Francisco Costa on 13 years at Calvin Klein and his brand new beauty venture
JUN 11, 2019
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Fashion No: Filter takes you into the heart of the New York Fashion scene for the third and final episode from its New York Trilogy. This time, Monica and Camille make a visit to the home of Brazilian creative director Francisco Costa. Best known for his 13-year tenure as Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein, Costa twice won the coveted CFDA Designer of the Year Award during this time— the highest honour for a fashion designer in America. 

Today, Costa is reflective on his journey from a childhood growing up in Brazil, inspired by his designer and community-organised mother, to Manhattan in the 90s, where he taught himself English before attending FIT and being hired to design for Oscar de La Renta and Gucci under Tom Ford. 

Uniquely open, fun, and generous in spirit, Costa lets your hosts in on his true feelings about the state of big fashion business today, and takes them on a mental trip to the Amazon, where, after leaving Calvin Klein, he found his new source of inspiration. 

His latest venture, Costa Brazil, is not only sustainable but sources its ingredients from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. And as Monica and Camille learn, Costa’s scents and luxurious oils, like all his creative endeavours (and storytelling!) transport you to another world….

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