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Bigfoot Handprint Found?

Beans goes live on YouTube to talk about the hand print found on the back of a remote cabin in Alaska. This is a very visual episode. Photos and video available on the YouTube video. Alasquatch Podcast Website Alasquatch YouTube Channel Boreal Bigfoot Expo

Mar 03
UFO Shot Down Over Alaska?

Beans talks about recent events involving UFO's or UAP's, specifically, the one shot down near Deadhorse, Alaska on February 10th. CNN Video on Pilot comments on UAP Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 3m
Feb 17
Will A.I. Art Be Used to Hoax Bigfoot?

Join Beans as he discusses the rising trend in A.I. Generated Art and the impact it will have on the Bigfoot Community. Alasquatch Podcast Website

Feb 06
Tree Falls and Handprints 2022 in Retrospect

Join Beans as he talks about two of the most memorable events from 2022. British Columbia Sighting Investigation/Tree Fall Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch Part 2 Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 4m
Jan 03
Alasquatch 2022 Expedition Days 5-7

Listen in as Beans tells some behind the scenes stories from his recent expedition to Washington. Alasquatch Podcast Website Alasquatch YouTube Channel

1h 6m
Dec 24, 2022
Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch With Aleksander Petakov

Aleksander Petakov drops by to talk about his new film on YouTube Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch. Aleks filmed this documentary in the mysterious "Area A" on the Kenai Peninsula. Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch Alasquatch Podcast Website

Nov 27, 2022
Alasquatch 2022 Expedition Days 2-5

Beans talks about the videos he is putting together chronicling his recent expedition down to Washington. Alasquatch YouTube Channel Alasquatch Podcast Website

Nov 19, 2022
Halloween Special 2022: Boggy Creek Commentary

Beans and Mrs. Legume sit down and watch The Legend of Boggy Creek and give commentary on the film. Watch along with them as they enjoy this Bigfoot cinema classic! The Legend of Boggy Creek Website Alasquatch Podcast Website Alasquatch Website

1h 48m
Oct 27, 2022
Alasquatch Expedition 2022 Day 1

Beans talks about the recent trip he just returned from and promotes his new web series documenting the expedition. Check it out on the Alasquatch YouTube Channel! Alasquatch YouTube Channel Alasquatch Website

Oct 21, 2022
Saucers of the North with Jessie Desmond

I speak with Alaskan author Jessie Desmond on her new release Saucers of the North a History of UFOs in Alaskan Airspace. Jessie Desmond Author Website Jessie Desmond Author Facebook Page Alaska UFOs Facebook Group Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 20m
Sep 19, 2022
Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference Wrap Up

Join us as we sit down and talk about our impressions of the Smoky Mountains and the Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference. Alasquatch Podcast Website Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference Website

Aug 03, 2022
Squatch Cop

I sit down in the studio with Mrs. Legume and talk about my new book Squatch Cop Investigating and Documenting the Bigfoot Phenomenon. Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 4m
Jul 09, 2022
Alaska Long Trail

I talk about the Alaska Trails project to create a huge trail through Alaska that will rival the Appalachian and Pacific Coast Trails in the lower 48. Alaska Trails Website Alasquatch Podcast Website

Jun 10, 2022
Whoops Howls and Knocks

Update on the goings on at the mysterious cabin dubbed "Area A" Beans talks about the first trip of the season to the cabin and the ensuing activity.   Alasquatch Podcast Website

Apr 28, 2022
Alaskan UFO or Contrail?

I talk about the recent strange sighting of a contrail like phenomenon that has been causing a stir over the skies of Alaska. Bellingham Herald Article Alasquatch Podcast Website

Apr 12, 2022
The Batman Movie Review

Beans reviews The Batman! Alasquatch Podcast Website

Mar 17, 2022
Bigfoot Backs The Blue

Listen as Beans talks about Law Enforcement and what you can do to show support for those that serve behind the thin blue line.   Concerns of Police Survivors National Police Dog Foundation Alasquatch Podcast

Mar 11, 2022
Beans Vs Covid

Quick update from Beans on why there hasn't been an episode released lately. Alasquatch Podcast Website

Mar 03, 2022
Beans Vs Alaska Killer Bigfoot Round 2

Beans critiques the last four episodes of season one of Alaskan Killer Bigfoot.   Alasquatch Website

2h 8m
Jan 22, 2022
Beans Vs Alaska Killer Bigfoot

Here are my thoughts and notes on the first four episodes of the new Discovery Plus series, Alaskan Killer Bigfoot. Alasquatch Podcast Website Discovery Plus

1h 50m
Jan 15, 2022
The Illiamna Hairy Man

I take a look at the tale of the Illiamna Hairy-Man! Monsters of the Last Frontier Alasquatch Podcast Website

Dec 24, 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Spoiler heavy review of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Lot's of spoilers!   Alasquatch Podcast Website Spider-Man:NoWayHome Movie Website

Dec 24, 2021
Ghostbusters Afterlife Review

Spoiler heavy review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Seriously...lots of spoilers.   Ghostbusters Afterlife Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 28m
Dec 17, 2021
Cryptid Con Aftermath

Mrs. Legume and Beans sit down and talk about their experiences at Mammoth Cave National Park and Cryptid Con! Alasquatch Podcast Website Cryptid Con Website

Nov 30, 2021
Alasquatch Black Friday

Go to the Alasquatch Podcast website on Black Friday for 10% off some awesome Alasquatch Swag! Use the discount code: BIGFOOT Alasquatch Podcast Website

Nov 25, 2021
Cryptid Con Cometh!

Beans complains about a variety of subjects and then talks about the upcoming Cryptid Con that is going to be held in Lexington, KY November 20th-21st!   Cryptid Con Official Website! Alasquatch Podcast Official Site

Nov 10, 2021
Alascary Halloween Part 2

We finish up our talk with Jessie Desmond about Shadow People, and other strange phenomenon as well as discussion about what it's like to celebrate Halloween in Alaska.    Jessie Desmond Website Jessie's Finding Count St. Germain Podcast Alaska UFOs Facebook Group Are Vampires invading Alaska? Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 7m
Oct 29, 2021
Alascary Halloween Part 1

Jessie Desmond joins us for discussion of Werewolves, Vampires, UFO's and Shadow People.   Jessie Desmond's Website Jessie's Finding Count St. Germain Podcast Alaska UFOs Facebook Group Are Vampires invading Alaska? Alasquatch Podcast Website

Oct 22, 2021
Top Ten Alascary Movies!

Continuing our Halloween celebration, I sit down in the studio with my wife and we discuss our top picks for good movies to watch during the Halloween season. Alasquatch Podcast Website

1h 24m
Oct 15, 2021
Missing in Alaska

Alaska is notorious for how many people allegedly go missing there. Join me as I go over some of the more mysterious disappearances that have occurred in Alaska. Check out our sponsor's website and get 20% off and Free Shipping! with the code BEANS at Alasquatch Podcast Website Alaska Missing Person Bulletins How did this Anchorage runner go missing in a popular mountain race?

1h 5m
Oct 08, 2021