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Slogging it is a new podcast for cricketers, brought to you by cricketers. Discussing everything from grass roots to the professional levels of the game. From teas to tests, local clubs to Lords, tune in to hear the ramblings of league stalwarts to legends, and everything in between...

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Slogging It: Walking the Ashes to support The Lords Taverners

Robbo, Johnno, and Eugene have been teasing their listeners for months about an upcoming announcement and now it’s time to let it loose - Slogging it! Walk the Ashes.  It was Robbo’s idea and we are excited to formally announce it. We discuss why we’re doing it, where we’re doing it, and how the you guys as listeners can get involved. We also discuss Robbo’s strange habit of thinking of 19 songs about respect before their podcast starts.  The challenge is to walk from one Ashes venue to the next, which has even caught the attention of our great friend Toby Tarrant, but Eugene's meniscus has been causing him trouble, so we’re monitoring his situation as time progresses. Regardless, the challenge will go ahead and everyone is looking forward to it. The walk consists of five test matches and is roughly 670 miles long. It will take place over 22 days, starting on June 12th at Tavs HQ in Chancery Lane, London and ending at Tavs HQ on roughly July 31st.  The purpose of the walk is to raise money for the Lord's Taverners and to empower young people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds through cricket.  We will be posting updates on social media and will have a text-to-give code and a different JustGiving page. There is plenty of chat about how you guys can get involved and also help us to make this dream a great success! Plus all the usual nonsense from three muppets who love cricket and doing things for charity!  Slog on!

Mar 14
Deconstructing the Epic Test Match: New Zealand vs. England

Johnno Gordon, Eugene the Buffalo Berger, and Simon Rant Master Flash Roberts discuss the recent Test Match between New Zealand and England, which resulted in a one-run victory for New Zealand. We discuss our honest opinions on whether this was the greatest Test Match of all time and was this a missed opportunities by England, adaptation of approach, and the impressive performance of certain players. We dissect key moments of the match, including Brooke's run out, Stokes' injury, and controversial umpiring decisions. With (some) humour and (very little) insight, we examine the positives and negatives of England's defeat and explore how this experience can help prepare them for the upcoming Ashes.

Mar 03
Has Steve Smith lost his MOJO?

In this episode the lads discuss the latest cricket news, including Steve Smith's recent performance slump and whether it means he has lost his mojo. They also talk about England's recent victories, the upcoming T20 World Cup games, and our own personal updates, including all the details on walking the ashes. Tune in for some lively banter and cricket analysis.

Mar 01
The lost episode

Eugene is a magician. We all know that, but this week he’s proven himself to be part magician part superman to get this episode to you. There’s a fair chance we may still all be pissed from the birthday party on Saturday night, but as always it’s a whole lot of fun! Slog on!

Feb 22
S3 Ep20: The Cricket & Walk Talk Show

* Join us as we delve into the world of cricket and fitness. We'll discuss the latest happenings in the world of cricket, such as the South African team's recent victory against England in the ODI series, and share our personal experiences with our Walk The Ashes training. We'll also talk about the Betway catch 2 million in the SA20 and the Lord's Taverners announcement. And of course, we'll have a lighthearted conversation about Johnno & Simon’s upcoming birthday celebration this weekend! Tune in for another lighthearted episode with the lads

Feb 08
S3 Ep19: The Future of Global Cricket Tournaments

* The lads discuss the current state and potential future of global cricket tournaments. The focus is on the financial aspect, where the majority of the finances in English cricket are controlled by the ECB. There is a concern that cricket may follow the same path as football, with multiple seasons in different countries. We al touch on the impact of global tournaments on players and the game, such as the lack of loyalty and increased commercialisation. The idea of having a choice for players to play in one tournament for the entire competition is proposed as a potential solution to the water down nature of the tournaments. What do you think ?

Feb 01
S3 Ep18: Cricket Legends: Comparing Steve Smith to Bradman

* In this episode, we dive into the debate of whether Steve Smith can be considered on par with the legendary cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman. We discuss Smith's career stats and longevity, as well as the different factors to consider when making this comparison. We also touch on the current state of cricket and the ICC rankings, and congratulate England on becoming the number one ranked ODI side in the world. Show Notes: __ __

Jan 24
S3 Ep17: It’s official…. There’s just too much T20 cricket

* This week the lads take on a few bits, including the watering down of quality in global franchise tournaments, the importance of any environment, songs you sing to yourself whilst playing, and Simon opens with a song you’d never expect! Enjoy and keep slogging 🙏🏏🙌 __ __

Jan 18
S3 Ep16: Ian Austin Lives on!!!

* To some people, a slightly rotund all rounder from Lancashire’s glory days…. To Johnno, a hero! This week the lads discuss everything from boyhood heroes to boring pitches via the medium of Rocky IV. Random as always, but a hell of a lot of fun to record! Slog on sloggers! __ __

1h 3m
Jan 10
S3 Ep15: New Year’s resolution? Less Mars Ice Creams

The lads are back and this week it’s all things test cricket. Are SA dreadful? Or is it just the the Aussies at home are mind bogglingly good? Has Bazball rubbed off on Babar? And Ashwin saves the day for India. All that plus the three of us trying but miserably failing at explaining what each other mean when discussing that controversial BBL catch! Slog on sloggers 🏏😍🙏

Jan 04
S3 Ep14: The Announcement

By now you probably think the three of us are suckers for punishment, and todays episode will only go further to confirming it as we announce a marathon challenge we are taking on in support of The Lord’s Taverners next summer! We talk Bazball, Aus vs SA, and Johnno’s dreadful journey to a great night at the darts! Enjoy, and keep Slogging It!

Dec 20, 2022
S3 Ep13: Jack Brooks - Who’s Jamie?

Robbo is back, but not for the interview, Jack Brooks aka SuBo, Animal and according to Niall O Brien Jamie Brooks was excellent. Quick cover off of world cricket and boom, another hour and a hit gone! Enjoy and keep slogging! 😍😘🏏

1h 9m
Dec 14, 2022
S3 Ep12: Where’s Dante?

Maybe he’s stuck in South Africa, maybe he just heard about how pissed Johnno would get and decided to give it a swerve… This week we hosted a table at the Lords Taverners Christmas Lunch, hear about the inspirational day, the inspirational guests and why interviews should always be completed pre lunch rather than post lunch… Slog on Sloggers!

1h 10m
Dec 07, 2022
S3 Ep11: Ed Chamberlin - We won’t talk about Midnight River

This week Johnno & Eugene are joined by everyone’s favourite sports anchor @chamberlinsport Discussing everything from his big broadcasting break to the genius of @GNev2 and how together they built a phenomenal football show. Listen, learn and enjoy the stories and experiences of the most amazing guest. If you don’t love this one you’ve chosen the wrong podcast! 🥰

1h 19m
Nov 29, 2022
S3 Ep10: As one World Cup ends, another one starts….

But we’re not here to talk football and politics so we’ll stick to what we know something about (unless it’s fantasy based 😬). Everything current and coming up gets a run out, as well as all of the usual nonsense… Slog on sloggers!

Nov 22, 2022
S3 Ep9: Winners are grinners

So it’s official…. England are Workd Champions in both white ball formats! The lads talk semi finals and the final, as well as announcing the prize winners for our fantasy league in partnership with The Cricket Draft and plenty of other nonsense! Let’s just hope that Sam Curran doesn’t approach any koalas (you’ll have to tune in to understand that)! We’ll be back next week with our next full length episode! 😍🏏

Nov 15, 2022
S3 Ep8: What’s that Eug? South Africa will never lose to The Netherlands? 😬

Eug gets both barrels from the lads, and Robbo gets both barrels from his missus for getting home from the club awards at 6:50am! The movers and shakers from GW5 are discussed as well as our teams for the semi finals. Make sure you look out on our social channels for the video of Robbo trying to get into his house battered! Slog on sloggers!

Nov 07, 2022
S3 Ep7: Eug drowns his sorrows

It’s all warming up nicely…. unless you’re South African, and Eug has been on the sauce all day preparing for the episode! Tonight we talk all things GW4 and what GW5 looks like, along with Semi final predictions and plenty of other nonsense. Slog on sloggers 🫡

Nov 04, 2022
S3 Ep6: GW4 - It’s still a disaster

We give up! It turns out we know nothing and we aren’t even sure we should be allowed to host the table at the LT’s Christmas Lunch! Some of you however, are faring much better and for that we applaud you! Listen as the lads discuss GW3, what’s coming up in GW4 and Robbo goes off on one about bowlers never getting enough credit!

Oct 30, 2022
S3 Ep5: Will we ever all agree? Highly unlikely….

Game Week 2 has been and gone and the three of us might as well not have bothered! But some of you have been spot on and there’s some amazing scores! The lads discuss/argue through all the action in another of our WC shorter episodes! Make sure you get in touch to let us know your views… who do you agree with? #slogonsloggers

Oct 28, 2022
S3 Ep4: GW1 - Something’s broken

Did no one tell the big guns that the competition has started? Half of our sides must be in a pub somerhwere having a right laugh at our expense!! Dreadful starts from the lads, what are the going to change for GW2?

Oct 25, 2022
S3 Ep3: Old school flu is much worse than Covid…. Apparently

Robbos back and complaining about the 100 mile bike ride we have signed him up for, England WCT20 starting XI’s, Cricket Draft game picks for GW1, ticket pricing gets another go and plenty more! Slog on Sloggers!

1h 3m
Oct 20, 2022
S3 Ep2: Charity, Challenges, Central Contracts and Chat Show Hosts - A MUST LISTEN

Johnno ✅ Eugene ✅ Robbo 🤮 Inspirational guest ✅ The lads sign up to their first Charity Challenge ✅ How you can get involved with The LT’s ✅ Aus vs Eng/Wade vs Wood ✅ WCT20 Squad ✅ ECB Central Contracts ✅ Slogging It WCT20 Cricket Draft ✅ A very funny listener story ✅

1h 19m
Oct 14, 2022
S3 Ep1: We are back baby!

* Johnno, Simon and Eug review the summer and discuss BazBall. Are Baz and Ben the saviours of English cricket and how will they fair in series to come. What did the Hundred do for you during the summer and should golf now be banned like football is in the warmups ? Johnno tells his best cricket joke and Simon wears a boob tube … join us this week for an action packed episode !

1h 19m
Oct 02, 2022
S2 Ep18: Flake ice cream’s & Johnno’s fuming….. Again

This week we take a look at the good and the bad of English Cricket, Is The IPL pointless? The Womens WC, and the rising cost of our beautiful game. It’s a pretty spicy one, you’ll enjoy it 😘🏏💥

1h 4m
Apr 08, 2022
S2 Ep17: The first three ball for a while

Johnno is back from the Caribbean to finish his analysis of the recent series. Eugene plays the host to keep a lid on Robbo’s rants. And we don’t at all mention the fact that Bangladesh beat South Africa.

Mar 30, 2022
S2 Ep16: Day 2 - Stokes plays stick cricket

What a player Ben Stokes is ! Is the pitch really that flat or are the English batsmen just that good, the lads talk about West Indies tourism, we meet some of the Woodstock family and Johnno does some commentary .. tune is for this special as we record live after lunch on day 2 of the West Indies v England test match ...

Mar 18, 2022
S2 Ep15: Day 1 - Root Rum punches the West Indies

Shit shit day, rum punch, beans on bread and Roots hundred, the trio are back together this week with Johnno reporting from day 1 of the England Test in the West Indies.

Mar 16, 2022
S2 Ep14: Its a different duo this week ..

Johnno takes a well earned break while Robbo and Eug talk through freezing pre seasons, the sunny English test series, the flattest pitch where we think Pakistan might still be batting and should South Africa now be rated as the best test team in the world ?

Mar 09, 2022
S2 Ep13: The Rant!

Eugene is in Reading so the other two take on the selection policy around the West Indies Tour and the fact that the young lads taken are unlikely to play considering the side picked for the warm up game! A new era? Or just the same old bollocks? Enjoy 🙌🤙

Mar 03, 2022