultant for NASA, Forbes, MIT and the White House Office of Science and Technology. His expertise in big data and innovation has made him a sought-after consultant for many industries including, Liberty BioSecurity, Hyperloop, and NASA iTech. We dive into topics with Dr. Morey about the unconventional career path he took, his involvement with promoting STEAM for minority youth, the future of AI in medicine and space, hyperloop technology, his excitement in being named an Eisenhower Fellow, and how Leonardo Da Vinci has had a big impact on his life.

1h 1m
Jul 20, 2020
Gas Stations in Space! Interview Orbit Fab CEO Daniel Faber

Gas stations in space! Orbit Fab's CEO, Daniel Faber, is working to build the first and only propellant supply chain in space and make satellites reusable, so we can stop throwing away billions of dollars’ worth of fully operational assets every year.  We chatted with Daniel about the need for refueling satellites and how Orbit Fab is providing the infrastructure to increase the lifespan of them. He tells us about tow trucks in space and how his previous company, Deep Space Industries, is working towards the goal of mining asteroids. He also shares lessons learned from being a serial entrepreneur while working on his now fourth start-up space company.

Jul 13, 2020
Stellar Amenities with Anastasia Prosina

Anastasia is Founder & CEO at Stellar Amenities, a company with the mission of complementing space habitats with lightweight, deployable & reconfigurable elements to support wellbeing in space. We had the opportunity to talk to Anastasia about her company Stellar Amenities, how she got into the field of space architecture and what that profession actually is. She reveals her design theory for creating practical yet fun and visually pleasing space habitats, her space furniture ideas, and how she is helping shape the field of Space Architecture through her ‘Space Architecture Talks’.

Jul 07, 2020
Interview with Frank Eichstadt

We interview the Chief Architect for Orion Span, a commercial space station start-up, about his career as an industrial designer working in and around the space industry. Frank has earned a reputation as a creative catalyst and problem solver, an effective communicator, and an insightful strategist. 

Jun 23, 2020
Spaced Ventures with Aaron Burnett

We interview the CEO and founder of Spaced Ventures, a public space investment portal where space enthusiasts can invest along side professional investors in space companies.

Jun 16, 2020
Episode 03 - Alyssa Carson Interview

* We interviewed Alyssa Carson, the youngest astronaut in training whose life time goal is to walk on Mars. *   * Alyssa has been to more summer space camps than anyone ever, sat on a panel at 12 years old for for the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, is the youngest applicant accepted into the NASA Advanced Possum Academy, has given several TED Talks, and written a book. *   * As part of the titled #MarsGeneration, Alyssa has become more than an aspiring young woman with dreams of traveling in space. She has become a brand ambassador for companies such as Nike, Soda Stream, and Horizon Studios Luggage. Her Soda Stream ad was even featured during the Super Bowl. *   * We had the chance to speak with Alyssa about her goals for reaching Mars and what it might look like when she arrives, what she thinks about Elon Musk and the commercialization of space, the importance of international collaboration in space, and how she intends to keep space cool, relevant, present, and exciting. *   * Follow her on twitter and instagram on @nasablueberry 

Jun 07, 2020
That Space Podcast - Dwelling

What would it be like to live in space? Where would we live and what would that look like? We explore some options and highlight companies who are already developing habitats for humans to live in space.

Jun 02, 2020
Episode 01 - The Launch - That Space Podcast

On this Memorial Day, celebrate a milestone in American history by listening to That Space Podcast’s first episode “ The Launch” for an exciting conversation about Crew Dragon which will take off in T- 2 days (May 27th), the commercialization of space, and America’s part in it all. “The Launch”episode is a sneak preview of what we plan to bring to you in the coming episodes.

May 25, 2020