Domino Effect of Murder



What’s the backstory of murder after the police leave, the headlines read and news footage viewed? What is the personal fallout on first responders, witnesses, coworkers, family members and even the perpetrator years and decades later? Honest, detailed true accounts and comments by those who traveled the path are shared. In addition, some episodes spotlight information that is rarely known at the time it is needed. There are so many more victims than the one taken to the morgue. Yet there is hope. Post Traumatic Growth does happen and no one has to go it alone. (This podcast is published twice-monthly on Wednesdays January - November.)

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Season 3 Wrap Up (and hints about Season 4)

This episode gives the backstory of how this podcast came to be, as well as review top stories of the year - with some updates thrown in. A glimpse into Season 4 is offered, too.

1h 14m
Nov 23
Psychic Detectives Interfacing with Law Enforcement: Karen Romine

Ever wonder how - or if - psychic detectives really work with law enforcement on missing persons and unsolved homicide cases? If so, how effective are they? What is their method? Equally important - how do you spot a charlatan? Listen as Karen Romine explains the ways she helps law enforcement. Karen is a certified international psychic, medium and energy healer based in Iowa. She blends these skills to help law enforcement when asked.

Nov 09
Social Media is Getting Away with Murder: Tonya Baines-Godwin's Unending Grief

Many homicide survivors have had exposure (and sometimes over-exposure) to print, broadcast and social media posts about the homicide in their families. But imagine the live streamed broadcast of your loved one's last moments on social media platforms... Not only was the crime shown, but it's also been shared and viewed millions of times. It's a special kind of eternal torment for loved ones and it lacks a clear solution. Here is the story of the random murder of Robert Godwin of Ohio as told by his daughter, Tonya Baines-Godwin.

Oct 26
Asleep During Nearby Homicide: Marcy Pusey

Marcy Pusey was a newlywed sleeping under the same roof as her in-laws. Early one morning her father-in-law knocked on their door to tell them his wife (her mother-in-law) was "hurt" and needed help. In truth, he'd brutally murdered her. The reason will surprise you.

1h 20m
Oct 12
The Forced Assimilation and Genocide of Indigenous Children in the U.S. and Canada

The 100-year forced assimilation of indigenous children across the U.S. and Canada between 1865-1960 cost thousands of lives. Some say their tiny spirits call out from unmarked graves and repeatedly ask to be brought home and given back their name. Listen as we follow the story of Daughter of Red Cedar.

1h 10m
Sep 28
Post Traumatic Growth: Agape Garcia

Agape Garcia's life (and that of her 8-year-old and unborn baby) pivoted without warning. Hundreds of miles from home, they unpacked to start a new life chapter. Without warning the father of her yet-to-be-born son viciously tried to kill her. She had no resources, no support, yet reestablished herself, raised her children alone and now (years later) finally feels free enough to talk about her personal experience of domestic terrorism at the hands of someone she once loved and trusted. Agape will also describe her path to post-traumatic growth in the hopes others can do the same.

Sep 14
Pregnancy and Homicide: The Murder of Lauren Barnes

Lisbeth McCarty, aunt of murder victim Lauren Barnes, tells a cautionary tale. Youth, pregnancy, paternal rejection of pregnancy and the realization of responsibilities that lie ahead can boil into a toxic mix. Baby Avery's father would rather have risked life in prison than life co-parenting her. He dug her grave along with ther mother who carried her and carried through with his lethal trap. Sadly, this is not a unique story. Homicide is the leading cause of death of unborn children.

Aug 31
The Ingredients of Mass Shootings - Part Two

Part two of school shootings narrows the lens of the causes of this tragedy to focus on family, child and biological roots of this mayhem. It also offers several ways each of us can intervene, especially in regards to early intervention.

Aug 17
The Ingredients of Mass School Shootings - Part One

Mass school shootings like the one in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, 2022 are as complex as they are appalling. This two-part series examines the cultural, familial, personal, and biological underpinnings of these tragic events in an attempt to better understand this rare and deadly phenomenon.

Aug 03
Trapped, Assaulted, Chased: Ashley Michelle

Ashley Michelle was invited to her former boyfriend's apartment very late one night in 2016. Once inside, he locked the door behind her, assaulted her, forced her to look at their friend that he'd just murdered, and told her she was next. Her survival was dependent upon her intuition and split-second timing.

Jul 20
Triple Trauma: Ashlee Michelle

Imagine being sexually assaulted by someone you trust, forced to see the aftermath of murder (your friend), and then told you are next. These were the triple nightmares that Ashlee Michelle faced - and she barely escaped with her life.

Jul 20
Cold Case Homicides with Detective Jason Moran

Detective Moran is best known for his work on the John Wayne Gacy serial murders of Cook County, Illinois. In this episode, we discuss the toll these unsolved murders take, why law enforcement has such a difficult time identifying victims and what families can do to assist law enforcement.

Jul 06
Getting Savvy About Court

About half of all homicide survivors will face the litigation process but are seldom prepared to do so. Most have never been part of a criminal trial and have a steep learning curve ahead. This episode prepares homicide survivors to understand basic terminology and procedures for the trial of the assailant. Real case material will be used to demonstrate important points.

1h 15m
Jun 22
Recollections from Karen Hewitt, a Patient of a MSK (Medical Serial Killer)

Karen Hewitt was a preteen in the U.K. when she was a patient of Harold Shipman, M.D. Her elderly grandmother was a patient of Shipman's also and was scheduled to see him around the time his murderous behavior was exposed. Ms. Hewitt's brush with the most prolific serial murderer in the U.K. has left her with PTSD, Agoraphobia and a burning desire to help others grow out of their shell and realize their potential. Listen in as we learn about the impact of this once-trusted physician who took the lives of more than 250 patients before capture and the impact it left on those who escaped his murderous hands.

Jun 08
Accuracy in Murder Convictions Should Never Be Presumed

When homicide survivors enter the courtroom and see the defandant their blood boils. We want and deserve a conviction. But, even more important, we want and deserve accuracy in the conviction. Listen in as the issue of wrongful murder convictions displays flaws in our legal system that sometimes results in even the homicide survivor being incarcerated for decades.

May 25
Restorative Justice with Doug Noll, J.D.

How well is the correctional system "correcting"? What would a victim-centric rehabilitation system look like? How gratifying would it be to you if you were certain that the perpetrator of your loved one's homicide faced you and demonstrated "they got it" - that they comprehended the depth of your loss, anger, fear, confusion and grief? Does restorative justice work? Would those who have been through it recommend it? Does it also help restore the damaged community in which the crime occurred? Listen and see what you think.

May 11
Helping Others Climb While We're Still On the Mountain Ourselves

Our shared experience as homicide survivors grows us into reluctant experts in coping with traumatic grief. Over time we can pivot our experience into helping others who will surely follow us. In so doing we help ourselves. We are our best hope for dealing with our traumatic losses. Several examples from previous guests are provided to illustrate how his has been accomplished and the importance of connection.

Apr 27
Broadcasting Crime: The Uneasy Junction of Crime Reporting and Crime Victims

Where do the rights for the public to know about crime end and the crime victim's right to privacy begin? What have been the social benefits of journalism crime reporting? What has been the impact on the victim-family? Why do some crime victims get hounded by the press and others bypassed altogether? Here we explore the often uneasy junction between print and electronic media and victims of crime.

1h 16m
Apr 13
The Children of War

Ukraine's children are under assault with the attack of Russia. As in most wars and family homicides it is all too easy to overlook their needs, to minimize the impact of violent death on the shoulders of tiny humans. This episodes puts the spotlight on them.

Mar 30
Unpunished Murder - Hope Reger's Double Loss

Hope Reger was aptly named. She was once a struggling teenage mom in Ohio but pushed ahead and succeeded in raising her son despite the odds. Hope advanced in her career and later married Mike. Together they raised their two sons with love and devotion. Life looked promising. They became grandparents. Then Hope received a knock on her door one morning as she was getting ready for work. Two uniformed officers handed her a note simply saying "Call this number. It's about your son, Justin" (her youngest child, then age 19) living with friends. She called and the voice on the other end picked up and said "Green County Morgue."

Mar 16
The Death Notification

One of the many shared experiences of most homicide survivors is the death notification. It's almost never "by the book." It triggers the trajectory that we all are forced to take.

Mar 02
Mom's Spirit Comforts Daughter After Her Murder

Shelley Edwards Jorgensen grew up witnessing severe domestic violence against her mom with death threats from her father threatening to "kill everyone and burn down the house." He made good on his threat. It took years for law enforcement to charge him and during that time Shelley lived with her murderous and alcoholic father in full view of the charred remains where she knew her mom died. Listen as she describes this ordeal as well as "visits" from her deceased mom which brought her comfort during her darkest hours.

1h 9m
Feb 16
Sixth Sense Experiences Following Homicide

Grievers sometimes describe unshakeable "ways of knowing" and spontaneous "connections" with their loved ones "on the other side" following violent death. Our guest, Dr. Betty Kovacs has studied these phenomena for over thirty years (and also experienced three tragic deaths in her immediate family). Grievous events, she asserts, allow such connections to be perceived. Three examples from other guests are used to explain this altered state of consciousness which is documented over time and geolocation.

1h 0m
Feb 02
Funeral Decisions as an Aftermath of Violent Death

Every homicide survivor-family is faced with decisions regarding funeral arrangements (including the option to do nothing). Kari Northery is a doubly-credentialed guest. Not only is she an experienced expert in the death care industry, but she experienced a murder in her own family of her little niece. Join us as she describes the decisions we face and our options.

1h 7m
Jan 19
Two Moms Murdered: Two Angels Take Flight

Imagine being told your biological mom drowned. You attach to your new stepmom and she, too, drowns. Coincidence? The police didn't think so. Listen is as we hear from a man who grew up with that legacy. How did he navigate that difficult path? What does he want us to learn from this?

1h 3m
Jan 05
Getting the Word Out

Mike Morford has been advocating for homicide survivor families (especially those with unsolved cases) through his podcast.

Nov 24, 2021
Double Murder Sparks Victim Advocacy in their Survivor-Daughter

The violent, senseless murder of Carol and Less Dotts in their East Tennessee home on February 3, 1995, inspired their daughter, Jeanne Dotts Brykalski, into action as a Victim Advocate. But the story doesn't end there. Their killers are up for parole and she is on a mission.

1h 4m
Nov 10, 2021
Sheriff Rose - Survivors' Stories of Fallen Officers

When an officer is killed in the line of duty it is considered an "end of watch." This episode compares and contrasts the experiences of families who have lost a loved one as a police officer with those who have lost someone as a "civilian." There is a great deal of overlap.

Oct 27, 2021
Disenfranchised Grief: Death of Friends

Michael Anthony, from Indiana, grew up knowing nothing but physical abuse, neglect, poverty and pessimism. Somehow, in spite of his mistreatment and being surrounded with resignation and despair he knew he was not broken . Then a "mirror moment" changed his life. This self-made man tells us about his journey out of chaos and of his desire to inspire others to do the same.

1h 15m
Oct 13, 2021
Physicians Who Deliberately Kill

Special Agent Sackman describes serial murderers who are licensed physicians both inside and outside of long-term health care facilities. Learn what motivates them, why medicine is a perfect setting to commit homicide and how they literally get away with murder for years. It will get you rethnking your next stay inside a hospital.

1h 15m
Sep 29, 2021