Ep. 881: How Adventure Helps Us Start Over - Revisited - Sara Schulting-Kranz
NOV 17, 2022
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Originally aired - February 22, 2019

Seven years ago, Schulting-Kranz was living her life very much within the box. She hosted parties, watched her kids play sports, paddle boarded on the gorgeous coast of California near her home when one day her husband of 17 years admits he's been unfaithful to her for the last 14 years and came out as gay. 

Her life deteriorated in front of her eyes as she realized everything had to change. Not only was the news devastating, but it also rehashed old memories of being raped at 17 years old, which led to her first son.

Sara didn't wallow in her sorrow but took the opportunity to pursue her dream to live a life connected to the outdoors and to show the healing power of nature to as many people as she possibly could.  

Thus, Live Boldly Coaching was born and her story of pain has become one of strength and compassion with all sorts of adventures, like earning a Guinness World Record for leading her friend Shawn Cheshire to record the fastest rim-to-rim-to-rim run across the Grand Canyon by a blind person. 

No matter where she goes, she can now be found on mountaintops all around the country wearing a glamorous pair of bright red high heel shoes.

Get out there and live boldly. 


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