Behind the Instagram algorithm with Eva Chen
NOV 12, 2018
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Fashion No Filter is back with an interview with Eva Chen — head of fashion partnerships at Instagram — to kick off a brand new season. Chen, formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Conde Nast publication Lucky Magazine, left the print media world for a new role at fashion’s favourite app. At Instagram, she oversees fashion accounts, nurturing young brands, facilitating the communication strategies of global fashion houses, and keeping daily contact with influencers, designers and supermodels alike. 

Your presenters catch up with Eva between shows at London Fashion Week where she spills the beans on new and improved functionalities for digital savvy fashionistas (did you know anyone can upload their own GIFs?), her career path choices, the future of print media and what it takes to get the revered blue tick. 

For those who want to check out people and accounts discussed in this episode, here’s a little recap: 

Hair stylist @sammcknight1

Glossier Founder @EmilywWeiss

Jewellery designer @SophieBilleBraheltd

Fashion designer/spice girl @VictoriaBeckham

Hashtags #bookstagram & #bookshelfporn

Hotel @lesrochesrouges

Supermodel trainer @RusellSBC

Eva’s two favourite Instagrammers to follow: @coco_pinkprincess & @zooeyinthecity

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