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The SVS Fly Fishing Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Jay Thompson, Mark Burns, and Chris Simms; three friends who enjoy the fly fishing lifestyle. On our show we interview some of the most interesting and insightful personalities associated with the sport. We also have a tendency to go off the rails.

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Make a Tenkara friend

Tonight went over the debacle of Mentored Youth Day (spoiler alert it rained) Discusses a recent Karen encounter Time of listener questions, thanks Dan and Zach The benefits of Livescope, (second spoiler alert, to hell with Livescope) Off the Rails F3T in Franklin, PA April 22nd Thanks to our sponsors, ; www.cortlandline.come http://www.cortlandline.come ; ;  

2h 17m
Mar 27
Chad Wreaks Havoc!

Chad is back in the studio!! Super happy to have him back in studio. Jim talks about him sticking ANOTHER musky. Pike talk. Youth mentored fishing is coming up. Smokers Corner = Brisket;,,  

2h 12m
Mar 20
Throwing Ape Shit

Bried review of tying night and Musky Max. We talk to our friend Dave Hutcheson @apeoftheozarks Fishing review F3T coming to Franklin on April 22nd, 2023 Random off the rails shenanigans. Thanks to our sponsors:

2h 43m
Mar 13
Are we still doing Phrasing

Tonight we discuss Jim joining the show.  Tying talk and vice reviews, how to get started tying. Smallmouth 101 Local Events And Jay shares his weekend, long form. Thank you to our sponsor,;,,  

2h 3m
Feb 27
A truly random Podcast

Tonight we talk jump into tying night and fly talk.   Mark landed to Musky.  Jim catches his second and gets it on film!! Chris airs his grievance.  Smokers corner talks about Butts. Pork, butts. Random talk. Thank you to our sponsors.;,; 

2h 32m
Feb 20
Fish Puke

Welcome to this weeks podcast. In studio we have our friend Derek Smith to guest co-host. We talked about Mark's Bucktail presentation at International Angler. Kamden Glade calls to discuss his research in the stomach contents of predator fish.   We get to know Derek Smith. We talk about upcoming local events. Thanks for listening and thanks to our sponsors. ;; ;  

2h 19m
Feb 06
These Pants aren’t going to Shit themselves

The SVS Podcast is bringing you #3 for the year. Tonight we go over Simms' trip to Mexico, again. Jay takes a long walk in the woods looking for Brookies. Bam Bam Fly Guy calls in to recap the Beast of the East and discuss Wisco musky.  Also talks about his most recent adventure with Mike Keyes and Musky Fool. We discuss getting into Musky fishing with, Fly Fishing for Dummies. Mark airs his grievences. We announce the F3T coming to Franklin, PA. Jay talks about his upcoming "dry" February.   Thanks for tuning in and please remember to join our Facebook group, "The SVS Fly Fishing Podcast" Thanks to our Sponsors,,,, and   

2h 30m
Jan 30
Chris Simms is in the house!

SVS is back for number #2 this year!   Getting to know our new co-host Chris Simms.  And reviewing his recent trip to Mexico. This month's Airing of Grievances. Smokers Corner with special guest Shane O'Toole and co-host Simms. Too much football talk, but you will love it, because we say so.   And our wrap up.  Special thanks to our sponsors; ; ; ;  

1h 51m
Jan 23

Circling Back with SVS fishing we Have Urban Fly Company and whats new, a Musky First time account and what is to come Enjoy!

1h 33m
Jan 16
Chad Wilde 8-21

chad calls in and tells us about what's been going on this summer.  he talks about new england stripers, river catching an eel, mousing, and more. tonight's show has been brought to you by

2h 7m
Aug 22, 2022
Jon Bates @grayfoxflies

John Bates calls in and tells us about classic buck tail flies and how he likes to fish them.   jay and Chad recap their voyage to Tennessee. 

1h 55m
Jul 25, 2022
Pete Romano 6-12-22

captain Pete Romano calls in and cuts up like he does.  Tis the season for stripers and Pete loves telling stories about it.  Pete and Chad compare and contrast their trips to visit pogo.  Pete got the job done. 

2h 9m
Jun 13, 2022
Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy Cameron from fliesandfins calls in and is full of enthusiasm for his fishery and lets his passion for fishing be known.  jeremy talks about brookies, and stripers, and makos.  

2h 7m
May 16, 2022
JR Tracy

pogo calls in and tells a tale of tarpon glory then him and chad get into their time together and some of the fish that were caught. JR Tracy calls in and we flip the script on spot burning on the internet.  we try to give the listeners some tips on how to ask for help without going onto a public facebook page and just asking for hand me outs. tonight's show has been brought to you buy

1h 56m
May 02, 2022
Ryan ”Cal” Callaghan

the Meat Eater's own Ryan Callaghan takes some time and called us from BozeVagas.  Ryan cover's everything from conservation, shooting big game on film, spear fishing, and listening to Sweaty Teddy licks plus so much more. tonight's show has been brought to you by

1h 58m
Apr 17, 2022
the tight lines crew

Tim, Bart, and Nate really dig deep into the pre-spawn small mouth world and divulge what the smallmouth are thinking  

2h 48m
Mar 28, 2022
Nick Williams

check out some honest to goodness real fly tying with our guest Nick Williams from okflyco.  Nick breaks down flies for smallies and striper flies.  listen in to hear about catfish on the fly too. tonight's show has been brought to you by

1h 47m
Mar 13, 2022
austin williams

Austin Williams a listener of the show calls in and talks about the transition from gear to fly for bass in the great state of Illinois  

1h 41m
Feb 21, 2022
Dan Frasier and Zachary Buchanan

Zachary comes to town and we catch up with him in studio then we give Dan Frasier a call and stuff gets fun.  we compare salt fish to carp then  we get deep into dog talk.  we find out that humping with purpose means something.   tonight's show has been brought to you by

2h 47m
Feb 07, 2022
Richard Harrington 1-23-22

Richard comes on and tells us fishing stories, talks about the river rambler, he talks about his wood cut out salmon prints, and we dive deep into dogs. tonight's show has been brought to you by and check richard out at  Richard C. Harrington ( South Lima Steelhead Society  

1h 59m
Jan 24, 2022
Bart Landwehr 1-16-22

Bart calls the show and we talk about all things smallmouth.  we start in pre spawn and move our way to the rest of top water season.  Bart also talks about the merdich minnow and everything that he is looking for in fly design.   tonight's show was brought to you by and go book a trip with Bart and crew at  Wisconsin Fly Fishing Shop | Trout, Smallmouth Bass & Musky Fly Fishing Guides (

1h 27m
Jan 17, 2022
charles cantella

charles calls in and tells us about how he got his start into writing by making his middle school teacher cry.  charles tells us about his two books, and if you would like to read Touch of Gray(ling) you can check it out for free here A Touch of Gray(ling) - Kindle edition by Cantella, C. N.. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @  we talk about fishing some similar waters.  second segment mark catches a musky and we talk about the musky maxx + expo. tonight's show was bought to you by

1h 46m
Jan 10, 2022
dustin hinds 1-2-22

Dustin calls in and we cover everything from rafts to musky to his boy shooting a goose while laying under a sheet.  dustin is always fun and entertaining, but this time he leveled up and threw down some serious knowledge. tonight's show has been brought to you by

2h 11m
Jan 03, 2022
pogo & Aaron Letera

pogo comes on and catches up with the crew and it goes the only way a pogo interview can go.  after that Aaron Letera calls in and talks about his upgraded dubbing equipment, and some of the cool new material that is coming out and check out our guests at Connecticut's Premier Fly Fishing Guide - Pogo Pike American Tied Flies

2h 31m
Dec 20, 2021
catching up 12-5

just some stories from the last few weeks jay and jace went to fish the big river in new york.  we hit on the first week of firearm hunting, and jay and chad went musky fishing.

1h 23m
Dec 05, 2021
the urban fly cartel

Chris Simms comes into studio and we call Rick Elyer.  these are dudes that fished with mark at the beast of the east musky fly tournament this year.  its a really good hang out session  tonight's show has been brought to you by

1h 38m
Nov 15, 2021
levi king11-7-21

Levi King calls in and we compare and contrast wiper fisheries and tactics.  we also get into steelhead and levi's yearly trip to the niagra river. 

1h 28m
Nov 08, 2021
Nick Sagnibene 716 fly fishing

chad went to maryland and recaps hit trip nick sagnibene calls in and talks up western new york, tells tales of spending a month out west, and chasing carp when the weather gets too warm for his beloved trout.

2h 8m
Oct 25, 2021
beast of the east recap for 2021

this week we recap the beast of the east with the winning team of Queen city guiding.  ryan, jay, and pj talk about what went into their two days on the water.  while they were at it, mark was also filling us in to what went into the 2nd place finish for team urban fly cartel.   tonight's show has been brought to you by

2h 16m
Oct 18, 2021
Josh Smeltzer 10-3

Josh Smeltzer calls in and we do like we do.  josh got the camp fire routine, and we go off the rails, but then we came back on and actually do some fly fishing talk. 

2h 13m
Oct 04, 2021