Ep 17: From a corporate girl in the U.S to a podcast creator in Vietnam with @dana.drahos
APR 12, 2021
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Wow! Today we have an episode all in English (I was so nervous -plz excuse my English haha). But the guest of today's was sooo inspiring I can't even! There were so many eye-opening & inspiring stories about how a young girl travelled all the way from the U.S to Vietnam and found a way to pursue her dreams. With very limited support (never travelled to Asia, don't speak the language, no friends here), she managed to not just be here, but lead a very creative and meaningful life. 

As a podcast host of Creators in Saigon, and an aspiring Nutritions and Health Coach, Dana wants to help and inspire young people, especially women entrepreneurs to find balance and live a life that truly fulfills them inside out. Let's hear from her stories today!

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Book: How not to die? Dr. Michael Greger

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