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Bailey Sarian, a professional makeup artist & true crime connoisseur, is taking her expertise from her popular YouTube series, Murder, Mystery & Makeup, and expanding into the podcast world with Dark History! Each week, she will explore the chilling stories of the dark past from US and World History that they don't teach you in school!

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64: F*ck, C*nt, B*tch, Sh*t, Where Does Cursing Come From?

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. There’s nothing I love more than dropping a good ole F-bomb. But who was the original person to drop it? Was there a caveman somewhere that stubbed his toe and yelled it out? Or was it yelled on a medieval battlefield? Well I had to find out. In today’s episode we look into the history of swearing and focus on three of the big ones. Episode Advertisers Include: Manscaped, Rocket Money, and OUAI Haircare. Learn more during podcast about special offers!

Nov 30
63: You've been Catfished. Who the hell is Betty Crocker?

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. I love a good cake. And with cake mixes right from the store, you don’t need a baking degree or whatever. Now if only I could actually get the cake in the oven before eating all that damn good cake batter. Maybe one day. But while you lick your spoon, let me tell you about America’s homemaker, Mrs. Betty Crocker. In today’s episode, we’ll learn all about her life and what influenced her to become a baker. You might want to set your timer, because the amount of FRAUD in this episode will overbake anyone’s cake! I don’t know, I tried. Just watch. Episode Advertisers include: SkyLight Frame, Apostrophe, Squarespace, Stitch Fix US.

Nov 16
62: Cancer for Sale: When is it enough?

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. If a product is dangerous, but it still sells well, is it really that dangerous? Um, yes, yes it is. In today's episode, we talk all about it by focusing on one company in particular: Johnson & Johnson. J&J has routinely put sales over people’s lives. “But why?” you may ask. Because money talks, baby! Let’s get into the Dark History of Johnson & Johnson. And great, now I’m on another hit list. EPISODE ADVERTISERS INCLUDE: SkyLight Frames, Apostrophe, Hello Fresh, and ShipStation. Get a 60-day free trial at https://www.shipstation.com/darkhistory. Thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring the show! 

Nov 09
61: Who Were the Bozos Before Bezos? When Money Ruins Everything

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Freakin rich people, amiright? I’m not talking about that kid you went to school with that had the parties at his parent’s mansion and gave out the best gift bags. We’re talking bajillionares, like the insanely rich. In today’s episode we’ll dive into the people who paved the way for the Bezos and the Musks of the world. And we’ll also see how and how the  Original Richie Richs spent dolla bills. Spoiler: it was on themselves. Obvi! Episode Advertisers Include: Hello Fresh, ZipRecruiter, Apostrophe

Nov 02
60: Dungeons, Dragons, and Satan Worship

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. What scares parents more than anything else? It’s the Devil, of course. And it wasn’t too long ago where this fear turned into a nationwide craze. In today’s episode we’ll talk about how Satan invaded our board games, music, even our classrooms! And if you think that everyone just sat down, calmly talked it over like adults, and everything was fine…oh buddy you’d be wrong. It was a total dumpster fire, from hell! EPISODE ADVERTISERS INCLUDE: Hello Fresh, ZipRecruiter, Apostrophe

Oct 26
59: Cannibalism as Medicine?? The Wild trend of Mummy Powder

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Mummies, we know em, we’ve love em. And they are quite exclusive. Really rare. I mean everybody loses their minds whenever we find a new one. But would you believe at one time, there was a whole bunch of these bony bois lying around? Oh yeah, and what’s the reason why there are so few now? In today’s episode, we get into just that. And the reason…not exactly what you may think. Let’s just say…it involves cannibalism. EPISODE ADVERTISERS INCLUDE: Squarespace, Apostrophe, Best Fiends, ExpressVPN

Oct 19
58: Clowns that Kill: the Dark History of Clowns

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Clowns, you either like them or you hate them. There really isn’t much of an in between. But how could something as simple as a clown manage to get such strong opinions from people? In today’s episode we explore the long, dark, drunk, and complicated history of the clown. And I knew this story would be dark, but ooo boy, this was even darker than I expected. Episode Advertisers Include: Ship Station, Framebridge, Hello Fresh, OUAI Haircare

Oct 12
57: The Witches are Coming - Hide Your Broom, Hide Your Goats

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. It’s spooky season babbyyy. Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and witches. Oooo witches. It’s hard to have a spooky season without witches. But many people hundreds of years ago tried real hard to get rid of all the witches. In today’s episode we’re going to talk about Witch Hunts, but not the ones in Salem. The Witch Hunts we are talking about make those ones look like childsplay. We’re going back to the original hunts that spread across the world.  Episode Advertisers Include: Apostrophe, ZipRecruiter, MeUndies, and Stitch Fix US

Oct 05
56: Ghost Ships, Sunken Cities, And a Triangle of Doom - Disappearances from the Deep Blue Sea

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. The Bermuda Triangle, the most mysterious shape on the entire planet. Seriously, why has no one been able to figure out what’s going on there?? It’s no mystery that every year multiple ships and planes are lost to the triangle, and it’s been that way for centuries. So how come no one is able to figure out what the heck is going on?? In today’s episode, we look into the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle and talk about some potential theories about it. But Bermie isn’t the only mysterious water disappearance we’re talking about, Oh Nay Nay. We’ll also dive into ghosts ships and lost sunken cities. 

Sep 28
55: Soft Drinks and Hard Drugs: Coca-Cola's Story is Soda-pressing

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast.   Did you know that fewer people know the recipe to Coca-Cola than know the nuclear code? Or that the few people who do know the recipe are not allowed to fly at the same time in case their flights go down. So how did Coca-Cola become such precious cargo? Well in today’s episode we get into Coke’s history, when did the cocaine get taken out and why, how it grew into the empire we know today, and what shady secrets they keep in their vault with the recipe. 

Sep 21
54: Shave Your Head and Get In the Closet: Dark History of Marriage

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. We’re going to the chapel and we’re going to get married! But it’s not all pretty dresses and delicious cake (mmmmmm cake). In fact, a lot of the wedding traditions that we hold near and dear have a pretty dark past. In today’s episode we’ll find out why we kiss the bride, why the father gives the bride away, why bridesmaids exist and what’s with their matching dresses, and why the garter toss is even a thing.  Episode Advertisers Include:  Zip Recruiter, Ship Station, Apostrophe, and OUAI Haircare. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Sep 14
53: From Mailing Babies to Mailing Bombs: The Postal Service Did What???

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast. What’s the craziest thing you’ve mailed? I feel like I remember a time in grade school where everyone was mailing potatoes.  Anyone else? No? Just Me? Cool. Anyways, what I’m saying is throughout history, people have sent some crazy things in the mail. And sometimes, the things they sent were…dangerous. On today’s episode we’re talking all about the history of the Post Office. All the twists and turns. And how people got away with mailing babies. Yes. Babies.  Episode Advertisers Include:  Stitch Fix US, Sqaurespace, and Seat Greek.  Use code DARKHISTORY for $20 off your first SeatGeek order. https://seatgeek.onelink.me/RrnK/DARKHISTORY

Sep 07
52: Stop beating your meat with this tasty treat! THE DARK HISTORY OF GRAHAM CRACKERS

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  Some things are just meant to be together. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies.  Graham crackers and masturbation? Yep you read that right. Because without masturbation we never would have graham crackers. In today’s episode we’ll talk all about how one man’s mission to stop people from whacking it, led to the creation of the tasty, cinnamon-y treat. Don't be whacker, grab a cracker. Episode Advertisers Include:  Apostrophe, OSEA Malibu, MeUndies and CASETiFY. Go to http://cst.fyi/Dgzse to get 15% off on your CASETiFY order. 

Aug 31
51: She’s in OUR DNA?! Who is Henrietta Lacks?

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  One of my favorite things about this podcast is learning about all kinds of people I had no idea even existed. And today’s story is exactly one of those.  In this week’s episode we are going to discuss the story of Henrietta Lacks. Who’s that you ask? Well she is the woman who changed the face of medicine and has saved millions of lives.  She’s also the woman whose DNA is inside you right now. But if she’s done all that, why doesn’t anyone know who she is. Well my dear, that’s because her identity was kept a secret for decades while others gathered acclaim and riches off of her cells. DRAMA.  Episode Advertisers Include:  Best Fiends, Apostrophe, Zip Recruiter, and Hello Fresh. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Aug 24
50: Gossip, Glitter & Whimsical Disgrace - WTF is up with Lisa Frank?

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  I’ve mentioned her many times before. I’ve tempted you over and over with her juicy story. I promised to you again and again that we’d get into the shady backstory. And the time has finally come. It’s time for us to talk about Miss Lisa Frank. Oh yeah. On today’s episode we get into the story about what was happening behind the glitter and rainbows at Lisa Frank Inc. We’re talking phone bugging, drugs, fraud, verbal abuse, chaining employees inside the building?!?!?! Yeah, this story is not at all what you expect. So hold onto that rainbow tiger trapper keeper tight, babe, this is gonna be a wild ride. Episode Advertisers Include: Ship Station, Ouai Haircare and Apostrophe. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Aug 17
49: Sex Toys: Sinful or Medicinal?!?!

* DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  Sex has been a part of humanity since the dawn of time. Do you know what else has been around for a while? Sex Toys. Oh yeah. There’s proof of dildos as far back as 30,000 BCE. But how did it go from phallic rocks to the multi-million dollar sex toy industry we have today. On today’s episode we go into the surprising and complicated history of the dildo. We’ll figure out what’s true, what’s a lie, and how the dildo is still around even after many attempts to ruin it. Episode Advertisers Include:   Hello Fresh, Apostrophe and SeatGeek. Learn more during the podcast about special offers! And make sure to  use code DARKHISTORY for $20 off your first SeatGeek order. https://seatgeek.onelink.me/RrnK/DARKHISTORY 

Aug 10
48: Blood, Butter, and BEHEADINGS?!?!?: Popcorn's Dark Past

* Welcome to the Dark History podcast.  People used to be sacrificed for popcorn. Yep. The buttery goodness that you finish eating before the trailers are even over at the movies. Now you may be thinking “how in the heck does that make any sense?” Because, honestly, that was also my initial reaction. But let me tell you, the history of popcorn is WILD. And we’re getting into all of it on today’s episode. So buckle in babe. Episode Advertisers Include:   Apostrophe, Liquid IV, and Express VPN. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Aug 03
47: The Best of Dark History: The Joanie Awards

* Dark History. It seemed like such a simple concept. Let’s talk about the things from history people didn’t talk about. And boy did we do that. We talked of things that were uncomfortable, things that we’d never heard of, things that sounded too crazy to be true, and things that I couldn’t help but giggle at. Today we’re going to review all the stories, characters, and situations we’ve uncovered. And what’s the best way to do that, an award show of course! But not any old award show these are The Joanies. And beware, because most of this time these awards come with a cold, hard truth.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Liquid IV, Apostrophe, Hello Fresh,  and Sqaurespace. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Jun 08
46: Silence=Death: The Dark History of the AIDs Epidemic

* The AIDs epidemic. We’ve all heard of it. But it seems to be discussed in hushed tones or people are too afraid to really get into it. So although we all know of it, how much do we actually know about it? Where did it come from? What actually is it? Why did it take so long for the government to figure out what it was that was killing so many? And once they did, why didn’t they do anything about it? Today we get into that and so much more. The stories of AIDs has always been, but today we’re finally clearing up any confusion and telling the whole story.  Episode Advertisers Include:  Best Fiends, Hello Fresh, Sqaurespace,  and Apostrophe. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

1h 2m
Jun 01
45: Making the Band: Dark History of Boybands

* Boy Bands. Don’t act like you don’t love them. Every generation has their boy band. But when did it all start? How did it all start? Who came up with the magic sauce that make us all so addicted to 5 boys who can sing and dance? Well babe, we’re gonna get into that and so much more.  Today we take a deep dive into where boy bands came from, and no surprise here, it gets dark. We’re talking fraud, drugs, alcohol, assault. Yep, this dark history is larger than life.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  SimpliSafe, Zip Recruiter, Calm US,  and Ship Station. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

May 25
44: Signs, Seances, and the Stars: Dark History of Psychics and Astrology

* What’s your sign, babe? How many times have you been asked that? How many times has someone blamed their behavior on the planetary alignment or the stars? It’s all astrology’s fault. But there is so much more to astrology than just the ~signs~. Today we go into the long history of astrology and how we got from charting the stars to seances in the white house. It’s the Dark History of Psychics and Astrology * * Episode Advertisers Include:  OUAI Haircare, Upstart, Stitch Fix US,  and Apostrophe. Learn more during the podcast about special offers! * *

May 18
43: Cleopatra, Catherine, Jackie, And Yoko: Their True Stories

* Women. We really get the short end of the stick don’t we. And it’s nothing new. In fact there are women all throughout history who could tell all kinds of tales of when the odds were stacked against them. Or when history completely ignored them. Or when society made them out to be the villain. Or, when nobody believed them. Well kitty cats, today we’re going to talk exactly about those kinds of stories.  We’ll be focusing on just four women: Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Jackie Mitchell, and Yoko Ono. We’ll talk about these women's true stories, and not the way history has retold them.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Credit Karma Inc, SimpliSafe, Solo Stove,  and Hello Fresh. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

May 11
42: Heroin & Cigarettes & Tapeworms: The Dark History of Diet Culture

* Did you know that researchers have found that 98% of all diets are complete failures? Did you also know that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and that whatever body a diet promotes has shifted drastically over the course of human history? Why do you think that is? Spoiler alert: it’s MONEY… and making women feel awful. Buckle in, and get ready for the dark history of Diet Culture. * Episode Advertisers Include:  Apostrophe, Best Fiends, ZipRecruiter,  and Express VPN. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

May 04
41: Diving Into The Dark Web: Dark History of Silk Road

* The internet isn’t really that old. But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t already started to gather its own dark history. I mean we’re talking about a whole branch of the internet literally called “Dark Web.” And there was one site in particular that basically made the dark web the mainstream place for drugs, fake ids, and murder for hire. Today we’re going to talk about the Silk Road. The website that single-handedly validated bitcoin and laid the foundation for dark websites we still see in action today.

1h 0m
Apr 27
40: Puff, Puff, Pass: Dark History of Cannabis

* Weed is a gateway drug. How many of us were warned about this in middle school health class? Well did you know it’s not true?  And has been disproven multiple times? I mean if you think about it, how much do we really know about cannabis.  Today we’re going to fix that.  We are going alllll the way back to the very start of cannabis’s history. Not only are we going to talk about all the ways Cannabis has benefited society throughout history, but we’ll also talk about the group of villains who made it their mission to make Cannabis illegal.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Daily Harvest, SkyLight Frame, ZipRecruiter,  and SimpliSafe. Learn more during the podcast about special offers! * *

Apr 13
39: Is College Even Worth it?: The Dark History of Student Loans

* Like pretty much everything we talk about, Student Loans started out as a great idea.  A way to ensure education for all. A way to advance America in the Space Race. And a way to promise citizens a brighter future. But as we’ve seen time and time again, with money on the table, student loans got dark, and FAST. Today we talk about how student loans came to be, how the evolved, and how they came to be something that plagues nearly 46 million Americans today.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Liquid IV, StitchFix US, Apostrophe, and Best Fiends. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Apr 06
38: The Darkest Show on Earth: The Circus

* Come one come all, gather around for the spectacle of the darkest show on earth.  The circus is definitely not the happy wholesome family adventure it sells itself to be. It’s a dark place filled with kidnapping, fires, murder, bribes, train wrecks, animal cruelty, labor abuse, and LIES. Oh the lies. Today we get the truth behind all the lies and learn alllll about the dark history of the circus.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  SimpliSafe, Stamps, Solo Stove, ThredUP. Learn more during the podcast about special offers! * *

1h 2m
Mar 30
37: The Government Poisoning Alcohol?!: Prohibition

* Most people have heard of Prohibition, the time when America decided drinking was bad. But how much do we really know? Because it wasn’t just the speakeasies that were hidden. We’re talking about Mafia turf wars and government poisoning alcohol for years. And that’s just the start. Because today we are getting into the deep, dark, and a little drunk, history of Prohibition.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Apostrophe, Square Space, Embark, ZipRecruiter. Learn more during the podcast about special offers! *

Mar 23
36: The Shocking & Shady Past of Bananas: Dark History of Bananas

* Bananas. That yummy yellow fruit. We love it. But let me tell you, this simple fruit has a COMPLICATED past. We’re talking labor strikes, insurrections, murder, environmental destruction,  insider trading, and even potential nuclear war. No, seriously. Today we get into the very dark history of Bananas. And girl, it is wild.  * * Episode Advertisers Include:  Apostrophe, Hello Fresh, Stitch Fix US and Calm US. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

1h 4m
Mar 16
35: Pre-Tampon vs Post Tampon World: The Dark History of Menstruation

* PERIODS. MENSTRUATION. VAGINA. All no-no words according to society. But also all words we’re gonna be using today, A LOT.  That’s because today we are talking about the Dark History of Menstruation.  When did it get a bad rap? How did women back in the day deal with cramps? How is it celebrated in other cultures? When did the tampon come along? We answer all those questions and more when we dive into the dark history of periods.  * * Episode Advertisers Include: Squarespace, Apostrophe, Best Fiends, and Ouai Haircare. Learn more during the podcast about special offers!

Mar 09