#79: We Read Murakami's Norwegian Wood So You Don't Have To
OCT 23, 2022
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This episode was a discussion of Murakami's novel Norwegian Wood which we read in our tiny book club with our friend Uyên. (TW: suicide, depression, sexual harassment, rape, pedophilia). We talk about what we liked and didn't like about Norwegian Wood especially its treatment of women and sex. For people who haven't read this novel, we are going to spoil pretty much everything in the book so think twice before listening to this episode. Tell us what you think of the book in the comment section down below or in our inbox on Instagram and facebook page. All links down below. 

Article mentioned: https://lithub.com/a-feminist-critique-of-murakami-novels-with-murakami-himself/

Books discussed: Norwegian Wood (but also South of the border West of the sun, Kafka on the shore, and What I talk about when I talk about running) all by Haruki Murakami.


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