Episode 21: How To Connect Nouns with 하고 & Sentences with 그리고 + Using Particle 은/는 with them
DEC 15, 2020
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Lesson Recap & Transcript
In this episode, we will learn two things: 

  • How to connect nouns with 하고 and sentences with 그리고
  • How to utilize the connector within sentences with the 은/는 particle (Remember? - we were introduced to 은/는 in the previous episode  ;) 

By the end of this episode, you'll be able to create sentences a little longer than we’ve had so far. Exciting, isn't it? But more importantly, this episode will help you build a sound basis to start building sentences in Korean and help you gain clearer insights into how the 은/는 particle is used in communication. 

Please listen to this episode again to review, and don’t forget to engage in active learning by repeating after Teacher Kay while thinking about the meaning. 

Happy learning, everyone!