VISION2023: Opportunities in small-cap investing – Connor Gordon
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Today we’re featuring portfolio manager Connor Gordon’s appearance at Fidelity Canada’s Vision 2023 event – held recently in Toronto. With host Pat Bolland, Connor dives into the big opportunities available in global small caps, and why investors should think about incorporating exposure to global small caps in their portfolio. In September 2022, Fidelity Canada launched a new fund: Fidelity Global Small Cap Opportunities Fund, managed by Connor and Chris Maludzinski. This fund may be new to the public, but it builds off the success of a similar institutional strategy that Connor and Chris have been managing since 2019. The fund looks for mispriced investment opportunities where the market has under-reacted to positive change or over-reacted to negative change. Connor reflects on today’s market environment and shares more details about the fund’s strategy, while also taking questions from the live audience.

Recorded on January 31, 2023.

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