Why social media is ruining your life with Katherine Ormerod
NOV 19, 2018
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In this week’s episode of Fashion: No Filter, your hosts catch up with their longtime friend, the journalist, consultant and influencer Katherine Ormerod to discuss her newly published book: Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life. 

Already a critical success, Katherine’s books is a no-holds-barred, no-filter look at what social media is doing to us as a society, and how we can deconstruct the online fantasy to change our own attitudes about modern womanhood. It tackles head-on the pressure we feel daily through our time spent on social media. Thoroughly researched with a personal experience-led narrative, the book paints an alarming picture of the realities of modern life dominated by social media addiction. But it’s not all bad news; Katherine transforms our relationship with Instagram into a lesson in how to allow it to help, rather than hinder one’s career, relationships and general life. 

Monica and Camille open up to Katherine about their own digital dilemmas, from how long they spend online, to finding work-Instagram balance and “comparititis”.

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Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life (Cassell) is available now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Social-Media-Ruining-Your-Life/dp/1788400623

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