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2 Off the 1st is a golf podcast for the hardcore fan who can't get enough of the sport. Host Ryan Ballengee digs deep on two stories each day in a snack-sized show that will catch you up on the most important stories in the game. Whether it has to do with the pro game (PGA Tour, LPGA, LIV, Euro Tour, etc.) or the game we play, we'll make sure you're caught up without wasting your time.

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60: The haves and have-nots of the PGA Tour schedule; Phil sends some bad tweets

* On today's show, Ryan looks at the developing picture of the new PGA Tour schedule and what that means for sponsors and players. Also Ryan touches on some of Phil Mickelson's kinda shocking tweets and wonders what's up with the guy.

Feb 03
59: Patrick Reed labeled a cheater for Treegate, while LIV signs another player

* On today's show, Ryan puts a bow around Patrick Reed and Treegate at the Dubai Desert Classic, including Reed blaming officials (and not himself) for looking up the wrong tree. Meanwhile, a fellow pro calls Reed a cheater. Finally, an amalgamation of LIV and PGA Tour chess moves.

Feb 01
58: Treegate, Teegate, Rory and Reed in Dubai; Max figures out Torrey

*  On today's show, Ryan goes over the extended weekend in golf including Patrick Reed getting his ball stuck in a tree and flinging a tee at Rory McIlroy, who won in Dubai. Also we talk about the kind of winner Max Homa has become. 

Jan 30
57: Jon Rahm is on fire, LIV schedule drama and PGA Tour schedule relief

* On today's show, Ryan looks at the incredible run Jon Rahm is on and how that might continue at Torrey Pines thanks to the new schedule. Also, there's drama about a LIV event in Saudi Arabia.

Jan 23
56: LIV is on The CW, now what? And Henrik regrets nothing

* On today's show, we now know LIV will air on The CW. But what does that really mean? Also, Henrik Stenson naturally says he doesn't regret ditching the Ryder Cup captaincy for LIV.

Jan 19
55: LIV on the CW, Brooks is sad and some LPGA drama

* On today's show, Ryan looks at the potential deal for LIV to air on the CW. Also we parse through a story previewing the Netflix golf docuseries. Finally, there's some drama on Week 1 of the LPGA schedule.

Jan 18
54: Undesignated events doing well, and not much to LIV for?

* On today's show, Ryan looks back on a good weekend at Sony and the potential for the non-designated events to do well for themselves. Also, what does the lack of information about LIV in 2023 tell us, if anything?

Jan 17
53: Happy Birthday Ian Poulter? Mito Pereira is Going to LIV

* On today's show, we try to understand why Ian Poulter got upset about not being wished a happy birthday. Also, Mito is reportedly going to LIV. Finally, we have a lot of fun golf on tap this week.

Jan 12
52: Wiggle Room for Top PGA Tour Players; LIV Facing Issues

* On today's show, Ryan gets into the realities of the PGA Tour making up aspects of the designated series and top players' participation as they go -- including for Tiger. Also, LIV Golf has faced a series of public bad news that may be an indicator of what's happening in private.

Jan 10
51: Welcome to the Elevated Era, a New Course in Pinehurst

* In our first show of 2023, Ryan looks at the potential impact of elevated events on the PGA Tour schedule and what we'll see this week at Kapalua. Also, there's a new course coming to Pinehurst and we have the exciting details.

Jan 04
50: NBC cuts Maltbie and Koch, LIV announces US venues

* On today's show, Ryan focuses on the unfortunate firing of Roger Maltbie and Gary Koch, wondering what the point of these changes was other than saving money. Also LIV announces three US venues for next season.

Dec 14, 2022
49: Reviewing The Match VII and the NY Times dud on LIV

* On today's show, Ryan looks back at Tiger and Rory vs. JT and Spieth. What went right, and what could be used in Monday Night Golf. Also, why did the NY Times publish a clunker story on LIV?

Dec 12, 2022
48: Tiger makes a change before The Match; are PGA Tour players jealous of LIV players?

* On today's show, Ryan gets into changes Tiger Woods is making ahead of The Match on Saturday. Also, Hudson Swafford thinks his former peers are jealous of him and LIV guys. Are they though?

Dec 09, 2022
47: A PGA Tour/LPGA Tour team event is official; no buzz for The Match 7?

* On today's show, Ryan gets into the good news that the QBE Shootout will feature mixed-gender teams starting in 2023 and what could come next. Also, should there be concern about a lack of buzz for The Match this Saturday?

Dec 07, 2022
46: Why Rory and Greg Norman don't get along; Cam Smith may have been hungover at the Aussie Open

* On today's show, Ryan gets into Cam Smith mistakenly thinking he missed the 36-hole cut at the Aussie Open only to find out he was drinking beers with a Saturday tee time. Also Rory McIlroy explains the start of his feud with Greg Norman.

Dec 05, 2022
45: Jon Rahm says LIV has been beneficial; the Aussie Open is a great model

* On today's show, Ryan starts talking about the success of the Australian Open playing three tournaments at once and how the PGA Tour could do the same. Also, Jon Rahm says LIV has been beneficial for him, but has it been for all pros?

Dec 02, 2022
44: What would the PGA Tour want from LIV; fun with the PGA Tour tax filings

* On today's show, Ryan wonders what Tiger, Rory and the golf establishment could extract from LIV in cooperation talks. Also, we dig in on the PGA Tour's Form 990 from 2020 to look at Jay Monahan's salary and the Tour's finances.

Nov 30, 2022
43: Cam Smith wins the Aussie PGA; is the Hero World Challenge future proof?

* On today's show, Ryan looks back on the Aussie PGA and spins forward to the Aussie and South African Opens. What can these events do to get top players? Will the Hero World Challenge suffer in the age of new money in golf?

Nov 28, 2022
42: Tiger Woods wins the PIP; Gary Player praises LIV for guys who can't compete

* On our pre-Thanksgiving show, Ryan gets into Tiger Woods winning $15 million for being The Needle. Also, we get into Gary Player praising LIV as an opportunity for less relevant golfers as Marc Leishman proves Player's point.

Nov 23, 2022
41: A big LPGA sponsor is embarrassed; Patrick Reed's lawsuit is dismissed*

* On today's show, Ryan gets into the great end to the CME Group Tour Championship and the embarrassing mix-up with the big sponsor. Also Patrick Reed's $750 million lawsuit was dismissed. Now what?

Nov 21, 2022
40: Is the new OWGR bad, and Rory says Norman has to go

* On today's show, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm have a disagreement about the new Official World Golf Ranking. Who's right? Also, Rory says Greg Norman has to go from LIV, but would that actually help?

Nov 16, 2022
39: Tony Finau has a winning instinct; a shady-looking deal at Q-School

* On today's show, we get into Tony Finau's latest PGA Tour win and the full slate of weekend action. Also we dig in on the strange case of Alex Fitzpatrick's exemption into Korn Ferry Tour Q-School.

Nov 14, 2022
38: Is Greg Norman out and other LIV rumors; Tiger Woods wins the PIP

* On today's show, Ryan goes into the latest slate of LIV Golf rumors, including potentially replacing Greg Norman as CEO. Also Tiger Woods reportedly wins the PIP again, which is amazing.

Nov 11, 2022
37: LIV is making new stars on the PGA Tour; the Rules are changing

* On today's show, Sahith Theegala explains why the PGA Tour is producing new stars after LIV defections and how that's reflected in Q-School results. Also, we go over good changes to the Rules of Golf.

Nov 09, 2022
36: Appearance fees on the PGA Tour and a DP World Tour financial guarantee

* On today's show, Ryan looks into comments made by Bubba Watson alleging he received appearance fees to compete on the PGA Tour. He also looks into the new DP World Tour schedule and the guaranteed salary for players.

Nov 03, 2022
35: Patrick Reed's embarrassing but important lawsuit; free agency in golf?

* On today's episode, Ryan gets into Patrick Reed's embarrassing but important lawsuits looking to intimidate journalists and media companies. Also, is there free agency in golf?

Nov 02, 2022
34: LIV Year 1: What happened and can it survive?

* On today's show, Ryan looks back at the LIV Year and tries to figure out if this concept can last given the opposition to it among fans and other key stakeholders.

Oct 31, 2022
33: Two emotional player stories at the Bermuda Championship

* On today's episode, Ryan shares two emotional player stories at the Bermuda Championship. We also touch on the LIV team event starting in Florida.

Oct 28, 2022
32: Rory takes a different tone on LIV, whose biggest test is this week

* On today's show, Ryan digs into comments made my Rory McIlroy about LIV and a path toward reconciliation. Then we look at LIV's team championship this week as the biggest test for the tour's future.

Oct 26, 2022
31: Rory McIlroy is the best in the world; Tour cards coming for college players

* On our Monday episode, Rory McIlroy is No. 1 in the world again. Ryan explains why McIlroy would still be tops even if Can Smith were getting OWGR points for LIV Golf finishes. Also, the PGA Tour is looking to give a Tour card to the top collegiate player.

Oct 24, 2022