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The Gary Null Show - 03.24.23

videos: 2.You Won't Believe What JUST HAPPENED in Netherlands... (11:00) 3.Consistency over war crimes? - TD Richard Boyd Barrett (6:21) part 2 4.IRISH MP HUMILIATES ISRAELI AMBASSADOR - EPIC (2:47) part 1   ·         A higher dose of magnesium each day keeps dementia at bay ·         Resveratrol preserves neuromuscular synapses, muscle fibers in aging mice ·         Artificial sweetener found to dampen immune response to disease in mice ·         Brain decline comes later than thought? Scientists now say it starts in our thirties ·         Use of melatonin linked to decreased self-harm in young people ·         Vitamin C 10 Times More Effective Killing Cancer Stem Cells Than Pharmaceuticals

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Mar 24
The Gary Null Show - 03.23.23

Video: 1.Woke Cambridge Students HATE Historian's FACTS - Rafe Heydel-Mankoo (start @ 0:32)   ·         Meta-analysis affirms weight management benefit for chili pepper compound ·         Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent cancer and improve survival rates  ·         How fit is your gut microbiome?  ·         Researchers find that older adults suffering from depression age faster than their peers ·         Too much cholesterol speeds up formation of toxic plaques that cause Alzheimer’s disease ·         Study finds 'considerable uncertainty' around effectiveness and safety of analgesics for low back pain

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Mar 23
The Gary Null Show - 03.22.23

1.'That's A Lie!': Bill Cassidy Harshly Confronts Janet Yellen (6:46)   2.Former Michael Cohen legal adviser Robert Costello claims ex-client said he'd 'do whatever it takes' to avoid jail (6:24)     __ __  

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Mar 23
The Gary Null Show - 03.21.23

Videos: 1. The Medical System is a Complete Scam: You may want to Stay Away (3:30)   ·         Omega-3 supplementation may benefit women with PCOS ·         Beating the blues! Berries may boost mood, improve memory ·         Certain personality traits and satisfaction linked throughout adult lifespan ·         Exposure to chemicals found in everyday products is linked to significantly reduced fertility, says study ·         Leafy greens may boost gut immunity: Study ·         Can positive thinking prolong your life? Science says yes

Mar 21
The Gary Null Show - 03.20.23

__ __ 2. NAC--(N-Acetylcysteine) Potent Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory (5:09)   3. Nattokinase and blood pressure – Video abstract [99553] (2:40)   4. Can Nattokinase Help Break Down 'Microclots'? | With Prof Resia Pretorius & Prof Doug Kell (5:23)   5. Destroying spike protein! - COVID-19 update 60 (5:49)   6. Why are all our young men being demonised? | SpectatorTV (3:00)   7. Jon Stewart SMEARED As RACIST And ALT-RIGHT After Coming Out Pro-Lab Leak Theory: Brie & Robby REACT (9:32)   8. "Arrested for a social media post" | Konstantin Kisin (5:00)   __ __    

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Mar 20
The Gary Null Show - 03.17.23

Video: 1.Tulsi Gabbard on Justin Trudeau (1:00) 2.Mayor Demands Entire schoolboard Resignation For Supporting P0rnography (1:00) 3. "I demand accountability for the Covid scam" - Marcel de Graaff MEP (6:21) 4.Beatty Cohan Interview Beatty Cohan, MSW, LCSW, AASECT, a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, author of for Better for Worse Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love, advice columnist for Dan’s Papers, national speaker and national radio and television expert guest. Her show is about EMPOWERMENT. Beatty discusses mental issues, sexuality, relationships and newsworthy subjects and teaches listeners the things that we all need to DO to maximize our physical and emotional well-being, despite the stressors of life. Her mantra. ACKNOWLEDGE, ADDRESS AND RESOLVE AS BEST AS WE CAN THE THINGS THAT GET IN THE WAY OF OUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS. Beatty has a private practice in New York City and East Hampton.  ·         A closer look at Matcha tea powder's antidepressant-like effects ·         Lycopene may ward off kidney cancer in older women ·         Understanding how exercise induces systemic metabolic benefits ·         Rhythm Of Breathing Key To Controlling Fear And Emotional Behavior ·         Study finds loss of Menin helps drive the aging process, and dietary supplement (D-serine) can reverse it in mice ·         Common dry cleaning chemical linked to Parkinson's

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Mar 17
The Gary Null Show - 03.16.23

VIDEOS; 1.Bill Gates getting facts told about himself. (1:40) 2.Barbados PM Mia Mottley Set A Reporter Straight In Just 2 Minutes (2:00) 3.They knew about this massive bra-in washing machine in 1981, and probably way before… 4.Dr. Peter McCullough’s Courage to Face Covid | CPAC 2023 (10:45) 5. The Radical Left Need Cancel Culture | Konstantin Kisin (6:27)   __ __  

Mar 16
The Gary Null Show - 03.15.23

Videos: 1."It's Bullsh*t!" - Did The Government LIE About The Unemployment Rate? (3:00) 2. DR MICHAEL YEADON : MUST SEE INTERVIEW: WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT EVERY PART OF THE COVID PANDEMIC (1:21) 3.'Censorship Industrial Complex': Twitter Files Journalist Michael Shellenberger Issues Dire Warning (5:50) 4.New Emails Indicate Dr. Fauci Prompted Publication To Suppress Lab-Leak Theory: GOP Lawmaker (6:08) 5.Mediaite SMEARS Jimmy Dore For Telling Truth About Ukraine N@zis (START @ 0:28) 6. A compilation of Yuval Noah Harari talking about crazzy stuff. (4:29) ·         Study Reveals Anthocyanins in Strawberries Improve Insulin Resistance ·         Olive oil polyphenol supplementation associated with better exercise performance ·         Common cold may give children immunity against COVID-19, reveals study ·         Ozone pollution is linked with increased hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease ·         Depression is more than a mental disorder—it affects the whole body   ·          Grape seed protects against damaging effects of chemo while boosting its effectiveness

Mar 15
The Gary Null Show - 03.14.23

videos: 1.'Do You Think Dr. Fauci Intentionally Lied Under Oath?': Ex-CDC Director Gives Bombshell Testimony 2.Kat Cammack Calls Out 'Blacklists' Of People Who Disagreed With Fauci On COVID-19 (6:23) 3.Clayton Morris: They want to watch the banks burn on purpose (START @ 5:01) 4.Neil Oliver '...they lied to & manipulated us, and it's still happening!' (13:40) 5.Tulsi Gabbard: Nancy Pelosi is getting away with this (1:00) ·         Meta-analysis adds evidence to comfort-supportive property of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) ·         Compound in wakame seaweed found to have anticancer properties ·         Mediterranean diet associated with decreased risk of dementia ·         Meditation and music improve quality of life for older people with cognitive decline ·         New study aims to break the taboo surrounding spirituality ·         Red meat compound linked to worse outcomes in heart failure patients

Mar 14
The Gary Null Show - 03.13.23

1. Courageous Mother Gave Testimony Against Teachers Union For Suing Her Over Woke Curriculum (4:20)   2.Elon Musk's Brutally Honest Opinion on ChatGPT and His Involvement...   3.World War 3 - Elon Musk's SHOCKING PREDICTION (2031) (3:03)   4.Now, Let's Put the "Lab Leak" Debate to Rest... (6:46)   5."Power Slap: Road to the Title" - Neurologist Dr. Gayatri Devi tells Inside Edition that slap-fighting could cause brain damage. (1:54)   __ __

Mar 13
The Gary Null Show - 03.10.23

Videos: __ __ Dr Fauci engaged in ‘elaborate coverup’ of COVID-19 origins (THE EXCLUSIVE) (4:20) Town Councillor Apologizes for Mandates (2:50) Don't Envy People | JORDAN PETERSON Advice (1:00) Ricky Gervais on Will Smith (1:00) NANOPARTICLE CONTAMINATION COVER-UP: ANSWERS FROM A SCIENTIST (26:00)   ·         Rainbow of fruit and veg the best prevention against prostate cancer ·         White mulberry extracts “clearly relieve’ diabetes symptoms in rat model: Study ·         Blood pressure greater than 130/85 mmHg can cause heart damage in adolescents ·         Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health ·         Study shows women experience less pain when holding loved one's hand ·         Low-dose radiation linked to increased lifetime risk of heart disease

Mar 10
The Gary Null Show - 03.09.23

Videos: 5 short youtube clips (4:34) The Ingraham Angle - Breakdown Of Covid Scandal (start @ 0:38 - 9:00) Ex-CDC director speaks out on COVID lab leak theory (4:39) Dr Fauci engaged in ‘elaborate coverup’ of COVID-19 origins (THE EXCLUSIVE) (4:20) Matt Gaetz Completely DEMOLISHED General Milley and Sec. Austin For Incompetence (start @ 0:03 - 5:58 ) Don't Envy People | JORDAN PETERSON Advice (1:00)   ·         Chickpea extract a potential prebiotic: China study shows microflora and short-chain fatty acid benefits ·         Black Seed Oil Puts Deadly Asthma Meds To Shame ·         Reducing social media use by just 15 minutes a day can improve your health, says study ·         Study associates long COVID with physical inactivity ·         Exposure to green space linked to reduced risk of postpartum depression ·         Long-term exposure to nitrates in drinking water may be a risk factor for prostate cancer

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Mar 09
The Gary Null Show - 03.08.23

Videos: 1.Neil Oliver '...they lied to & manipulated us, and it's still happening!' (13:40) 2.Catherine Austin Fitts bij Tucker Carlson over de gevaren van CBDC - Live vanuit de blckbx-studio (5:02)   ·         Researcher finds olive oil to improve brain health, memory in mild cognitive impairment individuals ·         Eating wild blueberries could help save a stunning 37 percent of the U.S. adult population ·         Frequent socializing linked to longer lifespan of older people ·         Exercise has a direct role in fighting breast cancer ·         L-citrulline may enhance time trial performance for cyclists: Kyowa study ·         Too much salt could potentially contribute to liver damage

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Mar 08
The Gary Null Show - 03.07.23

Videos: 1. What you didn’t know about CONGRESS!!! (1:00)   2. 10 more youtube short clips for people (9:02)   ·         Tomato extract yields better skin ·         SAMe shows promise against breast cancer ·         Acupuncture holds promise for treating inflammatory disease ·         Researcher uncovers link between ultra-processed foods and Crohn's disease ·         A good night’s sleep may make it easier to stick to exercise and diet goals, study found  ·         Why smiles (and frowns) are contagious   

Mar 07
The Gary Null Show - 03.06.23

Videos: 1. Naomi Wolf: Some Men Are Going To Have Horrible Problems As The Result Of COVID-19 Injections 2. 3. Dr. Peter McCullough On The Shannon Joy Show   ·         Pine bark extract boosts hair density in women ·         Garlic extract could help cystic fibrosis patients fight infection ·         Sleep too much or too little and you might get sick more, scientists find ·         Researchers find link between impatience and faster aging  ·         New study finds forgoing one food may treat eosinophilic esophagitis as well as excluding six ·         Self-compassion may protect people from the harmful effects of perfectionism

Mar 06
The Gary Null Show - 03.02.23

After Hours: Govt. Scientists Earning Private Royalties on the Taxpayer Dime (start @ 0:33) Wow. An 11-year-old boy named Knox Zajac from Maine confronted his school board by reading them pornographic material found in his middle school. (2:00)   ·         People who use vitamin D supplements have lower dementia risk ·         Study Reveals How Sleep Removes Toxic Waste from the Brain ·         Early-life stress can disrupt maturation of brain's reward circuits, promoting disorders ·         Daily 11-minute brisk walk is enough to reduce risk of early death, say researchers ·         Meta-analysis affirms benefit for ginseng in type 2 diabetics  ·         Breast milk boosts premature babies' brain development, suggests study  

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Mar 02
The Gary Null Show - 03.01.23

Videos:   West tells Global South 'you can't be neutral' in Ukraine war: You are either with us, or against us (5:00) Konstantin Kisin DESTROYS the BBC with FACTS & LOGIC (AGAIN!) (5:05)     ·         B vitamins may boost cognitive ability in older adults: Study ·         Sphaeranthus indicus, Mangifera indica (Mango) increase strength, endurance ·         Study: People who regularly use laxatives may have an increased risk of dementia ·         Multiple sclerosis: High doses of omega-3 reduce symptoms in animal study ·         Tahini Shown to Promote Heart Health Significantly ·         Excessive screen time linked to suicidal behaviors in US preteens  

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Mar 01
The Gary Null Show - 02.28.23

·         Apples and pears can slash your stroke risk by half ·         Consuming turmeric for just 2 months can increase your good gut bacteria by 7% ·         Excess weight, obesity more deadly than previously believed ·         Survey: 9 in 10 adults have tried losing weight in past 5 years — but 44% gained more than 20 pounds ·         Fruits, vegetables, 'farm-to-fork continuum' vital to cancer prevention  ·         Exercise more effective than medicines to manage mental health, says study  

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Mar 01
The Gary Null Show - 02.27.23

Videos : Elon Musk - You have LESS than 24 hours. (4:00) Ralph Nader - Shocking Reason HARVARD LAW Is CORRUPT... (5:30) Questions from Australian Senators - Gerald Rennick (10:30) ·         Cochrane review should ‘end all the debates on chondroitin’s efficacy for osteoarthritis’ ·         Skipping breakfast may compromise the immune system, says study  ·         L-Glutamine Changes Gut Bacteria Leading To Weight Loss ·         Study of intravenous mistletoe extract to treat advanced cancer ·         Hypnosis, meditation, and prayer: which is most helpful for pain management? ·         Blue collar benefits: Lifting heavy objects linked to better male fertility

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Feb 27
The Gary Null Show - 02.24.23

·         Psyllium fiber protects against colitis by activating bile acid sensor, researchers find ·         Researchers link supplement (NA) to reduced biomarkers of Alzheimer's in the brain ·         Getting good sleep could add years to your life ·         The benefits of olive oil for health and wellbeing ·         Hormone therapy for gender dysphoria may raise cardiovascular risks ·         Mystical and insightful psychedelic experience may improve mental health

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Feb 24
The Gary Null Show - 02.23.23

Video: Banks admit the COLLAPSE is coming and they don't want YOU to know about it | Redacted News  New Rule: Equality of Outcomes | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) (6:30) 12-Year Old Girl Exposes the Dystopian Reality of 15-Minute Cities! (2:52) US TO SUPPORT UKRAINIAN PENSIONS (0:29) 15 Things School Won’t Teach You (16:40)            How eating less can slow the aging process ·         Evaluating the effect of manuka honey on collagen scaffolds ·         Iron deficiency suppresses important arm of the innate immune system ·         New Study Outlines What Meditation, Yoga, & Prayer Can Do To The Human Body ·         Study finds 'forever chemicals' disrupt key biological processes ·         16 Reasons Black Seed Is “The Remedy For Everything But Death”

Feb 23
The Gary Null Show - 02.22.23

Videos: Naomi Wolf discusses Post Vaxx Death Autopsies 6 (start @ 0:08)   Brazil: Get a COVID vaccine or ELSE we’ll take your government assistance | Redacted News (1:20)   ·         Glycemic index and insulin index after a standard carbohydrate meal consumed with live kombucha ·         Polyphenols may be missing component in regulating inflammatory immune responses ·         Plant extract fights brain tumor ·         Any kind of regular exercise at any age helps the brain fight off dementia later in life ·         Polyphenol-rich tomato extract supports cardiovascular health through modulation of gut microbiome ·         Vaping can cause even more DNA damage than smoking regular cigarettes, study reveals  

Feb 22
The Gary Null Show - 02.21.23

·         Cardiovascular Activity of Ginkgo biloba ·         Psychobiotics: Are they the future intervention for managing depression and anxiety? ·         Anxiety About Relationships May Lower Immunity, Increase Vulnerability to Illness  ·         Garlic supplementation improves intestinal transit time, lipid accumulation product and cardiometabolic indices in subjects with metabolic syndrome ·         Over 40? Just 20 minutes of daily exercise can keep you out of the hospital ·         Effect of Watermelon Juice Supplementation on Heart Rate Variability and Metabolic Response during an Oral Glucose Challenge

Feb 21
The Gary Null Show - 02.20.23

Videos:  __ __ Higher vitamin D levels linked to longer telomeres: Study Açai pulp may improve antioxidant defenses, protect arteries How To Sleep Better Without Meds: Soak In More Daylight Outdoors, Even If It’s Cloudy Study suggests alcohol consumption linked to acceleration of Alzheimer's disease Nutritional supplement improves cognitive performance in older adults, USF researchers find How to avoid long COVID: These 5 factors are key to preventing severe infection

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Feb 20
The Gary Null Show - 02.17.23

Video: MEP Clare Daly: Where are the questions about Nord-Stream sabotage? (1:11) Jordan Peterson Exposes The World Economic Forum | With Joe Rogan (12:21)   ·         Purple fruits and veggies can protect against diabetes, study reveals ·         Increased B vitamin intake associated with lower pancreatic cancer risk ·         Nanoparticles in food coloring may be harming your gut health, researchers warn ·         Being bullied is associated with mental distress and suicide attempts in teens ·         Sustained aerobic exercise increases adult neurogenesis in the brain  ·         Positive attitudes about aging reduce risk of dementia in older adults

Feb 17
The Gary Null Show - 02.16.23

Videos: __ __ __ __ US plans plunder of Africa for “green” revolution (10:00) Jordan Peterson Exposes The World Economic Forum | With Joe Rogan (12:21) Why You Should Hate Corporate News Even More Than You Do (3:24)   ·         Tackling skin inflammation with vitamin D ·         Alternate-day fasting could be a good option for patients with fatty liver disease ·         Barley helps improve blood sugar levels and reduce appetite   ·         Sweet potatoes may be the secret ingredient for making healthy gluten-free flour ·         Most health claims on infant formula products seem to have little or no supporting evidence ·         Nightly sleep is key to student success

Feb 16
The Gary Null Show - 02.15.23

Videos: __ __ __ __

Feb 15
The Gary Null Show - 02.14.23

Videos: __ __ __ 8. My Experience of Riding Along With a White Police Officer (1:00) 9. 2Pac Court (Shock G) (1:00) __ __ __

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Feb 14
The Gary Null Show - 02.10.23

Video: Interview with Dr. Andrew Huff ·         Lifelong exposure to dietary isoflavones reduces risk of obesity  ·         L-carnitine combination may promote muscle growth, strength in older adults ·         Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with distinct changes in the microbiome ·         150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week reduces liver fat, study finds ·         Red Rice Bran Extract Alleviates High-Fat Diet-Induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Dyslipidemia  ·         Alzheimer's: Healthy lifestyle linked to slower memory decline, regardless of genetic risk

Feb 10