Episode 23: How To Count in Korean (Yay, we’re learning numbers!) & Use Korean Numbers in Conversation
JAN 30, 2021
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Lesson Recap & Transcript

In this episode, we will do two things: 

  • Learn how to count from 1 through 5 in Korean  (with a song :) 
  • Practice using the numbers in a conversation (You should be able to understand ALL the sentences in the conversation because they’re based on lessons from previous episodes.)

You can consider it a comprehensive review of the content we’ve gone over thus far.  If you have a hard time following the conversation, know that you can always go back to previous episodes for review. When it comes to learning a new language in particular, review is always, always good!

Happy learning, everyone!

*Featured Song >
Title: 숫자 Numbers (2019)
Artist: 이적 Lee Juck