Ep. 894: Update With Former ASP Host - Curt Linville
JAN 02
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 Happy New Year!

Today is a very special episode. We sit down with ASP's original voice (along with Travis Parsons): Curt Linville. Curt and Travis started this podcast back in 2015 with the desire to tell incredible stories of adventure and inspire millions of people to set out on their own adventures. 

After nearly four years of hosting the show, Curt and Travis decided to take on new adventures of their own and hand the reigns of this podcast to Mason Gravley, the current host. 

Today we're sitting down with Curt to hear how the last few years have been and how his life of adventure has taken shape since leaving the podcast. 

I (Mason) thought it would be a great way to start the new year as so many of us are striving for more adventure, better selves, etc. So let's hear from someone doing it!

A little bit more about Curt below:

  • Original co-founder & host of the Adventure Sports Podcast. 
  • Life-long outdoor adventurer who loves snow skiing, ski mountaineering, climbing 14ers, mountain biking, backpacking, and dirt bike motorcycling, among others…. 
  • Founder of new YouTube channel called GunniMoto, where Curt rides some of the more than 3000 miles of BLM and forest roads in Gunnison County, CO providing previews of routes, great scenery, and encouraging food for thought. Tour guide and motorcycle philosopher.
  • Also, co-founder (with his daughter, Lydia) of the College of Valor. They started college of valor with a focus on young adults who are getting started carving out a life from the granite of our modern day. College of Valor empowers truth-seekers to build trustworthy foundations for rewarding lives. They facilitate critical thinking, honing life skills, and the art of reason by exploring fascinating ideas and current societal trends. Hope is the motivator. Truth is the goal. Everyday valor is the practice. Better living is the result.
  • Curt is also the founder of PodDivvy, which provides advertising opportunities for podcasters and the best advertising that money can by for advertisers.


YouTube - College of Valor

YouTube - GunniMoto


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