West Indies CRASH OUT - Group Stage Wrap And Super 12 Preview! - T20 World Cup
OCT 21, 2022
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Yesterday the Netherlands and Sri Lanka booked their spot in the Super 12. It was a tight affair for the Netherlands who had to rely on the UAE beating Namibia to make it through. In the second group there are two close fixtures to review, before we take a look forward to the Super 12 stage. In the first the West Indies crashed out of the competition, as Ireland overcame them and made it through to the Super 12.

Then in part 2 we take a look forward to the Super 12. Giving quick thoughts on each team and making a prediction about who will go through. 

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Intro 0:00

Group A 2:10

Group A 10:24

Super 12 Preview Group 1 26:30

Super 12 Preview Group 2 35:50