An honest conversation about race and fashion: Pass the Mic to Henrietta Gallina & Jordan Mitchell
AUG 15, 2020
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In the second of three parts, Fashion: No Filter passes the mic to our guest editor Henrietta Gallina to discuss the role of PR in the current climate. 

In light of the rallying cry for the fashion industry to put an end to ongoing systemic racism, Henrietta, Camille and Monica have been having some tough and candid conversations about the state of play and how they want to participate and show up in this moment. Their conclusion: Fashion: No Filter would share its platform in order to create meaningful dialogue and help foster understanding, learning and shared experiences in the most authentic way. 

In today’s conversation, Henrietta speaks to Jordan Mitchell, the Managing Director of talent and brand communications agency LMPR, based in London, who currently represents some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment.

Jordan and Henrietta look at the role of PR within the fashion ecosystem, explore the morality behind this often murkier branch of the industry, (given PRs are typically paid to do what brands and clients need and gloss over the mistakes they make), and the need for change within this specific sphere. They also take a closer look at hard-to-spot but extremely prevalent racial micro-aggressions and their potential effects on a black person’s mental health.

Like in the previous episode, the interview is followed by reactions and takeaways from your hosts Monica and Camille accompanied by Henrietta. 

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