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We talk NBA on AM Hoops. This show is for people obsessed with the league at a micro level. We don't just talk about the big teams on the coasts but break down the season from a league-wide level. Check us out on YouTube @AMHoops.

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The Mavericks Are Risking Everything for Kyrie Irving

The Mavericks have just traded for Kyrie Irving in a deal that could make them contenders. Luka has been amazing with subpar rosters in the playoffs and gets the best teammate he’s ever had. The risk is gigantic with the most unpredictable star of all time and it could be the first domino in Luka demanding a trade out of Big D.

Feb 06
Something is Wrong with NBA All-Star This Year

There is something seriously wrong with the NBA All-Star Game this year. It’s a conspiracy that - if true - would put a shadow over the entire event. We also have snubs that didn’t make the game at all. This is a look at what’s seriously wrong at NBA All-Star this season.

Feb 03
NBA Players Say Who is Most Overrated

NBA All-Star voting is done and the league has revealed who players, fans and media voted for. That means we get to see who everyone likes and dislikes. The most interesting results come from players themselves because it shows who they think is overrated or underrated in the NBA.

Jan 30
Victor Wembanyama is RIPPED and Scaring Everyone

Victor Wembanyama may be the most coveted NBA prospect of all time but he has one big flaw - he’s skinny. Now Wemby posted a photo of his new body and it has people scared of what he could be in the NBA.

Jan 27
Kyle Kuzma Just Proved the Haters Wrong

Kyle Kuzma is not a Laker again after L.A. traded for his Wizards Rui Hachimura but maybe that’s for the best as he’s become his own man in D.C. People have always said Kuz loves the Hollywood lifestyle but he’s proving his haters wrong this year.

Jan 25
The Dejounte Murray Fight is Getting Ugly

Dejounte Murray complained about his time on the San Antonio again. This time he teamed up with Stephen Jackson to point out what’s wrong about their old team. Are they just bitter ex-Spurs or do they actually have a point?

Jan 23
John Wall Spoke HARSH TRUTH About His Old Team

John Wall recently ripped his old team - the Houston Rockets - on a podcast. He called his time there “trash” and brought up some serious red flags. If he’s correct it is seriously troubling for the young roster - but is he right?

Jan 20
What Happened to the NBA Dunk Contest?

The Dunk Contest has slowly gotten worse over the years but it would be relevant again if the biggest NBA stars participated. This is a look at why the best dunkers don’t join and why the contest has declined in quality and popularity.

Jan 18
The Warriors Future is in Serious Danger

The Golden State Warriors season has been a mess from the start. Now Draymond Green is saying “the writing’s on the wall” about his future with the team. This is a look at what could happen in the offseason and if Draymond is actually right about dismantling the Dubs core.

Jan 16
NBA Trade Regrets That Could Ruin 3 Teams

Three NBA teams are regretting trades they made recently. The problem with these trades isn’t just what they gave up but the expectations it puts on their franchise. This is a look at how bad the Timberwolves, Bulls and Hawks front offices messed up recently.

Jan 11
LeBron’s Odd Tweet Should Worry the Lakers

LeBron James is straight up calling out the media by name now. Recent headlines suggested he is running out of patience with the Lakers front office but LeBron said that’s not true. His recent comments show he actually is upset and the Lakers should be very nervous right now.

Jan 09
The Raptors May Never Look the Same Again

The Toronto Raptors are having yet another disappointing season but new trade rumors are coming out every day. Will they trade guys like Fred Vanvleet, Gary Trent, OG Anunoby and even Pascal Siakam? This is a look at what might happen before the NBA trade deadline.

Jan 06
Rudy Gobert’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

People used to wonder if the Jazz should build around Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell but now the choice is obvious. Ever since Utah traded their Big-2 each star has gone in different directions. This is a look at why Spida has thrived while Rudy looks like a shell of himself.

Jan 04
Zion Williamson is Exposing the NBA Media

Zion Williamson and the Pelicans are at or near first place in the Western Conference. Making fun of this team and their superstar was common just a year ago but it’s crazy to see how wrong the media was about them.

Jan 02
James Harden Has Officially Given Up on Basketball

James Harden is rumored to want to return to the Houston Rockets if he becomes a free agent this summer. The reports come right when the Sixers are playing well and Joel Embiid is putting up MVP numbers. This is a look at how Harden is giving up on basketball if the rumors are true.

Dec 30, 2022
Why Everyone Hates LeBron James

LeBron James wants to be the greatest NBA player of all time but 20 years into his career it’s not working. LeBron made several mistakes while trying to overtake Michael Jordan and this video shows exactly where he went wrong.

Dec 28, 2022
What Happened to Hassan Whiteside?

Hassan Whiteside led the NBA in blocks just two years ago but now no team wants him. Why is the former max-contract player out of the league?

Dec 26, 2022
Draymond Green’s Big Plan is Failing Miserably

Draymond Green has been thirsting over LeBron Jame for over a year now. It’s pretty clear he wants to be a Laker but there’s a twist ending that will affect the Warriors’ future.

Dec 23, 2022
Things Aren't Looking Good for LaMelo Ball

The Hornets are an absolute mess this year and it's not just because of injuries. LaMelo Ball was drafted by one of the worst franchises in the NBA and this is a look at why the owner - Michael Jordan - is to blame.

Dec 21, 2022
The Lakers are the Most Delusional Team in the NBA

Reports came out that the Lakers are interested in Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard and Zach LaVine if they become available. People immediately wondered why they would say such a ridiculous thing but when you find out who’s behind the rumor it makes sense.

Dec 19, 2022
The NBA Media Has Officially Been Exposed

There were plenty of bold predictions before this NBA season. So many people wondered if the Celtics were going to lose after their offseason scandal. People were still doubting Zion Williamson and Bol Bol. This video shows how the NBA media was exposed this year.

Dec 16, 2022
The Dirtiest Player in the NBA

Chris Paul was exposed as a dirty NBA player years ago and we’ve only seen more of it recently. Hew got into it with Jose Alvarado and this is a look at how he earned such a bad reputation around the league and with fans.

Dec 14, 2022
NBA Trade Rumors are Getting Out of Control

NBA trade rumors are coming out every day now and we are in for a wild deadline. This video looks at the latest intel and what it could mean for the league as we are under 60 days until the NBA Trade Deadline.

Dec 12, 2022
Things Are Getting Weird for Jimmy Butler in Miami

Can Jimmy Butler be the best player on a championship team? So far the answer is no and this year’s Heat don’t look like a contender. Jimmy is 33 years old so if he wants to prove the haters wrong there’s not much time left. This video looks at the one path Jimmy has of finally winning that championship.

Dec 09, 2022
Things Don’t Look Good for Trae Young

Trae Young lashed out at reporters over a story that questioned his leadership in The Athletic. Other people have come out since then and said the locker room has a problem with how Trae uses his power within the organization. This is a look at the Hawks’ issues and why we shouldn’t judge Trae just yet.

Dec 06, 2022
Why the 2020 NBA Draft Was Such a Disaster

The 2020 NBA Draft has a ton of misses especially in the top-10. Some people say this was among the worst drafts of all time but that's actually not true. This is a look at the truth about the 2020 NBA Draft a few years later.

Dec 05, 2022
LeBron James is Playing the Media Once Again

LeBron James made a huge statement when he scolded the media on not having the same energy about Jerry Jones as they did with Kyrie Irving. No one is talking about what LeBron is actually doing when he says this.

Dec 01, 2022
The TRAGIC Story of the NBA Rookie of the Year

Benedict Mathurin grew up in a poor part of Montreal, Canada but what happened to his family is heartbreaking. The awesome part of his story is how someone helped save his life as a child. Now Benn is shocking the NBA by challenging number 1 pick Paolo Banchero for Rookie of the Year.

Nov 30, 2022