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(54) S2: E2: Josh Vedder Part 1

S2: E2  EP: Josh Vedder Part 1 1.  J-Ved Background   2- Swimming history   3- Rapid fire questions    4- Lyfe Progress 5-HOTTAKES / YLT / Lane Line Ratings (LLR) Comment what you’d like to hear next & your favorite segment! Now available on@applepodcasts + @spotify  Support the podcast by:   Saving Subscribing  Sharing Commenting Liking Across ALL Platforms  #podcast #podcasts #thursday #thursdayvibes #thursdays #winter #balance #strength #swim #swimmer #swimmers #swimming #college #lifestyle #life #instagood #instagram #insta #arizona  Grant House Arizona State University class of 2021

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Dec 15, 2022
Ep 53: Solo-Cast World Cup Recap/ NCAA Review

Winter is coming and so is FAST SWIMMING! In this episode, we recap the Fina World Cup stops finishing at Indianapolis at the historic and greatest Natatorium in the world IUPUI. We also take a dive into the current state and VIew of the NCAA on the mens side of things. We examine every event up to this point in the season before invites across the country begin and the fastest times begin to be posted. We conclude with some of our favorite segments: Lane Lines- Lakers: Legacy (HULU) 9.7/10 HOTTAKES: "Tr-Ash-tros" winning the world series + NCAA SCM YLT: "Breathe" by James Nestor Live Lyfe Daily Thank you to our podcast / NIL sponsors for helping todays episode be possible! - Erica Beine Wellness https://beinewellnessbuilding.hbportal.co/schedule/629f574ab74af4023fdc7ccf (Mention Grant House for 15% off) - TYR Optics (Use code “GRANT10” for 10% Discount https://glnk.io/p9krm/house) - Goodman Human Performance https://goodmanhumanperformance.com/ (Mention Grant House for 15% off) - Thorne ( 20% Off using link ) https://www.thorne.com/u/HouseStoreFront - Coachs Oats ( USE CODE "GRANTHOUSE15" FOR 15% OFF) https://coachsoats.com/?mc_cid=813d9fe5ec&mc_eid=a2721b42cb - SEED Probiotic (use code "HOUSE15" for "15% OFF) https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1251331&u=3438099&m=83139&urllink=&afftrack= - Lagoon Sleep Pillow Quiz https://lagoonsleep.com/pages/product-finder (Use "HOUSE15" for 15% OFF at checkout) - ReSync Recovery https://bit.ly/3ToGTi4 (use code "MITO15" for $5 OFF) - AllBirds Free Pair of Socks https://glnk.io/k33o/mitochondria-houseW/ ANY Purchase  - Manscaped https://www.manscaped.com/  (Use Code "GHOUSE" for 20% off) Support Our Podcast / NIL sponsors by visiting the LinkTree below https://linktr.ee/GrantDHouse

Nov 10, 2022