Tyler is back from the All-Star Game, Florida men, and the Oilers are finally back
FEB 06
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Tyler is back from the all-star game, the Oilers play tomorrow, and the NHL is gearing back up for its second half, which meant there was a whole lot to talk about on the Monday episode of the Real Life Podcast.

To kick off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with a recap of Tyler's long day of travel on his way back from Florida for the NHL All-Star Game. After what Tyler describes as an incredibly boring All-Star weekend, his long wait in the lounge at Pearson Airport gave him a free lesson in what it takes to be a true airport drinker. From there, Tyler told a few more stories from the ASG and how the event was incredibly boring despite how much time, money, and effort was put into organizing the weekend. Getting back to the Oilers, the wait is nearly over for the boys to get back on the ice for what is a very important stretch of games. With four winnable games coming up on the schedule this week, the Oilers have a big opportunity in front of them to keep climbing up the Pacific Division standings. The big question, however, will be whether or not the Oilers will be able to get their game back in order quickly enough.

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