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If there's one thing the world needs, it's another mediocre AFL Fantasy Podcast.. so here it is. A couple of expats, Sam and Seano, trying to get through lockdown.

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Season 2023 - First Look and Trends

The boys are back with a veryyy special podcast. They talk through their teams, hits and misses from Draft Night and what they saw as potential trends for 2023. Also, some juicy waiver options for this week and going forward in future weeks. In true Category B style, they dust off some other famous content used by other fantasy pods. This is not to be missed! 

Mar 22
Season 2023 - Pre-Season Review

Sam and the Commish took the opportunity to take a hybrid approach this week as they ran a fine toothed comb through the 9 preseason games. All relevant players were discussed from both a draft AND SALARY CAP perspective. Outrageous we know… but when Seano is away the mice will play  We hope you enjoy the podcast!

1h 33m
Mar 07
Season 2023 - Forwards, yuck

The boys are once again joined by the Commish to discuss the most disgusting line of all of fantasy.. the forwards! Theres not much else to say except Jack Ziebell is relevant once again.. how exciting. Its ZBLSZN once again!!!

Feb 26
Season 2023 - Sexy Backs

The boys are joined by the one and only Commish! Who seems less than phased about a transition to AFL Fantasy.  Were talking all things backs.. as well as our participation in the democratic process for some reason.  And Jamaine Jones gets his first of 100 mentions for the year on the pod!

1h 7m
Feb 05
Season 2023 - Ruck Hard for Rucks

The boys are shifting their attention to whats getting them really excited in the ruck department this year. And move aside ROB, theres a new ruck poster-boy for the Cat B pod. Anyone have his number so we can get him to do an intro? Not only that, we discuss the big issue tackling the fantasy world at the moment - Categories Fantasy facing a slow and painful death. As well as revealing our draft order and our initial thoughts on how were going to tackle draft day! 

Jan 29
Season 2023 - The Comeback

The boys are back, refreshed for 2023. They tackle the problems that are keeping them up at night, some regression candidates, and what theyre looking forward to for the upcoming season. Seano pegs a media personality for a shock comeback, whilst Sam deep dives into the views of the pods favourite player, RoB.    

Jan 15
2022 Trade Period Review - Part 1

The boys are back from their off-season siesta to review all 18 clubs trade periods. Today, its Adelaide through to Freo.  And there is a HUGE announcement that will settle an age-old debate, once and for all!

Oct 24, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 23 Preview

The boys are back from Sams wedding break to bring you the final pod for the 2022 season. Dont worry, the boys will be sprinkling some content over the break.. but for now, they talk their hits and misses, Sams grand final run, and massive question marks going into 2023! 

Aug 18, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 19 Preview

The boys are back, and Seano has assured all the listeners, that the bottle has been put away this week, and the audio is golden. The content is still just as questionable, but at least its correct!! Streamers, captain options and special wedding appearances?... On that note, the lads will be taking a break to watch Sam get hitched. But dont worry, theyll be back in time to let you know how they fared in their home league, as well as give you last minute bits of gold for you to hold your home league cup aloft!!

Jul 21, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 18 Preview

Fantasy Royalty Sammy (of Craft Doctors fame) is joined by the peasant Seano for this weeks pod. Its make or break time in your home leagues, so be sure to listen to get those last minute golden nuggets to drag you over the line. 

Jul 15, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 17 Preview

The boys are back, and probably spend way too much time referencing their home leagues nemesis in the Lesbian Wrestlers.  But dont let that tomfoolery trick you into thinking there arent nuggets of gold in this pod too. Stream targets, captain options, and who you should be targeting leading into finals!

Jul 07, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 16 Preview

The boys come back, refreshed off their bye.  Talking all things Round 16... waivers, captain options, buys and sells! And the fantasy player nobody is talking about (and for good reason)... Ryan Clarke!

Jun 29, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 14 Preview

Its Himmelberg szn folks. And thats all it is in this very baron last bye round! The boys scrape the bottom of the barrel in stream options. Theres some spicy captain options to get that last cruicial win of the bye rounds. And absolutely no accountability of any of their horrid takes from round 13. 

Jun 15, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 13 Preview

With ROB appreciation week a distant memory (cant even remember how he scored...), the boys tackle the 2nd bye round with eyes firmly set on all things fantasy... And of course, dissecting the May v Melksham fight. 

Jun 08, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 12 Preview aka ROB POD

Its ROB appreciation week, and this is the ROB pod. Yes, some other mediocre players are mentioned in here too, but none can compare to the absolute beast that is Reilly OBrien!  The boys talk all things bye rounds and give you some tips if you happen to play through them. Some left field captain options, streamers and as much ROB content as your heart desires all here this week!

Jun 01, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 11 Preview

The boys are back, and boy oh boy is it a bang average round of footy. But fantasy never stops, and neither do their vanilla takes or lack of accountability! Captains, streamers, BIG watches. Trade highs and buy lows and everything in between. 

May 25, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 10 Preview

Grab a glass of red, and sit in front of the fire with your finest cashmere turtle neck on as you listen to the Category B boys come of age. A unique mix of current affairs, indigenous studies, politics and of course Australian rules fantasy football awaits. In this pod, the boys make a great audition for AM radio in years to come...

May 19, 2022
Season 2022 - Round 9 Preview

Sam and Seano are back in the same timezone, and that means youll be subjected to more of their sh!t-talk and none of the accountability as they preview what they see upcoming in round 9! Also some trade action between the boys, who won? Will the Chad pop? Is it danger signs for Cripps owners?  All that and more in this weeks pod.

May 12, 2022
2022 - Round 7 Preview

Sean just finishes off his Connor Rozee victory lap in time to join Sam on this weeks pod. Plenty of insights as the fantasy season starts to heat up, whilst the rucks go to poo. And a special shout out for a loyal listener!

Apr 27, 2022
2022 - Round 5 Preview

The boys are back off their death beds with their round 5 preview. Captain options, streamers and even darker areas of death explored this week! 

Apr 12, 2022
2022 - Round 3 Preview

The boys preview all this weeks games, as well as announcing their new sponsor! Sams trumpet solo regarding his AFL Fantasy Classic team continues, whilst Sean gives some September flight tips for those Carlton overseas supporters... 

Mar 30, 2022
2022 - Round 2 Preview

The boys are debuting their new format, and theyve gone through each game to give you their insights for round 2 after what was an "interesting" start to the year. ..and of course, theres another sh!t bet.

Mar 23, 2022
Season 2022 - Final Rankings

The boys go through their finalised rankings ahead of their 2022 Fantasy Footy Draft. All the injuries, practice match hype & coaches press conferences are baked into these fresh rankings... with (not so surprisingly) mediocre results. Give it a listen to hopefully give you the last leg up you need going into your weekends draft!

Mar 10, 2022
2022 Make or Break Candidates

The guys that youll get down on your knees for, or you will curse to your last living breath... these are the blokes that will either make or break your draft night. Get set for some spicy takes as the boys pick a few blokes who you might be getting splinters in your arse thinking about...

Feb 21, 2022
Season 2022 - Midfield Makeups Pt 3

The boys are joined by the peoples favourite, the Commish as we wrap up this years upcoming midfield makeups. 

Feb 13, 2022
Season 2022 - Midfield Makeups Pt 2

After a bit of a break, Seano disregards his Cat B status to controversially record an episode from Australia! Second set of teams and their midfield makeup for 2022! Plus a verrrryyyy special guest jumping on board the pod for 2022!

Feb 06, 2022
Season 2022 - Midfield Makeups Pt 1

The boys are back for 2022, and theyre breaking down the all-important engine rooms for the upcoming season. This is where fantasy premierships are won and lost, and if you can select whos getting that MoreMidTime, youre halfway home to a premiership. The boys go through Adelaide to Freo and give their picks for breakouts, standouts and who they dont want a bar of in 2022. 

Jan 05, 2022
Season 2021 Review

The boys come out of hiding / a German fetish club to look back at the season that was. Its amazing they managed to fit what went wrong into 30 mins... but they did it!  Also, the category B rookie of the year is crowned. And finally, they announce their plans for 2022 with the pod! Give it a listen, you wont regret it!

Nov 14, 2021
Round 23 Preview

So weve reached the end of a very memorable AFL fantasy year which saw Aaron fuckin Hall become the most valuable player in the game... honestly, wtf. Its been an absolute cracker of a journey, and thanks so much to our listeners for keeping with us throughout. Well be back next year, and maybe a review pod wont be too far away post season...

Aug 19, 2021
Round 22 Preview

The boys come back with a vengeance and give you all the hot takes going into the preliminary final round of Fantasy Footy for 2021. Good luck if youre still alive, and hopefully the guys can give you the nuggets needed to get over the line this weekend!

1h 5m
Aug 12, 2021