Joining the circular economy with Vestiaire Collective
NOV 11, 2019
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As Vestiaire Collective celebrates its 10th anniversary, bolstered by news that the resell industry is now growing 1.5 times faster than the fast-fashion industry, Monica and Camille sit down with the founders of the luxury second-hand website to unpack the workings of the booming circular economy. Back when Vestiaire entered the market, second hand shopping was very much a hit-and-miss affair: only the more persistent vintage shoppers were likely to strike gold. But Vestiaire Collective was to change that by building an inspirational community-led platform were fashion lovers and savvy shoppers can find anything from Isabel Marant’s popular Dicker boots (Camille’s first purchase on the site) to Hermes and Chanel's most covetable handbags. 

From their early days as entrepreneurs to working their way to the top of the eco-comm chain, Fanny Moisant and Sophie Hersan reveal some of the biggest challenges faced (like having to change your brand’s name) and explain why we should all be jumping on the circular economy bandwagon. They also talk FNF through vintage trends and how the resell industry is even influencing the first sale industry the days. 

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