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S2 Ep13: Humble Beginnings with Corey Easley • WME

* One may think that a meteoric rise to success would send humbleness out the window. Not for Corey Easley. He has found a way to remain humble, hungry and constantly eager to learn every step of the way. Now a video producer for William Morris Endeavor, SPorts Division, working with some of the top athletes around the world, Corey still finds a way to humble himself and is never afraid to hone his craft and learn from his peers. Follow on social TW & IG: @Imcoreaz

Feb 06
S2 Ep12: Sports In Sync with Matthew Gutknecht • APM Music

* Music licensing has been a hot button topic around the industry for a while now, so it's time we brought in some help to unpack music usage and licensing. MG from APM Music is our guest today. From needle drop to open videos, performance licensing to social media usage, we cover the bases to help you navigate music for your content needs.   *This is an educational conversation and not legal advice. If you have questions, consult your legal team.

Jan 30
S2 Ep11: Highlight Express with Tom Roche • CBS Sports

* Tom Roche has sat in many chairs over 25 years at ESPN. He’s now the coordinating producer with CBS Sports. As many things have changed, we talk about what has remained constant. From how to get your foot in the door, to building a network, and making the most of your own highlight reel! Site: Socials: TW: @Stormers_15 LinkedIn:

Jan 23
S2 Ep10: Own Your Baseline with Jaylynn Nash • Freelance Photographer

* Jaylynn has over ten years of experience being a graphic designer, photographer, social media manager, content creator, web designer, and marketer. She has designed for startups, sales, corporate, sports, healthcare (including Duke), and family companies. Along with she has almost a decade of extensive experience in covering professional sports, minor/junior leagues, college level, and youth. She has covered NBA, WNBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, Red Bull events, NASCAR, INDYCAR, NCAA (including local ACC games and ACC Championships), and my work has been featured on ESPN, Getty Images, Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, USA Today, The New York Times, NFL, Red Bull, SB Nation, Forbes, NHL, the Canes hockey mural at the RDU Airport, billboards, Canes marketing materials, Canes socials, along with Capitals, Dallas Stars, Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, ACC, NC State, Duke, Wake Forest,Clemson, and other teams.  To add, she has also worked full-time in some of those leagues listed above in the graphics/digital marketing department, so she understands how the Creative Services department runs. Some of her clients include the NHL Carolina Hurricanes, Red Bull, Atlantic Coastal Conference, NC State Athletics, Duke Athletics, Wake Forest Athletics, NASCAR, INDYCAR, USA Today, Courage, Bauer Hockey, Brown, Notre Dame and more. Not only have she covered some of the top sports, but she also have covered for popular brands in the US as well as helped many startups with delivering them their first digital content needs. Some brands/fashion she has covered for are Bauer Hockey, LSKD, Mott and Bow, SkinCeauticals- L'oreal Group, Blue Shark Vodka, UNRL, Medlies formally Zupa Noma (sold at Whole Foods), The Mayton Inn-Hotel, byNiche (NY Brand), Team IFA, Tin Roof-Raleigh, TrueRest-Cary, and for Metta World Peace’s clothing company. All of which dealt with models, influencers, commercial headshots, product shots, events, and well-known athletes, showing versatility in her work. Jaylynn is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (ironically a state with no pro sports), college Mankato, Minnesota (where she was officially trained by the pro teams), currently lives in North Carolina (for over six years), and loves the beaches, hiking, HGTV, anything with water, and mountains.   You can view her work at  Follow along with her photography IG: @photography_by_jaylynn  TikTok: @JaylynnNash

Jan 16
S2 Ep9: Married To The Game with Jen & Lijah Galas • Georgia

* Work-Life balance. It’s a term we’ve all heard. But, what happens when you’re married and work in the same Athletic Department? Today, we have Jen + Lijah Galas of the Georgia Bulldogs. Jen  is the Assistant Athletic Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy. Lijah is the Director of Creative Services & Recruiting. Although their work lives don’t always overlap, their home life does, and it’s become an incubator of sorts for bringing fresh ideas to their work lives.

1h 0m
Jan 09
S2 Ep8: How Creative Fits Into The Fan Journey with Tyson Hutchins • BYU

* From former college athlete to leading the creative department at BYU, today’s guest Tyson Hutchins has a strong voice in the digital space in college athletics. We talk about the WHY. Why is this content being created. Why do we need to change something. Why are we creating the teams social content in a certain voice. Creating with intention all comes back to strategy.  TW: @tysonhutchins_

Jan 02
S2 Ep7: The Art of Being Realistic with Dominique Nwoko • VaynerSports

* Dominique Nwoko started working with the University of Georgia as a student because she was looking for something to do. You will not find her watching sports outside of work, but that has allowed her to bring a fresh voice and an outside perspective to her sports work. She designed Jalen Ramsey’s signature chain, and is currently working in the agency world with VaynerSports.  Site: TW: dominique_nwoko IG: dominiquenwoko

Dec 19, 2022
S2 Ep6: How to be proactive on social with Nilay Shah • New York Giants

* Nilay Shah is the SVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy for the New York Football Giants. He got his start with the team as an intern and has since helped guide the brand to becoming a digital first operation. He believes that planning, preparation, and data are essential to success on social! NY Giants YouTube channel: LinkedIn:

Dec 12, 2022
S2 Ep5: Accountability is Everything with Kaila Pettis • FC Cincinnati

* Kaila Pettis unleashes wisdom on us today. As someone who started out drawing on shoes, she has worked her way into a leadership role with FC Cincinnati. We talk about building a team, advocating for creative, and how to establish a culture of growth.  Lckrroom: Socials: @kpology1

Dec 05, 2022
S2 Ep4: Leverage Your Creative Fanbase with Matt Lange • Freelance

* Matt Lange is joining us today to talk about his journey from Rustin, Louisiana to becoming a full-time freelancer. You’ve seen his work as a graphic designer, but that’s not how it started. He’s seen it all after getting out of sports, reentering, and breaking out on his own...and he has stories for it all!  Site: Twitter: @mattjlange

1h 10m
Nov 28, 2022
S2 Ep3: Make the most of your shot with Amanda J. Cain • San Jose Sharks

* Amanda J Cain is joining us on this episode to talk about her path to the NHL. As the first black photographer in the league, she talks about the importance of creating opportunities for women photographers, and how her mindset has shifted to building a program just as much as getting the shot!  Link to AJC's work:

Nov 21, 2022
S2 Ep2: Mixed Media Journey with Paige Dall • Freelance Motion Designer

* Paige Dall considers herself a multimedia designer. She brings together many skills to produce creative content. We discuss how she ended up in sports,  how her family has changed her priorities, and how she finds the balance between process and free flowing creativity.   Paige Vimeo portfolio: Cub studio:

Nov 14, 2022
S2 Ep1: We're Back with SCC News with Matt Desmond • Ep 82

* What up, what up! Excited to relaunch the podcast with some new wrinkles, and exciting news. Matt Desmond joins the four of us to talk about how the sports creative community will be impacted by this news, and what the community can expect going forward. Following that news, the four of us catch up about the last 6 months, and what we've been up to!

1h 11m
Nov 07, 2022
81: Outline Your Non-Negotiables with Laura "LJ" Johnson • 49ers

* It's common to work long hours and many days without time off while working in sports. LJ is a seasoned vet who has worked her way up from pee wee community leagues to the Super Bowl. She helped open the stadium in Phoenix, worked as a freelancer with Van Wagner, and is now with the 49ers.  She takes PTO to freelance and work with other teams and venues to make new teammates and keep her skills sharp.  We dive into work-life balance, the power of speaking up, and making sure you take care of you so you can show up and create memories for fans. Links to work: 2021 Intro Video - National Anthems -

1h 2m
Apr 18, 2022
80: Write Your Own History with Cindy Robinson • ESPN

* From former track athlete to social media star. She spent time in the NFL and Bleacher Report and is now with ESPN working to amplify women's sports.

Mar 07, 2022
79: Developing your shot with NFL Photogs

* Darrias is joined by all 5 of the NFL's black photogs to talk about their path, and how they capture content on the sidelines and in the community. Links to work: Kam Nedd (Jaguars): Callena Williams (Cowboys): Brevin Townsell (Rams): Terrell Lloyd (49ers): * Chanelle Smith-Walker (Panthers):

1h 28m
Feb 28, 2022
78: Tweeting Your Way To The Top with Zenobia Winbush • Dallas Cowboys

* It's Black History Month, and we're continuing to spotlight black creatives. Zenobia Winbush is a Social Media Graphic Designer for the Dallas Cowboys. Pre-pandemic, Zenobia wouldn't have anticipated her current path, but as her journey unfolded and new opportunities presented themselves, this former athlete made the most of them, and found her confidence and style along the way. Links to work: Behance  Twitter: Zenobia1525       IG: Zenobia25 *

Feb 14, 2022
77: Get your reps and improve daily with Alex Grant • Carolina Panthers

* Darrias Thomas is taking the reigns this month to shine a spotlight on black creatives in the industry. Up first is Alex Grant, digital video manager with the Carolina Panthers.  This conversation spans his experience at the real USC, progress being made in the industry, and how to build your brand on social while being a team player. Links to work:

1h 10m
Feb 07, 2022
76: Think outside a smaller box with Super Bowl Designer Mollie Wilkie • Hasbro

* Mollie Wilkie has led highly effective teams creating disruptive integrated marketing campaigns for high-end brands like Whole Foods and the NFL. She is now the Senior Creative Director for Nerf and sports action with Hasbro. * She likes smart design, bad puns, and sexy type.  Link to work:

Feb 03, 2022
75: Is your work original or derivative? with Simon Dixon • DixonBaxi

* Be Brave. Today's episode is intended to be a creative pep talk. Simon, Aporva, and the team at DixonBaxi are a prime example that you can do great work by having a point of view, stand for something you believe in, and share your process with the community. Their "Be Brave." motto is a living breathing rallying cry for believing in yourself and the creativity you bring to the world. Tw: @DixonBaxi * IG: @DixonBaxi * Simon on LinkedIn: Site: Digital Monograph: The DixonBaxi Way Series: 

Jan 31, 2022
74: Cutting a promo using Heroes and Villains with Andrew Abrams • Vegas Golden Knights

* Andrew Abrams found his way into this industry through networking. Every step of the way was because of a connection. He’s currently with the Vegas Golden Knights, and we dive into what it takes to bring creativity and technology together  to deliver a Vegas worthy show on the ice! Links to content: Kraken Open * * Western conference 2018 Jet Open * * 2021 Semifinals Open * *

Dec 13, 2021
73: The Youth Movement with Benard Worrell • Overtime

* Changing expectations and meeting fans where they are. Overtime is making a name for themselves in the industry by catering to their audience of young fans. So, what does the future look like? Today, we have Overtime Executive Producer Benard Worrell here to help us understand the youth movement. Links to work: Views from the O: Overtime Elite site: Overtime on YouTube: LinkedIn:

1h 9m
Dec 06, 2021
72: Technology Changing Experience with Diane Gonzalez-Ferranti • Daktronics

* Screens are everywhere from Times Square to in-venue. Diane Gonzalez-Feranti recently joined Daktronics after a couple decades with the Pistons. We explore the new opportunities she see’s for sports to extend beyond the current in-bowl experience and open new doors using technology.

Nov 29, 2021
71: Wanted or NOT, facing feedback

* It's been some time since the three of us have been on a recording in some time. We caught up about travel, working conditions, supporting other creatives, and how to improve feedback when both giving and receiving.

Nov 22, 2021
70: Starting Social from Scratch with Jess Smith • Stewart-Haas Racing

* Imagine being asked to redesign a web site, or start tweeting for a brand early in your career. Jess Smith says these opportunities started her down the digital path to where she is today as the Head of Digital & Brand Strategy at Stewart-Haas racing. How would you begin to define digital strategy at a brand if you had a clean slate today?  We explore the differences between working for a team vs agency, how sponsorship differs in the racing world, and the challenges of figuring things out on the fly with a new team.

Nov 15, 2021
69: Running towards opportunities with Juwan Bush • Sporting KC

* From former track athlete to gimbal runs, and college to the pros, Juwan Bush is here to share his journey. We’re diving into his background as an Army kid, and how that helps him today, and what to do when you need to bet on yourself and fund your own opportunities! *   Links:

Nov 01, 2021
68: Get your program; Race day realities with Emily Shepard • Churchill Downs

* What’s it like to work at a horse racing complex that is steeped in tradition and pageantry? Joining us today is Emily Shepard, Director of Design & Creative at Churchill Downs is here to share her experience in sports versus corporate, making last minute changes, and how to use race day to source fan feedback.  Links to work: Portfolio: LinkedIn: * *

Oct 25, 2021
67: Primetime Olympics with Zack Millican • Freelance

* Would you like to work in prime time with the whole world watching? Zack Millican has worked his way up to the Olympics with NBC. He builds graphics packages, and we learn how he got his foot in the door and took advantage of opportunities he was presented. *   We talk process of pulling ideas out of an executives head, getting a project from Photoshop to live broadcast, and the differences between building a package from start to finish versus taking creative and building out the thousands of elements to become broadcast ready. Zack's work: IG: @zackdm

Oct 18, 2021
66: Wayfinding the future of sports design with Insung Kim • Atlanta Braves

* What does the future of sports design look like? Today’s guest is Insung Kim, Senior Creative Director with the Atlanta Braves. He’s going to help us hit the road and do some wayfinding as we explore architecture, environmental design, and how we can develop ideas for fresh content.   Instagram: * Twitter: * LinkedIn:

Oct 11, 2021
65: Gameday Photo Processes and The Joy of an All-Access Pass with Zach Tarrant • Houston Texans

* From kids to sports and living coast-to-coast, photographer Zach Tarrant has captured life for a living. We learn about his art school background, how he's able to capture authentic athlete images, and the art of making a good frame.

Oct 04, 2021