How does Nassia Matsa place value on her work?
MAY 24, 2020
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'We all struggle putting the correct price, but if you undersell yourself, you devalue your product, and your product is you and your strengths.' Model / Writer / Social Media Coordinator Nassia Matsa talks to Writer / Editor / Broadcaster Lara Johnson-Wheeler. 

You may recognise Nassia's striking looks from Martine Rose's runway, Dilara Findikoglu's imagery, Prada's Cloudbust campaign video. Or perhaps from her bylines in the likes of Dazed, Wired and LOVE. Based in London, having originated from Athens, Nassia is currently Social Editorial Coordinator at Vogue. In this episode, Lara and Nassia meet via video call, from lockdown, to discuss competition, comparison and how to craft a unique personal brand.

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The Fashion Slashie: A ClickerMe podcast has been recorded remotely, due to circumstances inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviewer: Lara Johnson-Wheeler

Producer, Editor: Tom Zambaz