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Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus


The Safety Consultant Podcast with Sheldon Primus is your weekly guide to starting or growing a profitable occupational safety and health consulting business. Do you feel that your knowledge would be better served, if you are your own boss? Your knowledge can help more people improve their workplace safety. Most of what you know may be wasting in a job that limits what you can do for the overall health and safety of workers. Now is the time to start your own safety consulting business!

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Build your business while your country builds roads and bridges.

In this episode, Sheldon talks about looking into government spending to identify work opportunities.

Mar 17
The Problem with OSHA Compliance Officers!

In this episode, Sheldon reveals some hard truths about the new OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHOs). OSHA has been in a hiring frenzy to make up for nearly 5 years without leadership. The switch from the Donald Trump administration to the Joe Biden OSHA has been stark and aggressive. New CSHOs need to hit the ground running, but they may be under trained and not informed as to the 29 CFR 1904 standard or the Field Operations Manual 164. What can a consultant do to prepare for a new OSHA workforce that has to do compliance enforcement without experience?

Mar 08
OSHA Recordkeeping 2023

In this week's episode, Sheldon goes over tips and tricks for OSHA recordkeeping, reviews the OSHA upcoming regulatory agenda changing the recordkeeping rule, and reviews the OSHA resources for injury and illness tracking. You can also get more help with OSHA recordkeeping with the online course:

Feb 22
Professional Development is for Consultants, Too

In this episode, Sheldon tells you the importance of the consultants getting continuing education for keeping your chops up.

Feb 15
Dr. Jay Allen Returns

Dr. Jay Allen returns on the podcast to help share his knowledge as a Ramsey Solution Financial coach to help us understand the baby steps to budgeting. Consultants work for themselves, so it is important for them to understand budgeting principles. Also, Jay and Sheldon talks about valuation for podcast when trying to price for advertising and many more topics.

1h 1m
Feb 09
Black History Month and EHS US Statistics

It's Black History Month for the US and Sheldon reviews some statistics related to the black workforce. Also, he goes over the statistical and ethical makeup of people that hold the position of EHS professional.

Feb 01
Recertifications, CEUs, Contact Hours....What do I have to do?!

In this episode, Sheldon goes over recertification guidelines for safety and health designations. There has been a lot of confusion on what CEUs and contact hours mean. So, Sheldon goes over how to retain your certifications.

Jan 25
Selecting the best training location for an event

In this episode, Sheldon gives guidance on what location works best for hosting your own events. Hotels are good for some events, but they are not the only option. Training locations don't have to be expensive, but they must meet the purpose of the training.

Jan 18
Stan Smiley Part 2

In this episode, Sheldon continues the conversation with Certified H2S Master Instructor, Stan Smiley. Stan gives stories of his time in oil and gas, emergency response, and case studies related to H2S exposure. If you are exposed to hydrogen sulfide, then this is a must listen episode for understanding this common hazard.

Jan 11
Certified H2S Master Trainer, Stan Smiley

Happy New Year! It's 2023 and Sheldon starts the year off with a important interview with H2S Certified Master Trainer, Stan Smiley. Mr. Smiley is one of a rare group of safety educators that bear the distinction of excellence in this by being designated as a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Instructor®, numbering less than 123 worldwide and of those, one of 41 currently certified. Primus Global Media will host a H2S Instructor Development Course this February 15-17, 2023. For more information:

Jan 04
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dec 25, 2022
I'm here to help

In this episode, Sheldon invites you to send your questions to him via the show voice message line. Go to and select the mic icon to leave a message for the show.

Dec 09, 2022
5 Tips for Scheduling 2023

In this episode, Sheldon goes over 5 tips with setting up your 2023 consulting and training schedule. Avoid a bad situation before it happens by being intentional with scheduling your appointment and classes. Here are the 5 tips: 1. Schedule know things first a. Events b. Classes c. Family events/trips 2. Don’t plan anything too early in January 3. Try a 6 month schedule for more flexibility 4. Look for client projects for production downtime for early 2022 5. Match your calendar with the family calendar

Nov 30, 2022
Holiday Short

A short message to open the holiday season.

Nov 25, 2022
Zoom Tips and Tricks Part 2

In this episode, Sheldon continues giving tips on Zoom setup, Meeting tips, and Engagement methods.

Nov 16, 2022
Zoom Tips and Tricks

Sheldon goes over some tips and tricks with Zoom. This is a 2 part episode to help get the most of your Zoom sessions.

Nov 10, 2022
Brief Overview of the OSHA website

In this episode, Sheldon reviews the website and shows the hidden gems on the website. No matter where you are in the world, the resources found on the OSHA website will help your consulting business.

Nov 03, 2022
OSHA Outreach Trainer Tips, Pricing and Rules

In this episode, Sheldon reviews the OSHA outreach training program requirements, gives pricing guidance or 10 & 30 hour outreach training, and shows how to upsell an outreach training job to compliance training work.

Oct 26, 2022
5 Ways to stay "top of mind" for your clients

in this episode, you get 5 tips on how to stay "top of mind" for your clients. These practical tips can yield repeat business.

Oct 19, 2022
OSHA Compliance Assistant Specialist Tool Overview

In this episode, Sheldon goes over the OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist Tool. This tool can be used for your safety consulting business to get your new or prospective client to be OSHA compliant. This is a step by step tool used to assist business owners with understanding what is necessary for OSHA compliance in their specific industry.

Oct 12, 2022
Reasons to Start Your Safety Consulting Business Today

Many people have been contacting Sheldon about how to start a safety consulting business. This episode gives reasons and tips for starting your own safety consulting business.

Oct 05, 2022
Special Show Announcements-September 2022

Episode recorded in Florida during hurricane Ian.

Sep 28, 2022
Podcast Update

In this episode, Sheldon gives an update on the podcast release. He is looking for listener input on which day to release the podcast. You can contact Sheldon before 9/25/22 at

Sep 21, 2022
Dr. Todd Conklin: Do Safety Differently

Sheldon interviews Dr. Todd Conklin about his new book with Dr. Sidney Dekker, "Do Safety Differently." During the conversation, Sheldon and Dr. Todd talk about defining safety differently, the faulty H.W. Heinrich's safety pyramid, possible dangers of wearable safety technology, safety metrics abuse and many other pressing safety topics. "Do Safety Differently" is the right book for the right time in safety.

Sep 13, 2022
Understanding the OSHA Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs)

In this episode, Sheldon answers another question from the US Safety Facebook group. A member asked if there was good resource for learning how to read the US OSHA Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs). He goes over the OSHA website to explain how the CFRs became laws and the best way to interpret the codes. Visit OSHA.Coach for the upcoming OSHA Compliance Help workshop.

Sep 05, 2022
Creative Ways to Get and Retain Clients

In this episode, Sheldon goes over 5 creative ways to get clients and 5 creative ways to retain clients. This question was brought up from the Safety Consultant Facebook group. You can also get more tips by attending the Safety Consulting 101 virtual event.

Aug 29, 2022
OSHA Update Summer 2022

It's time for the OSHA update for the summer of 2022. Sheldon goes over the latest on OSHA with compliance assisstance and enforcement. This summer has OSHA asking for comments on a new heat stress prevention standard. OSHA is also taking on suicide prevention and trenching fatalities in the summer. Also, the fatality tracker is back on the OSHA website. That means a return to Obama era thinking for OSHA.

Aug 24, 2022
Safe and Sound Week 2022

The US OSHA is having its annual Safe and Sound Week 8/15-8/21. Safe and Sound week is a nationwide event that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America's workers safe. This week should be used to start safety initiatives, check on existing safety and health programs, and get workers to participate in safety activities. Sheldon gives you some ideas for this week. Also visit to learn about 2 events happening in September.

Aug 15, 2022
Viewstub VP of Strategic Partnership, Joshua Veninga

Sheldon interviews Joshua Veninga, the VP of Strategic Partnerships with Viewstub. Sheldon has been using the Viewstub platform for several years. Joshua reviews the benefits of viewstub, creativity of the software, and outstanding customer service. Virtual event, in-person events, and hybrid events are back in full force. Viewstub will get you looking like a giant organization even if you work alone.

Aug 09, 2022
The Return of Allen Woffard: A Mind in Constant Motion Part 2

Part 2 of the co-interview between Sheldon Primus and Allen Woffard. They continue their talk about consulting, podcasting, training tips, stress relief aids, essential oils, and a lot of stuff. You can take the Safety Consultant Blueprint course:

Aug 01, 2022