Episode 33: How To Use Particle 에 l Part 2: Destination
JAN 06, 2022
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Lesson Recap & Transcript

We’ll continue with the particle 에, and, as the second part of this 3-part series, look at how it can be used to signal a destination

The usage we’ll learn in this episode is that the particle 에 can follow a destination and be paired with the verbs 가다 to go and 오다 to come and any other 가다 and 오다 compound verbs like 들어가다 to go in, 들어오다 to come in, 올라가다 to go up, 올라오다 to come up, 돌아가다 to go back, 돌아오다 to come back

This episode however is about far more than just the second usage of the particle 에. Along the way, you'll learn the new year's greeting,  a few kinship terms, and several particle combos to mean 'also to (place),' 'only to (place),' and 'to (place) at least.' 

Let's get started :)