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A podcast with comedians Aristotle Georgeson (aka Blake Webber) Jake Adams, Griff Pippin & Mark Smalls. Country Club Adjacent is changing the game of golf with a much edgier perspective on where the game is going. With an occasional celebrity comedian guest or professional golfer this podcast is high energy for over an hour every week!

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We're Coming To Your City

Jake & Stots have a big announcement. Griff is at home waiting for a mattress & Mart is an arena comic now.

Feb 06
Hockey Club Adjacent

The girls spent a week in the minors with the Boise Steelheads. Griff learned how to stop a puck kinda. When back in LA they went to Jamie Foxx's house somehow. See you next week at the PGA SHOW in Orlando!

Jan 22

The multitalented JAYCEEOH is the guest on our show today. We talk offerings, music, golf and Pizza. Enjoy.

1h 2m
Jan 15
New Year, New CCA

The girls are back of the new year with a new perspective on life. Stots is joining the long drive tour while mark is on tour with Bert Kriescher in Europe Episode sponsored by Lag Shot. If you're not lagging shots your not flagging shots.

Jan 08
Chile & Vegas Recap

Jark and Gary are back on Country Club Adjacent after their brief stint on GOOD GOOD. Unfortunately Jake asked for too much equity in Garretts marriage. The Girls recap their trip to Chile with Joaquin and then met up with Stots and Mart in Vegas for the Esports awards tournament.

Dec 18, 2022
Moving On

Mart & Stots share some big news while Chip and Slip are in Chile.

Dec 12, 2022
Crouching Tiger Hidden Norman (Featuring Matt Cards)

Matt Cards aka @golfinyourstate joins the girls on this weeks episode.

Dec 04, 2022
Welcome Back

Jake as a level 5 leader gives up his roll as the intro guy. We play golf with Malcolm McDowell and with his son Finn. Stots played the New York comedy festival. Mart defends the whale shark and of course SPICEY MANGO.

Nov 20, 2022
We're Hiring!

Its true, we are hiring a full time employee. Couple requirements, you got to live in Los Angeles or be down to move here, know adobe premiere, help film matches and content and want to be apart of the future of CCA! Also help griff with his ebay career. DM us if you want to apply! interviewing people all week.

1h 11m
Nov 13, 2022
Tin Cuck

1h 9m
Nov 06, 2022
Joaquin Niemann (LIV Miami Tour Championship)

The girls are in Miami for the Tour championship of the first ever season of LIV Golf. What a wild ride this year, so grateful to be apart of history in the making. Joaquin is the best and joined us for the pod. We talked about his upcoming match with Mito in Chile, skipping rocks and cousins. Enjoy!! Drink Day Chaser - & check out BROTHROW !

Nov 01, 2022
Party Marty

The CCA boys talk about our trip to Hawaii, getting caught cheating, party marty & the future of golf.

1h 4m
Oct 16, 2022

The girls talk about Shane Lowry & Justin Thomas taking shots at us. Jake is in Florida so the rest of cca takes this time to tell people how he doesn't have empathy

Oct 10, 2022
Big Member Guest Guys

The girls are back in studio and talk about their week in northern California, Mart & Jake's upcoming trip to Hawaii and more. Drink Day Chaser Sign up for Bro Throw

Oct 02, 2022
Deepest Dish

Girls were all over the map last week, Jake & Griff were in Chicago for LIV, Mart was opening for Bert Kreischer & stots is now going to sue Roger Dunne. Drink Day Chaser -

Sep 25, 2022
Child Bearing Hips

Girls are in studio talking about their trip to boston, Stots playing with Ian Poulter in the Pro-Am & walking inside the ropes. Drink Day Chaser!

Sep 12, 2022
Chase Koepka

We are at LIV Boston and get to talk with Chase Koepka about traveling the world playing golf, whats his go to troff after a bad round & growing up with Brooks. As always this episode is brought to you by Day Chaser.

Sep 04, 2022
Mart Does Sports

The girls are in studio and talk upcoming trip to boston for LIV, Bob Does Sports match and more. Drink Day Chaser!

Aug 29, 2022
Spelling Bee

The girls are in studio in Venice California & talk about playing infront of Phil Mickelson, Winning a long drive challenge & marks new lifestyle. Drink Day Chaser!

1h 2m
Aug 21, 2022
A Long Bag feat. Dan Rapaport

The girls are in studio and talk with golf writer Dan Rapaport along with Colorado Golf Blog's Lee. Drink Day Chaser!

1h 24m
Aug 14, 2022

I really am not sure what this episode is about, I just listened to the first 5 minutes to come up with this name. I hope you all enjoy! Love Jake.   I do know that it is sponsored by Day Chaser though! The greatest ready to drink cocktail in golf. Dont be a cuck, get some day chaser. 

Aug 07, 2022

girls are at their 2nd LIV event in New Jersey, recording from the clubhouse. What a wild week so far, met some people we for sure should not have met. So stoked for all the content to come. Enjoy the pod.

1h 2m
Jul 31, 2022
A Quiet Bowl of Cereal

Jake & Stots are in studio for another high cast. It was far too much fun to not do again. Country Club Adjacent is presented by DAY CHASER!! The greatest ready to drink cocktail in golf. Fight us if you think otherwise.

1h 8m
Jul 24, 2022
Because I Said So

The girls talk about their experience inside the ropes at the LIV Tour event in Portland, Doing a stand up show at Helium & Mart getting profiled by a cop & fighting for his right to sandwiches.

Jul 10, 2022
LIVin with Bryson DeChambeau

The girls are in Portland for the first LIV event in America, joined by LIV Golf's newest player Bryson Dechambeau at his hotel.

Jul 01, 2022

All the girls are back in LA and absolutely nothing has changed. Griff has been harboring his relationship with jake, mart is a judge now and stots is still chill af. WE ARE DOING A STAND UP SHOW IN PORTLAND JUNE 30TH 8PM!

1h 6m
Jun 26, 2022

BIG PHIL TALK. Stots & Mart hold it down in LA this week.

1h 6m
Jun 19, 2022