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Since August 2001, Scotty Wazz, Jonny P, and Marc (with a C) have been talking about life with a 30% chance of hockey. Joined by Lyle Richardson of Spector’s Hockey, the team have been talking hockey every week since the start-- talking through lockouts, strikes, even a pandemic.

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Face Off Hockey Show 02.01.23: Horvat’s Trade, Hull’s Tarnished Legacy, and Sean Leahy!!

This week, the boys are joined by friend of the show Sean Leahy to talk about the legacy of Bobby Hull following his passing. They'll also discuss the NHLPA's plan at a new head of the union, and more. Plus, Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey joins to talk about the Bo Horvat trade, the floodgates in Vancouver, and the asking price going forward. 

2h 16m
Feb 02
Defending The Den 02.01.23: (S1E19): Black Bears Spilt at Home Before an Off Weekend

This week, Scotty Wazz reviews the Black Bears taking on the Northeast Generals and the power of Old Bay carrying them to a win. Also, a look at the standings ahead of an off-weekend and next weekend at Maine. 

Feb 01
Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.31.23 (S5E18): Terps Men, Navy Women, Stevenson Men All Win Big

This week, Scotty Wazz talk about the Maryland Terps D2 squad with an offensive showing, as well as the Navy Women's finish strong. Stevenson's NCAA and ACHA Men had solid showings, while Team Maryland avenge their loss from a week ago. 

Jan 31
Face Off Hockey Show 01.26.23: Salvaged Show, Vancouver Mess, New Uniforms, and New Draft Style??

This week, the boys save themselves from a total lost show by doing an impromptu one. They talk about the mess in Vancouver with Rick Tocchet and Bruce Boudreau, the new specialty jerseys for the Black Bears and Capitals, a new system of draft, as well as a new system to get junior players out of juniors and into the AHL. 

Jan 26
Defending The Den 01.25.23 (S1E18): Rough Patch for Black Bears in Maine, Looking to Northeast

This week, Scotty Wazz reviews another dynamic series between the Black Bears and Nordiques while looking ahead to Old Bay Weekend against Northeast at home. 

Jan 25
Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.24.23 (S5E17): Navy Heading to Nationals, Thrillers for Stevenson and Team Maryland, and More

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about Team Maryland's travels to Hollydell, Navy's Men sweeping their weekend and winning a regular season crown, Navy's Women continuing their march back to Nationals, while Stevenson's trios of teams were in tough. 

Jan 24
Face Off Hockey Show 01.18.23: Contract Rumors, That Whole Flyers’ Thing, and a New Women’s Hockey Sensation

This week, the boys talk about the newest women's hockey sensation and highlight culture helping the hockey industry. We touch on the Flyers/Ivan Provorov situation, and Lyle Richardson joins us to talk about that situation and contract situations of some top name players. 

2h 10m
Jan 19
Defending The Den 01.18.23 (S1E17): A Sweep in Danbury and Luke Van Why Joins the Pod

This week, Scotty Wazz takes a look at the Black Bears big weekend sweep in Danbury while looking ahead to visiting the Maine Nordiques again. Also, defenseman Luke Van Why joins to have a nice little chat about the season, his preparation going into the NAHL scene, and more. 

Jan 18
Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.17.23 (S5E16): Another Showcase for Team Maryland, Stevenson is All-Back, and Towson Joins In

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about Team Maryland showcase in Exeter, all of Stevenson's teams were back in action, and Towson gets back into the fold. All that, plus some player updates from the University Games and beyond .

Jan 17
Face Off Hockey Show 01.11.23: Wild Junior Hockey Trades and All-Star Games Apathy

This week, the boys are looking at the amount of trades happening in Canadian Junior Hockey and who the hell keeps track of all of the draft picks going around. We'll act very meh about the All-Star Game and wonder how we can monetize it. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey joins us to talk about the usual suspects in the trade rumors and some new entries. 

2h 6m
Jan 12
Defending The Den 01.11.23(S1E16): New Year’s Sweep of Maine

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the Black Bears first weekend back into the NAHL season and their sweep of Maine on home-ice. Also, a look ahead to Danbury and how now to lose sight of the matters at hand. 

Jan 11
Chesapeake Hockey Week 01.10.23 (S5E15) Team Maryland and Stevenson Back in Action

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the Black Bear Sports Group taking over the Team Maryland youth teams, while the EHL version of Team Maryland got back at it. On top of that, Stevenson's NCAA Men's and Women's teams get back into it, while the D2 ACHA team hit the ice, as well. 

Jan 10
Face Off Hockey Show 01.04.23: A Bad Winter Classic, Jakub Vrana’s Situation, and the Oilers are the NHL’s LA Angels

This week, the boys ring in the new year with a new Pitonzo on the mic. Also, a look at maybe the worst on-ice Winter Classic in history?? There's a hockey player in the Order of Canada, World Juniors Record, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey comes on to talk Jakub Vrana, Alexis LaFreniere, and more!! 

2h 9m
Jan 05
Face Off Hockey Show 12.28.22: Ovi 802, Lack of WJC Heat, and Half Game Show Wednesday

This week, the boys talk about Alex Ovechkin passing Gordie Howe for second all-time in goals. Also, what's with the lack of heat for the WJC this year?? All that, plus half-Game Show Wednesday for the final hour with Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey.

2h 9m
Dec 29, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 12.21.22: Benching Your Top Guy, More Games in the NHL, and Christmas Cheer

This week, the boys get into the spirit of the season as one head coach has his leading scorer on his naughty list. We'll talk about the events of the Winter Classic and how long Bell Biv Devoe have been around. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey comes on to talk the Oilers ups-and-down, more games on the horizon, and other things. 

2h 17m
Dec 22, 2022
Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.21.22 (S5E14): Team Maryland in Another Showcase and a Mid-Season Review

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the big week for Team Maryland heading into their winter break. Also, a look at the other teams from the area already on break and what the rest of their season looks like. 

Dec 21, 2022
Defending The Den 12.20.22 (S1E15): Classic Games in Maine Leading Into Break

This week, Scotty Wazz chronicles the epic games this weekend for Maryland against Maine and takes a lot at the team just after the halfway point and heading into a holiday and off weekend, while also checking in on commitments that happened this week. 

Dec 20, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 12.14.22: Never Rebuild When Chasing a Record

This week, the boys will talk about Ted Leonsis promising Alex Ovechkin to not rebuild as he chases greatness. Also, Board of Governors meetings, stack sales, and Ryan Reynolds. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey joins us to talk about the Bo Horvat situation, teams prepped to make a trade market splash, and renaming trophies. 

2h 23m
Dec 15, 2022
Defending The Den 12.14.22 (S1E14): Home Split Ahead of Last Trip of 2022

This week, Scotty Wazz looks at the Maryland Black Bears split at home for their last home stand of the 2022 calendar year, while also looking ahead to the last series of 2022 up in Maine. 

Dec 14, 2022
Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.13.22 (S5E13):Terps Sweep, Team Maryland and Stevenson Split

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the dominant performance (again) from the Terps men's squad going into their break. Team Maryland had a tough showing against Connecticut before another showcase, while Stevenson's ACHA club split their weekend set. Towson was trying to have a home-and-home against West Chester, but didn't go as planned. All that, plus Loyola's women end their semester with a bang. 

Dec 13, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 12.07.22: NHL and Roku, Boeser and Trades, Delivery Being Slow

This week, the boys talk about the new channel the NHL has on Roku and what it could do for programming for the NHL. The Brock Boeser hot stove is burning quick, as Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey tells us. Tage Thompson put on a show on as our show was happening, what's going to happen with Shane Wright and Scotty waits forever for food from a certain fast company. 

2h 15m
Dec 08, 2022
Defending The Den 12.07.22 (S1E13): Black Bears Looking For Answers After Northeast Weekend

This week, Scotty Wazz will talk about the weekend that was for the Black Bears after traveling to Northeast and getting swept. Also, a look ahead to Philadelphia in the last home weekend of 2022. 

Dec 07, 2022
Chesapeake Hockey Week 12.06.22 (S5E12): Splits Abound in Maryland Hockey and Army/Navy Face Off

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about the Army/Navy match-up from Annapolis, as well as the Navy women getting into a tough match-up of their own this weekend. Team Maryland, Stevenson's Men and Women split the weekend, while Stevenson and Maryland Club teams trying to defeat Rider. Not to be outdone, the Terps women sweep their weekend adventure. 

Dec 06, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 11.30.22: Banana-Puck?? Scumbag Jack Edwards?? Winter Classic Jerseys??

This week, the boys talk if 3ICE is the closest hockey will ever see to "Banana Ball", How Jack Edwards was a scumbag this time, the terrible Winter Classic jerseys, and Lyle Richardson will join us to talk Roope Hintz's new contract, Patrick Kane rumors, and get tortured with Atlanta Thrashers trivia. 

2h 14m
Dec 01, 2022
Defending The Den 11.30.22 (S1E12): Black Bears Drop Two, Look Ahead to Northeast

This week, Scotty Wazz reviewed the Black Bears weekend, as New Jersey came in to Piney and took both games. Trying to forget that, a look ahead to Northeast, some alumni news, and that's what's up. 

Nov 30, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 11.23.22: Right Place for Shane, Hossa’s Number, and More

This week, the boys talk about the right place to be for Shane Wright and why there should be some sort of counsel for this. They'll chat about Marian Hossa's number retirement, while Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey talks about the trades of the week and the underappreciated Dallas Stars. 

2h 23m
Nov 24, 2022
Defending The Den 11.23.22 (S1E11): Black Bears Travel to Johnstown, Prepare for New Jersey, and a Chat with Dimitry Kebreau

This week, Scotty Wazz looks back to the Black Bears taking three out of four points against Johnstown, while also getting ready for New Jersey this coming weekend. Also, a chat with forward Dimitry Kebreau about playing in Maryland as a Marylander, the season so far, and his move to Alaska next year. All that, plus an alumni update. 

Nov 23, 2022
Chesapeake Hockey Week 11.22.22 (S5E11): Navy Sweeping All the Weekends, Maryland Heads South, and More

This week, Scotty Wazz talks about how the Navy Men's D1, D3, and Women stay hockey in their respective games. The Terps headed to North Carolina and came back with some big points. Team Maryland was well represented at the EHL All-Star Game, while Stevenson's Men and Women NCAA's squads look for some better luck. 

Nov 22, 2022
Face Off Hockey Show 11.16.22: World Cup of Hockey, Arizona Voting the Coyotes, and Trade Rumors

This week, the boys talk about what's a ravioli and what's not. Also, the World Cup of Hockey is postponed a year and no one cares, the Arizona voters might determine the Coyotes fate, while Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey talks about Erik Karlsson trade rumors. 

2h 13m
Nov 17, 2022
Defending The Den 11.16.22 (S1E10): Taking Three From Philly Ahead of Johnstown Trip

This week, Scotty Wazz takes a look at the Black Bears talking three games against the Philadelphia Rebels. Also, off the ice news with Letters of Intent being signed, commitments being made, and Tenders being served. 

Nov 16, 2022