How does Tayler Prince-Fraser ensure his career is a marathon not a sprint?
AUG 11, 2020
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Everyone has a brand and it’s about making your brand as appealing and serviceable as possible. What are you going to be able to give them that they don’t have?’  Creative Director / Business Owner Tayler Prince-Fraser talks to Writer / Editor / Broadcaster Lara Johnson-Wheeler.

Tayler Prince-Fraser’s keen interest in brands and the cultural commentary clothes can provide has led him, in partnership with his brother Koen, to work with a plethora of clients including Nike, Sony and Louis Vuitton. Marrying his interest in sports and style, as well as a desire to influence social change, Tayler co-founded Last Pick Athletics Club (LPAC) and has directed editorials, documentaries and music videos. In this episode, Lara and Tayler discuss his work on @originalshift, an ever-expanding platform that provides crucial commentary on fashion and its intersections and unpick the purchase of a Supreme hat that was a pivotal piece in Tayler's burgeoning fashion career.

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The Fashion Slashie: A ClickerMe podcast has been recorded remotely, due to circumstances inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviewer: Lara Johnson-Wheeler

Producer, Editor: Tom Zambaz