How has Sylvie Macmillan carved out a unique place for her nails in the fashion industry?
NOV 17, 2020
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'I've always - up until now, with social distancing - made a point, even if it's the simplest nail, to stay there all day. I'm part of the team, I want to be credited.' Nail Technician / Artist / Consultant Sylvie Macmillan explains to Writer / Editor / Broadcaster Lara Johnson-Wheeler. 


From Mugler to Mowalola to Maximilian, Sylvie Macmillan creates nails for fashion's coolest clientele. Having started her practice as a model-maker, Sylvie tells Lara she wasn't seeing the kinds of nails she wanted in fashion and that's what inspired her to break into the industry. Well, now she's creating the kind of cutting-edge talons we all want. In this episode of The Fashion Slashie: A ClickerMe Podcast, Sylvie Macmillan talks about the ability to be selective when taking on work, the importance of crediting your team and the cruel irony of the lack of nail tones for darker-skinned people in an industry that - as she eloquently puts it - 'was built upon the time, money and creativity of Black women.'

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The Fashion Slashie: A ClickerMe podcast has been recorded remotely, due to circumstances inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviewer: Lara Johnson-Wheeler

Producer, Editor: Tom Zambaz