Episode 22: How To Contract 은/는 Particle & Use Conjunctive Words in Korean
JAN 15, 2021
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Lesson Recap & Transcript

In this episode, we will learn how the contraction of the particle 은/는 works in colloquial speech and practice speaking contracted phrases in sentences. We will also practice using the sentence connectors 그리고 and 그런데.  

The contraction of the 은/는 particle is indeed prevalent in colloquial speech, and not discussing the topic would only cause greater confusion. However, do not concern yourself with the contraction for speaking as a beginning student. Rather, your focus should be on when and where to appropriately place the 은/는 particle, so you can become more familiar with the sentence structure of the Korean language and in turn continue to build a sound foundation for advancing to the intermediate level. 

This is the last episode to focus on the  은/는 particle in a three-part series (Episodes 20, 21, and 22). We spend this much time on the particle because of its importance in the Korean language, so stay with me :) 

Happy learning! 

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