Sustainability but make it fashion with Arizona Muse
SEP 18, 2019
Description Community

Brexit getting you down? Fear not, it’s Fashion Week! 

But wait.. lest you forget, fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Bummer.

Makes a week of shows, parties, and sartorial reportage slightly more difficult to enjoy.

But fear not Fashion No Filterites. Your hosts are determined not to let the world coming to the end completely kill the magic, whilst addressing head-on the shiny pink elephant on the catwalk. Enter the world’s most fashionable activist: the brilliant and beautiful Arizona Muse. In this episode, Arizona, Monica and Camille discuss the practical ways in which we can all make a difference in our daily (and fashionable) lives… so we might continue to enjoy getting dressed in the morning without that niggling guilty voice in our heads.

As Arizona puts it, the key is to educate yourself so as to cast the correct vote with your wallet. Hopefully this episode will provide some useful tips and tricks... privacy and opt-out information.