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Paranormal: Wendigo

The Wendigo is known by several names — Windigo, Witigo, Witiko, and Wee-Tee-Go — but each roughly translates to “the evil spirit that devours mankind.” “The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation, its desiccated skin pulled tightly over its bones. With its bones pushing out against its skin, its complexion the ash-gray of death, and its eyes pushed back deep into their sockets, the Wendigo looked like a gaunt skeleton recently disinterred from the grave. What lips it had were tattered and bloody ... Unclean and suffering from suppuration of the flesh, the Wendigo gave off a strange and eerie odor of decay and decomposition, of death and corruption” - Basil H. Johnston Stay safe out there.  With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Nov 30
True Crime: Burke and Hare

Around 200 years ago, the Judgement of Death Act 1823 saw the number of crimes punishable by death in Britain drop dramatically. Good news in theory, but since medical and anatomical schools were only legally allowed to dissect the bodies, or cadavers, of those who had been condemned to death, this led to an extreme shortage of dead bodies available. Financial compensation offered by medical schools meant that some unscrupulous types soon found a way around this shortage of bodies, leading to a rash of grave-robbing by those known as resurrectionists. This led to why Burke and Hare may have murdered the 16 people in the West Port murders in 1827… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Nov 23
Paranormal: The Bellamy Bridge

The story of the ghost of Bellamy Bridge is probably one of Florida's most famous ghost stories. The legend talks about the restless ghost of a young woman named Elizabeth Jane Bellamy. And how she roams the swamps around the bridge on dark and foggy nights. But surprisingly Elizabeth Jane Bellamy was a real person who was the wife of one of Florida's key economic and political leaders before the civil war. Stay tuned to see how these stories combine to form the legend we know today… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Nov 16
True Crime: The World's End Murders

We’re going back to one of the first true crime cases we covered on this channel, and talking about the World’s End Murders again. Christine Eadie and Helen Scott, who were 17 years old at the time, decided to go on a night out with some friends on October 15th, 1977. So they went to a couple of bars on the royal mile before ending up at the World’s End Pub. But that was the last time either of them were seen. 40 years later, the case was finally solved… so what happened that night? And what happened in the years following? Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Nov 09
Paranormal: Zombie Road

Zombie Road is a short road in the City of Wildwood, and is one of Missouri’s most haunted locations. It started being referred to as the Zombie Road in the early 1950s when the road eventually fell into disrepair and was all but abandoned. Because it’s such a secluded area it was a very popular local hangout for teenagers to party - but over the years it ended up with a different reputation… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Nov 02
True Crime: The Springfield Three

Sherril Elizabeth Levitt, her daughter Suzanne Elizabeth Streeter, and her friend Stacy Kathleen McCall were last seen on June 7th, 1992. When Streeter and McCall changed their plans and went home instead of spending the night at their friends house, the town woke up the next morning to find them gone. The case is still listed on the Springfield Police Department website under “cold cases.” If you have any information on what happened that night, please do give them a call. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Oct 26
Paranormal: The Mackenzie Poltergeist

We recorded this episode exactly 3 years ago, on October 19th, 2019. In honor of our third anniversary of Grim Podcast, we thought it’d be nice to re-do some of our favorite episodes, starting with our favorite haunted space in Edinburgh! Mackenzie Poltergeist at Greyfriars Cemetery is one of the most haunted locations in Edinburgh, with over 450 documented attacks throughout the years and many many stories of breaking and entering with some dire consequences... Happy Halloween everyone, and we’ll see you soon for this new season of Grim!

Oct 19
True Crime: The Murder of Skylar Neese

Skylar Annette Neese was born on February 10th, 1996 to Mary and David Neese. On July 5th, 2012, she returned to her family’s apartment in Star City, West Virginia after her shift at Wendys. Her complex had surveillance cameras that show that she left her apartment by climbing out her bedroom window and getting into a sedan at 12:30 am. Despite not taking her charger with her and leaving her window open, signs she intended to come home, she never returned. What happened that night? And what did they do to ensure it never happens again? Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Oct 12
Paranormal: Mortemer Abbey

Mortemer Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery in the Forest of Lyons between the present Lyons-la-Forêt and Lisors. By the 15th century, the abbey was home to hundreds of monks and was the most powerful abbey in Normandy, but by 1453, the abbey was under the French crown, rather than the English. Over the centuries after this, the abbey fell into decline and disrepair. And it is no stranger to ghost stories. From a Dame Blanche to a procession of monks to goblin cats, join us for this spooky story… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Oct 05
True Crime: The Disappearance of Alex Solely

Alexander “Gog” Sloley was born on August 4th, 1991 in England. Two days before his 17th birthday, on August 2nd, he disappeared. What happened to Alex Sloley? What were the circumstances around his disappearance? And was there a difference in what they told the news outlets and what really happened? Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Sep 28
Paranormal: Devil Monkeys

Sightings of these mysterious primate-like creatures have been reported all across America ever since the 1920s. They are typically described as being similar to baboons, but larger, faster and meaner. They have also been reported to walk on all fours as well as upright… but cryptozoologists have confirmed that they are, in fact, different from other mythical human-like creatures like Bigfoot or Chupacabra. One of the most notable instances of the Devil Monkeys was in a tiny town called Danville in New Hampshire in September of 2001. What happened that night? Join us this week to find out… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources: ​​

Sep 21
True Crime: The Disappearance of Ben Needham

Ben Needham was born on October 29th, 1989 in England. He was almost 2 years old on July 24th, 1991 when he was on the Greek Island of Kos with his family. In the morning, he was exploring the farmhouse when Eddie and Kristine Needham noticed they hadn’t seen him. Ben had disappeared without a trace. Days and months of searching later, we still may never know what happened to Ben. We hope that one day his family might get some closure. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Sep 14
Paranormal: The Colorado Street Suicide Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge, one of the most haunted bridges in Southern California, has been around since the early 1900s. The bridge has had over 150 suicides over the last 100 years, with around 50 of these suicides happened during the Great Depression, and the rest happening in the years after, with 28 occurring between 2006 and 2016. Legend has it that the ghost of a contractor who died during construction calls out to lost or distressed souls and lures them off the bridge to their deaths. Would you ever dare visit such a bridge… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:,_California),_California)

Sep 07
Creepypasta: I’m Housesitting and the Noises Behind this Locked Door are Driving me Insane

A big big thank you to @sugarfruit33 on Reddit for letting us share this story!

Aug 31
True Crime: Fort Worth Missing Trio

Fort Worth Missing Trio

Aug 24
Paranormal: Dumbarton's Dog Suicide Bridge

This story starts with James White, who bought a property called the Overtoun Farm in 1859. He built the Overtoun House three years later in 1862. When White died in 1884, his son, John Campbell White, inherited the house and its estate and started planning to extend the driveway of the house across a deep ravine in order to provide easier access. The bridge was completed in June of 1895. During the 1950s, locals started referring to the bridge as the "Bridge of Death" or the "Dog Suicide Bridge", as it was reported that dogs were leaping from the bridge into the ravine below. The mystery of why dogs become possessed to jump has never been solved, but many theories persist, ranging from the scientific to the supernatural… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Aug 17
True Crime: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders took place on the morning of June 13, 1977, at Camp Scott in Mayes County, Oklahoma, United States. By 10 am, they evacuated the entirety of Camp Scott without telling the other campers why they were heading back home after only one night of being there. This was the last day that Camp Scott was open after almost 50 years of hosting the Girl Scouts of Oklahoma. This story is horrifying, and we can only hope that one day the families of the victims will have some closure as to what happened and why. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Aug 10
Paranormal: The Edinburgh Playhouse Phantom

The Edinburgh Playhouse theater in Edinburgh is the second largest theater in the UK with 3,059 seats, but the reason that we’re talking about it today is that it has its very own ghost. According to legend, a ghost called Albert tends to haunt the sixth floor. And Albert is known for everything from mysterious touches to disrupting tape recorders to even scaring dogs! But Albert doesn’t seem to be malicious at all, so what’s the story behind this haunting? Join us this week to find out… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Aug 03
True Crime: The Disappearance of Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson was 16 years old when she disappeared in Box Hill on November 27th, 1995. From discovering the truth about her mother to an elaborate flower delivery to goodbye letters, paracetamol, and Vermouth, it is not known whether her disappearaance was a result of “a tragic accident, abduction, suicide, murder, or that she had absented herself to start a new life." To this day her whereabouts are unknown. If you have any information about Ruth Wilson or her whereabouts,  please do contact the police about Operation Scholar. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jul 27
Paranormal: The Monster of Pocomoonshine Lake

Many people say that Pocomoonshine lake is a beautiful lake in Princeton, a northeastern town in Maine. But it became really notorious in the 1800s when witnesses claimed that a large creature lived in the lake. A giant snake, 30-60 feet long and 4 feet wide. And though a snake that large seems quite unbelievable, the story actually stems from Native American Folklore, specifically in a battle between giant snakes. So, could there really be a giant snake in Maine? Or maybe there's another explanation? But either way, join us for this short and sweet paranormal story! Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jul 20
True Crime: The Torso on the Thames

On September 21st, 2001, (just 10 days after the 9/11 attacks in America) a man called Aidan Minter found the torso of a young boy in the River Thames as he was walking across Tower Bridge in central London for a business meeting. “The tide was quite high at the time, I thought it was a tailor's mannequin. Then it came under the bridge, and that's when I saw the detail - the wounds and the body itself.I  do think about him. I'll never forget it for as long as I live.” The police, unable to find who the identity of the boy, called him Adam. Today we talk about this unsolved murder, and we can only hope that Adam’s family may someday get the closure they deserve. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jul 13
Paranormal: The Logan Inn

The Logan Inn, located in New Hope Pennsylvania, and it is very famously known to be haunted by no fewer than 8 ghosts at a time. The most famous of them all is actually the haunting of room 6, which is actually likely to be a few different ghosts. But despite how haunted the Inn is, all of these ghosts seem to be quite friendly, and is probably a good place for what we’d call a “beginner” haunting experience. This haunted Inn is definitely on our list of places we’d like to visit some day. And not just the Inn though, the town also has a few other resident ghosts who like to make themselves known sometimes… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jul 06
True Crime: Arthur Shawcross

Arthur John Shawcross, Genesee River Killer, was born on June 6th, 1945 and died on November 10th, 2008. And his life consisted of multiple jail sentences and years on parole, and far too many lives lost. Today we talk about a truly horrible man… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jun 29
Paranormal: The Poltergeist of Francisco Giner, 43

From the German words “polter” ("to make sound" and "to rumble") and Geist ("ghost" and "spirit"), a poltergeist is fundamentally a “noisy” or “rumble” ghost. And that is exactly what appeared to happen on the night of February 10, 1935 in the basement of building number 43 on Francisco Giner de Gràcia street. This is when the Montroig and Mendoza family heard a faint banging sound throughout the walls, which was slowly getting louder and louder. What followed was a series of events which were witnessed by the family, neighbors, and even the media. But what really happened that night? We may never really know… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jun 22
True Crime: Yuba County Five

On February 24th, 1978, a group of 5 young men went to watch a basketball game at California State University, Chico. These men were: - 29 year old Bill Sterling - 24 year old Jack Huett - 32 year old Ted Weihler - 30 year old Jack Madruga - And 25 year old Gary Mathias That night, instead of coming back home in preparation for their own basketball game the next day, their car ended up on a dirt road, stuck in a show drift about 4,400 miles in elevation and in the wrong direction from home. Months later, the remains of four out of the five men were found. Why did this happen? What happened to the men? What happened to the fifth man? We might never know… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

Jun 15
Paranormal: The Ghillie Dhu

"Though Solitary they would like to stay They may help those who lose their way But don't misjudge these dark-haired fae Or you'll be the one that they betray! Hiding their green skin and hazel eyes Moss and leaves are their disguise Entering their forest would be unwise Offend them and get a big surprise"      - Morrigan Aoife Stay safe out there.  With love,  Saaniya and Maddie x  Sources:

Jun 08
True Crime: The Disappearance of Marvin Alvin Clark

Marvin Alvin Clark was born in (maybe) 1852. After a mysterious day of travel, he went missing on October 30th, 1926. Since then, it was believed that his body was found by loggers in 1986, but when it was determined that the remains were not his, two mysteries remain: who was found in 1986, and what happened to Marvin Alvin Clark? Marvin Clark has been missing for just about 95 years now, so he would be over 160 years old today. Which means that we aren’t expecting to find him alive, but it would be nice to have some closure for the family. If you have any information about his disappearance though, the contact I found is for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office at 503.988.4300 Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:,_Oregon,_Oregon

Jun 01
Paranormal: The Woodstock Vampires

New England is famous for horror stories and ghosts and hauntings - the most famous being the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600s. Just about 200 years since that Satanic panic that caused the witch trials, there was another type of paranormal panic, a supernatural delusion if you will, fueled by an outbreak of tuberculosis, known at the time as consumption. When one member of a family would contract TB, it was likely that others would as well in due time. So people started thinking that the deceased were returning to earth and draining the life from their loved ones. And this caused what they called the “Vampiric Panic.” And thus began years of vampires and burning hearts… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

May 25
True Crime: The Byford Dolphin Accident

The Byford Dolphin was a semi-submersible column-stabilized drilling rig that was operated by Dolphin Drilling. When it was built in 1974, it was one of the more advanced drilling rigs at the time… but what happened on Saturday, November 5th, 1983 at 4am made it clear that it had not stayed the most advanced drilling rigs. In what is generally known as the most gruesome deaths in history, the Byford Dolphin Accident really shows how dangerous being a worker on an oil rig is and why it’s one of the highest paying jobs. Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie Sources:,_Bermuda,_Bermuda

May 18
Paranormal: Rehmeyer's Hollow

Rehmeyer’s Hollow is known for its foundation in witchcraft, spells, and murder, and the story centers around two men: Nelson Rehmeyer and John Blymire. Filled with magic and hexes, murder and intregue, this story is more or less ingrained in the history of the town is still talked about to this day. What really happened at Rehmeyer’s Hollow though? Be sure to listen to this week’s episode to learn a bit more about it… Stay safe out there. With love, Saaniya and Maddie x Sources:

May 11