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Olympic & NCAA Superstars Kate Douglass & Alex Walsh on Virginia’s NCAA Dominance.

Last year Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh won every event they swam at NCAAs. Alex went on to win the World Title in the 200IM last summer, and Kate raked gold medals at the World Short Course championships in December (Alex won her share there too). Superstars of swimming, Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh head into the college championship season ready to carry the momentum into perhaps a 3rd straight championship for the Virginia Cavaliers. Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh share about their versatility in swimming seemingly any event and how differently they train from one another even though they are teammates. Kate and Alex also recount their epic 200 IM battles from the 2020 Olympic Trials and the Tokyo Olympic final, tell us about their NIL experiences, and lament being teased about middle names. Enjoy!

Feb 02
The Most Consistently Fast Sprinter Ever - Bruno Fratus

The most consistently fast swimming sprinter of all-time, measured by an astounding 100+ swims under 22 seconds in the 50m freestyle long course, Tokyo Olympic Bronze medalist Bruno Fratus shares what he’s up to now. Bruno Fratus has dealt with several shoulder injuries and surgeries throughout his career, and is now almost back to 100% following the latest shoulder surgery; the side effects of training and racing sprint freestyle using a straight arm technique that is widely used by all the top sprinters today. We talk about a lot in this episode with Bruno Fratus: sprint freestyle technique and training, Olympic paper weights, and how the Olympic 50m free champion (Caeleb Dressel) isn’t really a sprinter.

1h 2m
Jan 28
From Being Cut to #1 in 10 Years - ASU Swimming with Leon Marchand & Grant House

Coming off perhaps the most impressive dual meet performances ever, including Leon Marchand breaking the NCAA 400 IM record, Leon Marchand and Grant House of Arizona State tell us what’s in the water in Tempe that has ASU swimming so fast right now. The Sun Devils are a decade removed from the program being cut and later reinstated - few could have foreseen this success. Legendary Coach Bob Bowman is building a high performance factory at Arizona State as the college team is among the best in the NCAA and some of the best professionals in the world have flocked to swim under his tutelage. Double IM World Champion Leon Marchand shares what its like to swim in an IM group with a combined 10 Olympic and World Championship medals, and Grant House, a 1:30 short course yards 200 freestyler who finished 2nd at NCAAs explains the mentality and the team chemistry that is the foundation for the success ASU is having right now. Enjoy!

Jan 23
A Distance Swim Star’s Raw Reflection- Daniel Kowalski

As the first man in nearly 100 years to win Olympic medals in the 200, 400, and 1500 freestyle events, which he achieved in Atlanta in 1996, Daniel Kowalski is one of the greatest mid-distance / distance swimmers ever. A star in swimming-crazed Australia, in perhaps the golden era of Australia’s rich swimming history, it would be easy to think that after he won gold on the 4x200m relay at the Sydney Olympics that Daniel Kowalski would retire from swimming with zero regrets. But Daniel Kowalski battled depression as he struggled with a feeling of failure for his silver medal in the 1500 in Atlanta, developed an eating disorder, and endured the life of a closeted gay man still years away from coming out. In the years since, he’s been able to oust that negativity and is involved in swimming as a member of the Australian Olympic Committee and World Aquatics Athlete Commission where he serves the betterment of the sport and its athletes. Enjoy!

Jan 20
Pack Dynamics with NC State’s Nyls Korstanje & Kacper Stokowski

College championship season is around the corner, so we’re checking in with the teams who will tell the story of conference and NCAA championships in 2023. NC State is looking to build on their 4th place NCAA finish in 2022, led by NCAA 100 backstroke champion and newly minted Short Course World Championship Bronze medalist Kacper Stokowski and 2022 team high-point scorer and Tokyo Olympian Nyls Korstanje. Nyls and Kacper share thoughts on their season so far and their individual and team goals for NCAAs. Kacper was part of the controversial errant false start in the 50 backstroke at Short Course Worlds and shares his take on that craziness. We did our best to peek behind the curtain on some of NC State’s team secrets, including the meaning behind their signature diamond on the chest at meets.  Enjoy!

Jan 15
Swimming Saved My Life- Christie Raleigh Crossley

How would you feel if what you love to do most might be taken from you? Christie Raleigh Crossley faced that potential when a traumatic brain injury changed her life forever. An accomplished swimmer with big goals, and a mom to boot, following her injury she returned to the pool with a different set of physical tools and abilities than she once had. But the sport that shaped her life would prove to be foundational for Christie, as she found a new community, and immediate success, as a para swimmer. Now, her sights are set on the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games, and so are ours. Enjoy!

Jan 10
Charlie Clark & David Johnston on World Champs, Crazy Distance Sets, and Learning from Each Other

Team USA distance swimmers Charlie Clark and David Johnston know each other well, having raced since juniors and now against the best in the world. Today they join us from Melbourne, Australia ahead of the Short Course World Championships, where they’ll team up and go for a USA 1-2 finish against the likes of Italy’s distance legend Gregorio Paltrinieri. Both are coming off steady progressions to the elite level, Charlie having represented USA at the 2022 Long Course World’s, and David recently setting the American Record in the 800 SCM, good enough for 4th-fastest all-time. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to swim as fast as these guys do for as long as they do, listen. Might make your head explode. Ours did. Enjoy! Photo Credit Getty Images SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

Dec 11, 2022
World Cup Champion Beata Nelson

After winning so many crowns at the World Cup, Beata Nelson seems to have next year’s Halloween costume dialed. She’s also buying dinner after cashing giant checks worth $150k. But wait, there’s more. Her fiance locked it up with a proposal to cap the month of a lifetime for Beata Nelson, one of the best short course swimmers in the world, maybe in history. And with no more short course meets on the schedule, Beata Nelson turns her attention to long course, eyeing a spot on the US World Champs team next summer, but not before hanging out with us to share some laughs and the secret sauce behind the 200 back/200 IM double on day 3, for 3 weeks in a row, winning every race…. umm, what? 

1h 6m
Nov 23, 2022
Magical Perfect Fitting Swim Goggles with Magic5 Co-Founder

Before Magic5, the biggest innovation in goggles was…. goggles.  Niklas Hedegaard is the co-founder of Magic5, the goggle brand featured on Shark Tank that is reimagining fit and performance by leveraging modern facial scanning technology and robotics to deliver personalized goggles custom molded to YOUR face! Finally! No more raccoon eyes or headaches, just comfort, so you can focus on the workout.  Niklas and his co-founder Rasmus Barfred are former international-level swimmers who know all too well how personal goggle choice is to a swimmer. Ever tried to borrow your friend’s goggles because your strap broke? Instant leaks and that dizzy feeling adjusting to the new view. They started Magic5 to solve this problem and create the perfect goggles. Luke has been a fanboy of Magic5 for a while now and after learning World silver medalist Kasia Wasick (Ep. 113) wears Magic5 too, we had to, ahem, expand our view and learn more about this company.  Enjoy!

Oct 17, 2022
Swimming’s Renaissance Man: Brett Hawke

Few have achieved success in so many different roles in the sport like Brett Hawke. A 5x Olympian who ushered in an era of Australian sprinting prowess, Brett would have had his place in history when he hung up his suit and goggles as the Aussie record holder, Commonwealth medalist, and Olympic finalist. But things were just beginning, as Brett would go on to coach the greatest sprint group of all time at Auburn and cement his legacy as an expert on world class speed. Today, he hosts the wildly popular and insightful podcast, Inside with Brett Hawke. Enjoy!

1h 0m
Sep 21, 2022
The Ultimate Swim-a-thon

For many people, “doing a 10k” is an achievement on foot accompanied by a race bib and a finisher t-shirt. For Joe and John Zemaitis, however, it’s a sometimes 3x daily open water swim that takes an average 3 hours to complete! The Swim Brothers recently completed the “Ultimate Swim-a-thon” to raise awareness and money to promote water safety, drowning prevention and competitive and open water swimming. It was a double victory for the duo whose open water achievements include the English, North, and Catalina channel crossings to name just a few. The Brothers exceeded their fundraising target of $10,000 in partnership with the USA Swimming Foundation, and completed the monumental swim effort 5 days ahead of schedule by swimming an open water 10k in every US state in just 25 days! If that doesn’t make you feel lazy, we want to hear your story! Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

Sep 01, 2022
Zac Stubblety-Cook Has Conquered It All

He’s the Olympic Champion, World Record Holder, World Champion and now Commonwealth Champion. Seems like the perfect mic drop moment for a 23 year old to swim like a frog off into the sunset. But while we’ll never understand the stroke, this guy loves swimming fast breaststroke, and he’s keen to take the WR even lower. Somewhat surprisingly, it may be his freestyle training that gives him the fitness to close faster than anyone in the field. Also, why is freestyle the only stroke that has events longer than 200m? Zac thinks he could be world champ at the 300m or even 400m BR. Sounds like a promoter needs to make this happen. There’s the challenge. Any takers? Enjoy our chat with Zac! SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

1h 5m
Aug 08, 2022
Matthew Sates Has The Head To Wear The Crown

“Hey Matthew, where’s the fire?” Olympics. Check. World Cup wins. Check. NCAA champ. Check. Goes pro. Check. Sure feels like Matthew Sates’ is on a mission to do it all quickly, and he pretty much has. The past year has been a whirlwind. He’s had 5 different training squads, and now he’s touring more as he learns from the best and makes a plan for his build toward Paris 2024. Why the moves? How fast does he think he could go in a 500yd free if he took it out? What’s his 400 free race plan for Commonwealth Games? Listen and find out! Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

Jul 28, 2022
Brooks Curry Seizes the Moments

If we could go back and buy stock in Brooks Curry, we’d be rich. Fewer swimmers have a hotter hand right now. Makes Olympic team (wins gold on relay). SEC champ (beats a Dressel meet record). Pulls the double at NCAAs 50/100 free. Earns individual swim at Worlds (makes final, 5th, goes 47). He just keeps getting faster, and is proving time after time to have great swims when it matters most. So, what’s the secret to Brooks’ success? Will LSU become a powerhouse? What inspired his infamous mullet? Listen as we go into the mind of Brooks Curry. Enjoy

Jul 18, 2022
Kasia Wasick is aging with speed

The 50 free is the hardest race in swimming. Why? Details. No room for error. To be the best in the world, training for the 50 means knowing how to truly go ALL OUT. Over and over. Sure, we are biased sprinters. That’s why we asked Kasia Wasick what it takes to win a silver medal at Worlds at age 31 (after 4 Olympics and 1 retirement!). Let’s also give some love to masters swimming for helping Kasia find the sport again after retirement, and the ISL for extending so many careers like Kasia’s. Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

1h 2m
Jul 12, 2022
Carson Foster Is Already Legend

So many young phenoms burn out, but every so often, one of them becomes a star. After years of breaking national age group records, Carson Foster has arrived at the very top level of elite swimming. Safe to say he has more blue ribbons than anyone in history, but now has his sights set on medals. The World Championships were a breakout meet for Carson, winning silver in both IMs and gold on team USA’s 4x200 free relay. He’s arrived, but seems to be just getting started.

Jul 08, 2022
Six years at Stanford and Grant Shoults wants more!

All athletic careers must come to an end, and frankly, it’s quite an achievement to become so good at swimming that your accomplishments can be summed up as a “career” from which you “retire.” A high school phenom turned Stanford standout and USA National Team member, Grant Shoults’ career had many highlights along with obstacles to overcome. A PAC-12 champion, Stanford record holder, and extra super senior (thanks to a medical redshirt + COVID year, he swam 6 years on The Farm), Grant recently made the difficult decision to walk away from competitive swimming as he enters medical school, but he walks away with his head held high, proud (as he should be), and he still makes time to get in and social kick. Although shoulder problems that often plague distance swimmers derailed his career at times, his retirement plan includes 3x chest days a week in the gym, so we may just see Grant back as a sprinter soon enough. Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

Jun 09, 2022
Fink you know his story?

Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

May 28, 2022
Ilya Shymanovich on breaststroke “dolphin” kick, World Champs ban.

In this episode, we talk to Ilya Shymanovich, the breaststroke superstar who’s dominated in the short course pool, breaking the World Record multiple times, has close to 40 wins in his ISL career, is the 2021 Short Course World Champion, while also making the Olympic final. Ilya is from Belarus and athletes from Belarus and Russia have been banned from competing at this year’s World Championships and the European Championships, which would have been the “A” meets for Ilya, so his season plans are now in flux. We talked with Ilya about his stroke technique, which is somewhat controversial in that he’s among a group of breaststrokers who use an undulating hip motion paired with a very narrow and quick kick, which can look like a dolphin kick. We asked Ilya about the origins of this technique, the controversy around it, and also how he practices it to keep it within the rules. Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:  

May 18, 2022
Regan Smith vacations at the World Championships

She’s only 20, and Regan Smith is a Team USA veteran. A 3x Olympic medalist, 2019 World Champion (200 backstroke), and still holds the World Record in that event. Our chat with Regan comes on the heels of her great meet at the US World Championship Trials, where for the 2nd summer in a row she qualified for the US team in the 200 butterfly and 100 backstroke (also the 50 back) and, perhaps surprisingly, did not earn an individual swim in what many considered her signature event, the 200 backstroke. So which event was Regan most satisfied with at Trials? Her 200 back! Duh. Regan’s story is one of maturity and growth, as she had the brightest of spotlights shone on her in the lead up to the Tokyo Games, and has navigated the difficult transition from high school phenom to college swimmer (quite well given she won an NCAA title as a freshman!) Regan is such a delight. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did.  Enjoy! @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​    

May 09, 2022
Nick Albiero on shedding expectations and swimming free

Fresh off his 5th year at Louisville and a recent round of MBA exams, butterfly star Nick Albiero joins us to chat about taper leading into USA World Championship Trials (his 3rd taper meet in as many months!).    Despite Luke’s best efforts to convince Nick to compete for Brazil (where he has dual citizenship but “can’t speak Portuguese”), Nick is starting his pro swim career and looking to improve upon his 4th place finish in the 200 fly at the Olympic Trials and make the US team for Budapest.    Nick is the 2021 NCAA 200 fly champion, and we talk about translating short course success to long course, race strategy, and ISL prospects. Of course, family has had a huge influence on Nick’s career, with a family full of swimmers and his father Arthur Albiero the longtime head coach of Louisville, he shares how lack of pressure from his parents gave he and his siblings the freedom to choose their own passion, which just so happen to lead him to swimming on his own terms.    Enjoy! @socialkickswim   SUBSCRIBE:   LISTEN:   FOLLOW:​ • • • #swimming #swim #swimmer #cardinalswimming #socialkick #podcast #USASwimming

Apr 25, 2022
Are we ready for Claire Curzan?

From practice, to prom, to the podium? Teenage super phenom Claire Curzan joins us to chat about her prep for the upcoming US World Championship Trials. Already an Olympic silver medalist and American record holder, Claire has been carving her name into the record books since she was a kid, and so far in 2022, the theme continues. Claire has dominated the Pro Swim Series with top times in the country in 3 different strokes, and will soon welcome all challengers to her “home” pool in Greensboro for a chance to represent the US in Budapest this summer. @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​ • • • #swimming #swim #swimmer  #socialkick #podcast  #stanford #USASwimming

Apr 20, 2022
What will it take to bring Auburn back?

Auburn Head Coach, and former Auburn standout swimmer, Ryan Wochomurka joins us for a reflection on his first year leading the program. Ryan was a 21x All-American at Auburn in the early 2000s at the peak of Auburn’s dominance, and following his swim career he’s built an impressive coaching resume with success as an assistant at Louisville and as a head coach at Houston. Notably, Auburn has faded from prominence, and in this episode we talk openly about the challenge he faces to bring Auburn back and how he plans to do it. @socialkickswim SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​ • • • #swimming #swim #swimmer #coach #socialkick #podcast #ncaaswimming #auburnswimming #wardameagle #USASwimming  

1h 2m
Apr 14, 2022
David Marsh brings the Championship Magic

Storied swimming coach David Marsh joins us right after helping The University of California win the 2022 Swimming and Diving Championships. David talks about working closely with his old colleague and friend, Head Coach Dave Durden, what it took to be successful in the 6 weeks he spent there, and what value he thinks he added to their success. Bryan was part of David's legacy at Auburn when he won 12 Team Titles. They have a close relationship, capped off by Bryan being David's last Auburn Swimmer to be coached in a race- anchoring the 2007 400 Free relay in recording style! They talk a length at what it takes to build a team to glory, as David did with Auburn from 1990-2007. This is a must see for any coach in any sport, at any level. SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

Apr 07, 2022
Top Three Battle at Men’s NCAA Swimming Championship

Elite swimmers from the top three teams at the 2022 Men's NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships join us for a fun, teasing break down of the exciting meet. Olympian and Multiple National Champion Drew Kibler of Texas, Olympian and National Champion Björn Seeliger of Cal and Multiple National Champion Adam Chaney of Florida give us and each other their highs, lows and nerves from the faster NCAA meet ever.   SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:

1h 0m
Mar 30, 2022
Maggie Mac Neil’s Olympics 101

Gold, silver and bronze, Maggie Mac Neil went to the Tokyo Olympics determined to succeed and impress us all. The Social Kick welcomes back the newly crowned Olympic Champion to talk all things Tokyo and more! Winning Team Canada’s only gold in the pool in the women’s 100m Butterfly, Maggie swam an impressive 55.59 for a new Americas Record. Now with the titles of Olympic and World Champion to her name, the 21-year-old was also part of the silver winning 4x100m Freestyle Relay and bronze medal winning 4x100m medley relay team. Having stood on top of the podium at the pinnacle of international swimming, we ask Maggie about Tokyo from an athletes perspective, the rush of winning and the buzz after and her recent decisions regarding University and the ISL. It’s not every day that Ryan Reynolds will reach out and congratulate you! With warm welcome back to The Social Kick, here’s the Olympic Champion, Maggie Mac Neil! SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

1h 3m
Sep 14, 2021
ISL returns; Energy Standard wants the trophy back

Energy Standard Head Coach James Gibson and their Captain, Olympic Gold Medalist Chad le Clos, join for a preview of the 2021 season of the International Swim League. The ever-changing league has shifted once again and as heads of state for Team ENS, we get reactions from James and Chad on the impact of the draft and how much it helped teams like Aqua Centurions and DC Trident, the rule changes for selecting the SKINS and also why Chad wasn’t able to successfully lobby to have points awarded every 50 in the 200 fly. The whirlwind continues after an exciting Tokyo Olympic Games - it’s ISL time! SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

Aug 25, 2021
Social Kick: The Olympic Episode

As the Paralympics and the Season 3 of the ISL get underway, grab a beer (or a brew) and join The Social Kick on an official roundup of the Olympics to relive all the highs and lows. This is what The Social Kick is all about! Favourite races, best all-round athletes and biggest surprises, we cover it all, breaking down some of the biggest moments from the most anticipated swimming event on the calendar. Plus, we discuss some of the flops and pops of the meet and whether we think morning finals and COVID-19 restrictions were notable influences on those competing. After a short break and more than a couple of big changes, The Social Kick are back and kicking into the new season with a jam-packed episode! Enjoy and don't forget to comment your favourite Tokyo 2020 moment in the pool below. SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​  

1h 19m
Aug 24, 2021
One Size Never Fits All- Erica Beine

Whether you’re feeling inspired from the Olympics or want to start your own personal fitness journey, nutrition is key. Join us in welcoming personal nutritionist Erica Beine to the podcast as she gives us all the tips on what we think is right for our bodies and what actually is. A former college swimmer and D1 head coach, Erica stepped off deck to focus on her theory of personalized nutrition and hasn’t looked back since. Using genetic testing to understand what your individual body needs and reacts to; Erica’s business creates an accessible and personalized program to help you get the best results physically and mentally. Her focus on all-round wellness, by using scientific data and tailored plans, is a new and improved way in looking at and understanding what your body needs. Join us as we talk to Erica about her work and how she adapts for each individual, the negative effects of supplements and alcohol in athletes and just how bad goldfish crackers are for you!! Grab a water for this one, hydrate and learn about your body. SUBSCRIBE: LISTEN: FOLLOW:​

Aug 17, 2021