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The BlkPrint 032: "Reality Bites"

The level up may cost a very steep price for some this week! J5 and Josh Peas kick The BlkPrint off with a very introspective conversation on self improvement, but who would we be if we didn't add some E! tea into the mix? Tune in to hear their thoughts on alternate universes, the random Bad Bunny/Devin Booker beef, BET's possible new owner and the public reaction to Amazon Prime's new series, .

1h 8m
Mar 21
ThrowBlks: 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin"

The dress code better be proper before pressing play on this! Welcome to the debut of our second Patreon bonus episode, We're very excited for our first retrospective on one of the most impactful albums of all-time: 50 Cent's 2003 classic, . Hear J5, Josh Peas and MC turn the clock back 20 years as they remember their G-Unit origins, the desire that helped change the rap scene and a track-by-track of the album's most unforgettable records. Tune in every month on Patreon as covers more of our favorite albums from different eras in music -- all genres are on the table! As a patron, you'll be able to enjoy these bonuses early before they're released on all streaming platforms.

1h 26m
Mar 16
Recut Gems 002: "Platinum on zShare"

GIVE THANKS TO NFT'S, THEY ACTUALLY HELPED WITH SOMETHING USEFUL! In this week's Recut Gems bonus, MC and A Plus delve into the highly anticipated digital debut (+ return!) of two iconic rap catalogs: Death Row Records and De La Soul. While the availability is undoubtedly exciting, there is also a bittersweet feeling among the community that makes it a bit tough to fully celebrate. Hear the situations surrounding repurposed albums online, the impact of streaming services in this relationship and the technology that helps improve this nostalgia -- because we're not tryna see the YouSendIt era again! Also includes thoughts on WWE's latest Hall of Famer, WrestleMania Weekend and more.

Mar 14
The BlkPrint 031: "Holding Grudges"

CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE THIS PETTY WHEN YOU'RE THIS RICH? This week's episode of The BlkPrint explores various levels of grudges, beefs and overall pettiness in the entertainment space. Tune in for immediate reactions from J5 and Josh Peas on Chris Rock's live Netflix special, the parallels between Marlon Wayans' HBO special and the new life this topic has been given. Also includes an exploration of the Michael B Jordan backlash, the scenarios that lead to Ja Morant's NBA suspension and more.

1h 2m
Mar 07
Recut Gems 001: "671 Days"

Cutters, it's time to rejoice! After almost two years, MC and A Plus are back on road with The BlkPrint's first bonus show: Recut Gems! Hear our hosts update you with how life has changed since their last episode, along with the stories that lie ahead in the music world. They also give praise to the DJ's and listeners that rallied for Recut's return, envision how Memphis rappers watch wrestling, Tip Harris kerfuffles and the key to tapping into local classics. Starting March 13, all patrons will be able to enjoy early access to new episodes of Recut Gems every two weeks -- stay tuned for more details on BlkPrint bonuses coming soon.

Mar 06
The BlkPrint 030: "The Off Switch"

NEXT YEAR, IT'S PTO FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH! J5 and Josh Peas prioritize self-improvement this week on The BlkPrint -- hear their discussion on the mental health needed through Black History Month, the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and how unwinding has worked for them in 2023. They also discuss LA's bid to host NBA All-Star Weekend in 2025, the guilt that can come with prioritizing personal growth and the interest in snitching from law-abiding citizens. Stay tuned after the show for our BlkPrint Radio replay on Amp, featuring our special guest Chardae Jenkins!

1h 58m
Feb 21
The BlkPrint 029: "End of an Era"

New beginnings are on the way for more people than we expected! As the LA community salutes the iconic on Fairfax following its closing, J5 and Josh Peas explore the possibilities of other changes in our world. Tune in to hear their critiques of the Recording Academy's latest efforts, the messages received from Netflix's latest film and breaking news of Kyrie Irving's new home in Dallas. We also chat Josh's excitement for , nostalgic Fairfax generations, DVDCouture and our favorite Black History Month moments. Stay tuned after the show for our 2/1 replay of BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp featuring our special guest Jeremy Karelis!

1h 55m
Feb 07
The BlkPrint 028: "Back to Reality"

The tax returns are already spent mentally -- where we headed? Josh Peas and J5 are planning their trips and itineraries for 2023 while keeping the web in the dark! Join us as we discuss the tricks to separating social media from its purposes, as well as a healthy debate on generations, IP's for black films and the hesitation of launching your own reality show. Stay tuned after the show for our BlkPrint Radio replay, LIVE on Amp featuring our special guest Travonne Edwards.

1h 59m
Jan 24
The BlkPrint 027: "2023 Vision"

The first BlkPrint of the New Year features J5, Josh Peas and MC catching up from the holidays through clear 2023 lenses. Hear of J5's very eventful weekend in New York City, Josh's film critic future and the New Years Resolutions in plan this year. Also includes a great conversation in defense of internships, easing back into the return to work, 'House Party' releasing this Friday and more. Tune in after the show for our 1/4 replay of BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp featuring our special guest Eddie Gonzalez!

1h 58m
Jan 11
The BlkPrint 026: "The 2022 ASF List"

Hug yourself, we've made it through another year. The 2022 simulation is almost complete, but nothing is complete without acknowledging the notable moments in our community. Hear J5 and Josh Peas cover the biggest moments of this year's ASF List, ranging from the unforgettable food to the unforgettable names in the biggest list ever from Ain't Shit Funny. Tune in for inspiration, snubs and more as the white wine pours. Stay tuned after this episode for the 12/21 Christmas Edition replay of BlkPrint Radio, live on Amp!

1h 55m
Dec 28, 2022
The BlkPrint 025: "Crazy Holiday Energy"

CHRISTMAS LISTS? WHAT KINDA GROWN MAN WANTS? This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas share the true meaning of holiday spirit as Christmas Day gets even closer. Tune in to hear 2023 manifestations for the show, stories from Rotation Winter Formal, new Santa booking, Lensa's AI deep-fakes and much more. Tune in after the show for our Sunday morning replay of BlkPrint Radio on Amp, featuring our special guest Trevor Trout!

1h 57m
Dec 13, 2022
The BlkPrint 024: "Power Playas"

Not a single Black Friday fight. This country's gone soft! J5 and Josh Peas return from the holiday break with rounds of applause for everyone that survived the first day back! Tune in to hear plenty thoughts on the latest simulations, including Thanksgiving family debates, post-COVID sicknesses, Black Friday disappointment and improvements to the Work From Home experience. Also includes J5's trip to Afrotech, Josh's recognition as a Billboard Power Player and more. Stay tuned after the episode for the Thanksgiving Edition of last week's BlkPrint Radio replay, live on Amp.

1h 56m
Nov 30, 2022
The BlkPrint 023: "Enemy Territory"

Real niggas don't play online, literally and figuratively. This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas explore the forced critique floodgates within music, television and more. Also includes Josh squaring up with Bucs fans, agriculture royalty, questionable couples, Twitter's burning boats and early discussions of the ASF 2022 List. Stay tuned after the episode for the 11/9 replay of BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp with our special guest Pierce Simpson!

2h 0m
Nov 15, 2022
The BlkPrint 022: "Deal or No Deal"

J5 and Josh Oui return from their work trips with gratitude, enlightenment and some snitchin' whistleblowers. Tune in to hear all details from the past two weeks of The BlkPrint, highlighting Josh's experience in Paris for Kendrick Lamar's and J5's influential time in Atlanta for the HBCU Kickback. Also includes fallout from the first BLKList episode, nostalgic Halloween fun and the one thing we care about in Elon Musk's Twitter takeover. Be sure to tune in after for the Amp replay of last week's BLKList debut, featuring talk from our scary Halloween records and more. - TIMESTAMPS - 1:00 Great Body of Work, Smino! 2:54 Shoutout To Our BLKList Listeners 3:16 Did The Panoramic Change Trick or Treating? 4:46 Don’t Just Black Tee Your Costume 6:20 The Bloody Scream Mask, A Fancy Classic 8:49 This Year’s Costumes Were Standard 9:36 You Gotta Sell Hard As ‘Joker' 11:31 Legends of the Ding-A-Ling Man 13:03 Elon, Gang, Squad 14:51 I Love The Friction of Life 16:49 What The Hell Comes With Twitter Blue? 19:51 Is Verification on Twitter That Fire? 21:42 Let’s Make One Thing Clear 25:08 The Symbol May Have Worn Off 27:42 Twitter’s Main Objective 32:27 Salute To pgLang For An A1 Tour 33:53 Make Sure You Eat Burgers in Paris 34:44 Drake and Reese LaFlare Bought My Boots! 38:05 Gratitude From LA to Paris 40:13 Keem and Kendrick’s Visuals Are Amazing 41:27 Shoutout Baby, Amazon’s Puttin In Work 42:25 We Want More 2 Chainz and Halo 43:52 Atlanta’s HBCU Kickback for League of Legends 45:14 Kids, Take Your Passions Personal 46:14 The Damn B-Sides Jeans Return! 48:06 Love To Our Black Youth In Tech 53:21 Faker, The LeBron of eSports 54:06 Why Is The Slack Going Crazy?! 56:26 This Holiday Break Will Be Glorious 57:41 How We’re Dealing With Work Stress 59:09 Life Is A Simulation! 1:00:52 Microdosing Shrooms Are The New Daily Vitamins

1h 32m
Nov 02, 2022
The BlkPrint 021: "Low Vibrations"

J5 and Josh Peas avoid the negative energy this week through Paris trips, classic movies and the best basketball on TV. Tune in to hear about October's spooky movie lineup, StockX's fire sale, James Bond's new streaming home, the House Party trailer and a very entertaining Season 4 of Crew League.  Oh, and a little bit on Kanye West. *sigh* - TIMESTAMPS - 1:03 Executives Moves and New Views 2:04 Poland Spring Owes You A Bag, Yachty 3:14 Shoutouts To Henny! 5:23 Who Knew Josh Was A Barb? 6:12 BLACKLIST’s Debut On October 26 8:44 Can I Borrow Your Sweater? 11:36 Resale Stores Flooding Fairfax 13:27 Eating Over Shopping In Paris 15:01 ‘Trophies’ Is Becoming My Favorite Burger Spot 16:03 Who Falls Asleep At WrestleMania? 17:33 ‘Smile’ Was Really Good 19:53 The James Bond Movie With Niggas In It 22:11 This Nigga’s Watching ‘Jack Ryan’ 25:10 GOT EM! Fist In The Air! 26:07 Who Are The People That Enjoyed ‘Bel Air’? 27:10 Let LeBron Get His Cussin Off! 29:39 This Why I Don’t Be Watching Trailers 31:11 High School Kids LOVE Palm Angels! 33:12 Are We Harsher On Black Content? 35:25 Let’s Grit Our Teeth Through Kanye Headlines 47:35 J Holiday and Lyfe Jennings Is Too Green 51:18 ‘Crew League’ Is The Greatest Concept 52:26 Quavo Takes These Things Very Serious 54:24 Nardo Wick vs. 21 Savage 1:01:03 I Know Real Tall Niggas 1:01:40 Wale Is Tallying The Drake References

1h 59m
Oct 18, 2022
The BlkPrint 020: "Brotherhood Pact"

What's the best fit for The BlkPrint's first sponsor: natural wines or $20 waters? This week, J5 and Josh Peas search for black TV's presence in Rolling Stone's latest list, discuss the new phenomenon of the luxury supermarket Erewhon and celebrate Josh's Social Impact Award with the Amazon Music team. Also includes a peek into a new pact following the relationship headlines in sports/entertainment + the 9/28 of BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp featuring our special guest Matt McNeal! -TIMESTAMPS- 1:01 The Powers Are All Connected 1:48 Fantasy Football and Stressed Sundays 4:21 The ASF 2022 List Is Coming Soon 5:10 Loquacious Hot Takes? 7:02 Shoutout To Matt McNeal, A BlkPrint Staple 8:14 Real Boston Richey’s Road to Fame 10:05 Who Made The List? 10:37 “Josh Peas, The Cool” 11:07 Teases About Hollywood High 12:25 Bleek, Dap Me Up! 13:01 Petitions For Murals 14:25 Will Rolling Stone Acknowledge Martin? 15:50 Twilight Zone Deserves More Respect 17:48 Everyone Loves Shiv, Shiv Is Dope 20:16 Is Atlanta Too Early? 22:02 HBO Prestige Sounds Prejudice 24:31 Josh Is Gonna Be So Mad At 6 26:02 This List Needs A Diplo/Gucci Mane Remix 29:08 The Missing Black Shows 33:01 Where Is Carlos Mencia? 35:55 You Spent HOW MUCH At Erewhon? 41:03 Who Buys Meat? 43:00 It Be Niggas In There 43:59 Congratulations To Social Impact Pea & Amazon Music 46:36 Tyler’s Surprise Introduction 48:39 Stay Present and Aware 50:20 Leimert Park Celebration As One of Josh’s Favorites 52:19 Get Your Rosewood On 53:42 I Don’t Know What You Did, Nobody’s Gonna Tell Me 55:00 Please Grab The Tables 56:30 The Brotherhood Pact Supersedes 59:15 WBLS, Pause 1:01:48 An Intro To Josh Squeeze 1:03:01 I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been Cheated On

1h 57m
Oct 04, 2022
The BlkPrint 019: "The Bidet Agenda"

J5 and Josh Peas set an all-time record for BND drops this week! Tune in to this week's BlkPrint for bidet anecdotes, Las Vegas pool parties, relationship YouTubers + a carousel of new TV through Season 4 of Atlanta, MIKE on Hulu and more. Stay tuned after the episode for our 9/14 replay of The Guilty Pleasure Hour, LIVE on Amp. - TIMESTAMPS - 0:37 Fantasy Pea 1:32 Chargers Like The Clippers 2:22 Copped My MyPlayer Jersey 4:23 Why Is That A Guilty Pleasure? 7:04 Finesse Your DSP’s 8:36 Rich Man Appliances 10:03 Barcelona and Toilet Paper 12:29 U Vicious 16:01 Defeating The Dry Guy Agenda 18:18 24 Hours In Vegas 20:45 Ernest “The Cat” Miller Swim Trunks 23:33 Song of the Summer 26:40 And A One, And A Two 27:45 Relationship YouTubers Off Camera 29:45 Are You Sure You’d Like To Do This? 33:23 Carlos Boozer Beards 34:35 Back To The City For ‘Atlanta’ Season 4 37:40 I’m Not Kanye, I Read Books 40:30 He Needs More Work 42:10 Slave Master Takeover Stories 43:44 Complicated Legacies On Hulu 46:50 Classic Man, Chopped and Screwed 48:05 ‘Legacy’ Is Really Fucking Good 49:56 Debra Wilson On madTV 51:16 Josh’s Recommendation Page 53:53 All You Iowa Influencers, Please Get Out 56:03 I’m Gonna Get My Statue 57:24 Never Had A Pizza Party 58:28 EST Gee Got Me Feelin Demonic 59:51 The Jack Harlow Video 1:00:41 Gotit Should’ve Smacked That Boy 1:02:28 That Old Fashioned Word

1h 44m
Sep 20, 2022
The BlkPrint 018: "Stand On Business"

This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas keep cool through a scorching week online -- literally and figuratively. Tune in for stories of 70-inch TV's, Nike's new marketing tactics, YouTube review culture, Lil Baby's ' documentary and Michael K Williams' controversial role in '. Tune in after this episode for a full replay of 8/31's BlkPrint Radio LIVE on Amp, featuring our special guest A-Plus! -- TIMESTAMPS -- 1:16 Holiday Recordings Are Nice! 2:21 Salute To The General 4:46 Walls Influence Bad Decisions 8:09 St. Louis Paper Bag Money 10:02 It’s Been A Scorcher 12:13 Nest Apps 15:09 Earth Is On Fire, Clearly 16:28 Latest Community Updates 20:07 The Price of the Brick 22:33 Damn Your Marketing Tactics, Nike! 25:00 Shy Peas 28:13 Never A Big Dunk Guy 30:22 Supreme Turning The Faucet On 33:57 #Fellas With The Always-On Display 34:41 Lil Baby’s ‘Untrapped’ Documentary 36:26 Presence As An Artist 38:33 Who’s Getting The Drake Doc? 41:08 Rap Family Trees 44:20 Lemme Ask Young Guru 47:22 Wanting To Be Wayne 51:03 Lovecraft Country’s Actual Issues 53:33 #StandOnBusiness 55:11 Wrestling Fanatics 59:02 This Has To Look Fucking Stupid 1:00:13 Protecting Mentals

2h 7m
Sep 07, 2022
The BlkPrint 017: "All Organic"

This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas discuss the authenticity in the latest albums, sports headlines, festivals and much more. Also includes fallout from last week's BlkPrint Radio, Nicki Minaj's Amp takeover and the best in bad addictive television. Tune in after The BlkPrint for the full Amp replay of BlkPrint Radio LIVE featuring our special guests, ItsTheReal! - TIMESTAMPS - 1:43 West Indian Time Intervals 4:21 30K Strong! 6:50 The Barbz Pulled Up 8:24 Canvas Air Force Convos Are Coming 10:27 How Do We Feel About Seattle? 12:11 Condensation On Courts 15:04 We Might Get Staples Center Back! 16:10 “I’m Up, Brother” 18:13 A Hunnid Fitty?! 18:55 Where Is The Blade? 20:26 Three Hour Work Days 23:13 Let’s Bring Back ‘Jabroni’ 24:35 Shameless Internet Arguments 27:40 Are We The Problem? 30:35 Feels Good To Be Defending Champions 33:11 Shoutouts To The Janky League 35:20 ‘Bursted’ Isn’t A Word 36:34 These A1 Artists Ain’t Cheap 38:30 Even Offset Can Confirm! 40:53 Woodstock ’99 On Netflix 44:27 Can You Describe Thanos? 46:10 The Sesame Street Riots 49:05 Josh’s Favorite Streaming App 51:46 ‘Loot’ Is Fire! 54:58 I’m Addicted to ‘Catfish’ 58:02 The Best “It’s Dumb, But It’s Lit” Show

1h 59m
Aug 23, 2022
The BlkPrint 016: "Mergers & Acquisitions"

This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas try to stay grounded while living in a simulation in a crazy week so far!  Tune in to hear fallout from last week's BlkPrint Radio w/ “Rap Shit” writer Chris Sanford and the support from Issa Rae, a conversation about last week’s tragic crash on La Brea & Slauson, HBO's merger with Discovery and the need for social media breaks. Stay tuned after the episode for the full replay of 8/3's BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp! - TIMESTAMPS - 0:44 I Need My Diamond Miles Up 1:42 We’re Heartbroken 3:48 Living Multiple Lives In Rap Shit 4:22 Big Love To Issa 6:58 Wrestling Circles Coming Back Around 8:18 What Makes A Star? 9:38 Black Goldberg 11:50 The Crash On La Brea & Slauson 14:24 Gonna Need An Electric Chair 17:01 Get These Outta Towners Out 20:52 Atlanta Is Sounding Like Hawaii 24:26 Imagine What She Did Before That 26:04 I Ain’t No Bitch 28:21 Newsom, President of What? 32:22 Physical Appearance Is Important! 33:23 The Next Generation’s PTSD 36:36 Sayonara To Scripted Programming 40:00 40 Billion Dollars In Debt? 43:13 The 90 Day Fiance Universe Is Boomin 44:55 Don’t Show The Public Investor Calls 46:20 Desensitized Effects Online 48:48 Living Off The Land Too Long 53:32 Does Reddit Count? 57:02 We’ll Be Honorary Barbz 1:00:14 We Don’t Have To Lie

1h 52m
Aug 09, 2022
The BlkPrint 015: "The Early Adopters"

On this week's episode of The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas review the flying objects on film and on stage. Tune in to hear their thoughts on early adopters following a huge milestone for the show, along with a discourse on toxic R&B, Rolling Loud's latest headlines and a review on Jordan Peele's in theaters now. Watch out for the spoilers! Stay tuned afterward for a full replay of BlkPrint Radio LIVE on 7/20, featuring our special guest LE$! We learned about his experience meeting Booker T and wrestling in Booker's own promotion, but also enjoyed his thoughts on the rap/wrestling parallels, Houston's worldwide influence, the current music scene and the blueprint drawn out by his very close friend, Curren$y. - TIMESTAMPS - 1:01 Photoshoot P 3:25 Booker T in ASF Tees 5:21 Favorite Parts of Amp 6:22 Early Adopters Are Elitist 8:30 Amazon Music Got Twitch On Lock 13:17 Putting iPhone Tech In My Arm 14:31 Vitamins Shut That Shit Down! 17:02 Polio Got Me In The House 18:35 Good Marketing On A Bad Record 20:55 What Grown Man Has Powers? 24:48 Y’all Don’t Listen To Blues? 27:14 Almost Broke My Ankle In Yeezy 29:39 Cactus Jack Is Back 31:26 No UFO’s Flying 34:29 Trust In The Brand 37:02 Are Dine-In Movie Theaters Trash? 38:40 WARNING: NOPE Spoilers!!! 41:43 Okay, Spoilers Safe Now 47:43 Imagine Nick Khan’s Day-To-Day 51:22 Staying Away From The Twitter Hype 52:48 This Rap Shit Crazy! 56:26 Very Gen-Z 58:48 Outro

1h 54m
Jul 26, 2022
The BlkPrint 014: "Lauderdale Bop"

This week on The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh pay their respects to a Hollywood legend and kick back with some of their current TV favorites. Tune in to hear their thoughts on FX's fire lineup, hood cinemas on Tubi, the 'Minions' trend and the interest in multiverses. Also includes plenty on the new era of wine drinkers, festival cancellations following Day N Vegas reports and Josh's boy, Elon Musk, backing out on Twitter!  Tune in after the show to hear the 7/6 replay of BlkPrint Radio, featuring our special guest Travonne Edwards and an appearance from LA artist Huey Briss! - TIMESTAMPS - 2:01 One of the Greatest Debuts Ever 5:22 Def Jam’s Competition in the South 8:01 Wine Notes 10:56 I’ve Never Seen You in Shorts 12:53 Loafers in the South of France 14:15 Don’t Drink My Pepsi 16:25 Lauderdale Boppin’ At Age 30 18:24 Wild NY Drill Tangents 25:21 I Need an Uncle Paulie Slick 27:06 Losing Our Movie/TV Legends 28:36 Ayo, A Star is Born 30:13 FX Has Some Good Synergy 33:00 Service Industries Are Totally Different 36:09 Cultural Moments In Current TV 38:25 Minions Trends on TikTok 41:11 Nostalgia and Multiverses 42:20 Tubi, The Hood Cinema Pipeline 43:23 Joselyn’s Cabaret Is Holding Zeus Down 45:51 Festival Fatigue, Day N Vegas Cancelled 50:33 I Miss Flog Gnaw 51:21 Gary Payton II Is A Big Odd Future Fan 52:39 Twitter Said No Sirski 54:18 Hand In The Air For Josh Giving Up 57:24 50% Bots 59:19 I’m Over Growing An Audience 1:02:54 15 Million Fake Followers

2h 0m
Jul 12, 2022
The BlkPrint 013: "A New Bum"

Are we officially living in an episode of The Handmaid's Tale? J5 and Josh try to make sense of the evil world we live in on this week's episode of The BlkPrint, shining a bright light on the country's latest blunders and the controversies that follow. Tune in to also hear a salute to our Inglewood Sources, the discourse surrounding house music and companies' acceleration of black creators. This episode also includes the 6/22 replay of BlkPrint Radio, LIVE on Amp featuring our special guest, Chef Kay Kay! - TIMESTAMPS - 2:04 Cosplaying, But Sexy 4:48 B-Sides Is Where I Talk My Shit 6:10 What Do You Think Goes on Close Friends? 7:58 Amazing Moments with Chef Kay Kay 9:35 We Apologize, St. Louis… 11:24 Who Sends Out Texts Like Those? 13:02 Fellas, Is It Weak To Defend? 15:07 My Inglewood Sources Don’t Play 18:43 We’ll Take His Son, Too! 20:54 Russell Westbrook Fades 22:34 It’s An Evil World We Live In 25:28 Progressives and Conservatives 28:18 The Least Terrible Option 31:22 You You You You One of Them! 33:11 Officially Living In The Handmaid’s Tale 35:02 Putting The Drake Pieces Together 40:15 The Toxicity On “Honestly, Nevermind” 42:42 Tiring Dance Discourse 45:02 Peace, Love, Unity and Respect 50:04 Black Creator Accelerators 54:26 Who Would Be the Black Ninja? 58:02 4chan Humor Ain’t It

1h 57m
Jun 28, 2022
The BlkPrint 012: "Rock the Boat"

A brand new episode of The BlkPrint features J5 and Josh Peas mining into music's controversial tech data. Hear them discuss TikTok's place in new age marketing, the bad rap that metrics receive and the range of opinions (in Josh's mentions) across the industry. Also includes talk on CMG's very strong year, rappers shining bright in the content creation lane and the odd messages sent in the latest hip-hop documentaries. Stay tuned after the episode for our BlkPrint Radio replay LIVE on Amp, featuring special guest Nikki Cruz! Timestamps: 1:35 Shoutout to Demi Lovato 3:01 Green Screen Pea 5:04 Instagram Algorithms Are Too Strong 7:53 Ralfy the Plug Reviews 10:02 Steppin’ in the Name 11:55 Young Jefe 2 Is Shy’s Best Album 13:38 EST Gee’s Jeezy Comparisons 15:42 CMG Heavy Hitters 18:16 Ignore More Idiots 20:00 Documentaries and Bad Signal Boosting 23:01 Why Isn’t There a Drama/Cannon Documentary? 25:34 Rock the Boat, Rock the Boat 28:38 It’s Giving VMA’s! 31:19 Look at the Poses Tyler Does 33:54 Material Girl Is WAY Better Than Montero 38:26 Caresha Please Is Puttin’ Pressure 40:35 Who Would Remember 'Night at the Roxbury'? 43:41 Don’t Be Afraid — Just Work Your Record 45:48 Of Course You Would Never 49:24 Data Isn’t Your Enemy 52:02 “For the Sake of the Art” 59:01 Live Replies to Mentions

1h 51m
Jun 14, 2022
The BlkPrint 011: "Politics As Usual"

Toss those wedding suits to the side, we're steppin out in all green! On this week's episode of The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh catch up following a beautiful wedding and an amazing honeymoon that rises the question: what would an RNC Mexico trip entail? They also discuss plenty in the world of black content creators after NORE's recent quotes, including takeaways from Cardi B on David Letterman's on Netflix, therapeutic specials with Jerrod Carmichael and Isaiah Rashad, along with the programming behind Johnny Depp's defamation case. Also includes a full replay of the 5/25 BlkPrint Radio on Amp, featuring our special guest -- LaJethro Jenkins of the Podcast!

1h 49m
May 31, 2022
The BlkPrint 010: "Big Steppers"

Does the big stepper lifestyle always come with a price attached? On this week's episode of The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh face the latest arrests and cases in hip-hop with a view of rap morality, give flowers to Kodak the Narrator, chat about the DJ/artist relationship following Kehlani's radio run and jump ahead of the discourse surrounding Kendrick's latest, . This episode also includes the May 11 replay of BlkPrint Radio on Amp, featuring special guest -- showrunner and  writer Justin Hillian!

1h 35m
May 17, 2022
The BlkPrint 009: "White Scam Cinema"

Does juggin and finessin still count if it's Stanford sponsored? On this week's episode of The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh grab some popcorn to enjoy two of the biggest scams in history with on Hulu and on Apple TV+. Tune in to hear their thoughts on the ease of white scamming, top-10 favorite Future records following, Josh's experience at Dave Chappelle's latest stand-up and more. Also includes the 4/27 replay of BlkPrint Radio on Amp, featuring 'Bored and Hungry' restauranteur Andy Nyugen! Timestamps: 2:03 BND Wedding 3:22 These Gotdamn Flight Prices 6:01 What The Fuck is Exxxotica? 8:06 Porn Meet-and-Greets 11:11 We’re Getting More Smashburgers In LA 14:00 The Response to “I NEVER LIKED YOU” 16:43 Future & Thug Just Be In The Studio Riffin’ 17:56 I Skip The Kanye Verse Every Time 19:11 The Best Rapper Alive 21:33 East Coast Stamps May Be Red Flags 23:09 Gimmicks and Caricatures 29:00 Our Top 10 Future Records 32:04 Is This Guy Supposed to Be Funny? 36:45 Layoffs Are Never Fun, Unfortunately 38:24 Streaming Wars Are Getting Nasty 39:59 I Refuse To Do 90 Day Fiance 41:01 The Lunatics Manifesto 42:49 D’Angelo Rock Sets 45:31 Josh Is About To Do Stand-Up Soon? 46:24 White Scams on Streaming 49:01 Hey, Is It Possible? 52:38 That Jail Will Be Comfy As Fuck 54:40 WeWork Had The Professional Scams 57:13 The Beyhive’s on the Way 1:01:59 G4 Boys’ Big Homie 1:03:21 Replay of BlkPrint Radio 4/27/2022

1h 53m
May 03, 2022
The BlkPrint 008: "Hot Tea"

On the latest episode of The BlkPrint, J5 and Josh Peas recap their Amp debut, share the best Dallas/WrestleMania moments, chat the latest in the rap world and have their most honest, transparent conversation yet. 1:13 Hot Tea P 3:14 Amp Debut Had Some Raw/Nitro Energy 5:14 Mario In A Hurricane 10:38 Is My Childhood Dying? 13:28 WrestleMania Is Really Like Theatre 15:36 You Watch Every Week, Be Vocal About It! 18:45 Putting Dallas Over 20:33 Shoutout Pop Smoke 24:12 Bring Pappadeaux To Los Angeles, Please 25:35 Fido Fuckin This Up! 30:57 Rick Ross Adlibs In XTC 35:04 New Future Album, Can We Trust Scooter? 37:34 ‘High Off Life’ Had Some Bullshit On It 39:32 Why Can’t It Be Childish Gambino? 42:31 A Pretty Decent Kodak Voice 44:12 Josh’s Decibels Are Through The Roof 48:31 Seeing The Flippin’ Crip At The Mall 50:46 Explaining Impostor Syndrome 57:01 Living In Abundance 1:02:20 Comfort In Discussing More As A Creator

1h 53m
Apr 19, 2022
The BlkPrint 007: "Yesterday's Price Is Not Today's Price"

It is a monumental week for The BlkPrint as J5 & Josh Peas announce their new venture, chat about Latto's new album and the long-awaited return of Atlanta on FX. Timestamps Below: 1:01 Dorrough Is An LA Legend 3:37 Community, Not Culture 4:01 Amazon Announcement 6:07 We’re Hittin’ The Ground Running! 7:17 If There Wasn’t a Check, I Wasn’t Gonna Do It! 8:31 This How Y’all Do the DJ?! 10:32 I Want To Make Amp So Interactive 14:09 What Are You About To See In Dallas? 16:55 No Political Affiliations 18:01 Holes In His Brain 21:22 Latto Cashing In 22:41 Respect Key! 24:12 32 Minutes, The Perfect A&R Project 25:50 Cardi & Offset: Hip-Hop’s Power Couple 28:01 Big Trendsetter 30:43 Was It Really Kodak? 32:23 This Ain’t Dr. Luke! 34:25 I Thought ‘Wheezy Outta Here’ Was About Me! 37:09 The Khaled & Nav Push Back 37:36 RIP Roger Ebert 39:11 Atlanta S3E1 43:15 Niggas Don’t Fuck With Aloe Blacc? 43:41 Atlanta, Gambino & Kanye? 46:20 Do Your History On the Culture 49:50 Atlanta & Dave 51:34 It’s Not About Meth! 54:02 As An Artist’s Manager, I Feel Your Pain! 55:36 First Two Episodes, Really Fuckin Good 56:55 Black AF Was A Nigga Ass Show 59:59 It’s Just An Extra N!

Apr 05, 2022
The BlkPrint 006: "WFH"

On the latest episode of The BlkPrint, J5 & Josh Peas talk "Snowfall," the advantages of WFH, Lil Durk's new album, Tyler The Creator's superstar turn, & Ye vs Skete. Timestamps below:  0:00 Intro 2:24 This Year Is Fuckin Flying By! 4:30 It Felt Like I Took A Bite of the Sea 6:58 Dior and the European Blacks 10:10 They Be Thinking I’m a Ball Player! 12:52 You Risky For The Beef on the Flight 16:08 Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant 18:45 Let’s Talk Durk 21:05 When Wallo Starts Crying / Durk’s Niece 23:31 Superstar Tyler 26:50 RNC DECADE Wiz / Tyler 27:28 SXSW Tech Bros? 31:10 Rick Ross ILLMORE Story 32:50 I’m Using This Artist Wristband to the Fullest! 34:24 Flying Teslas 36:43 Too Much Reality TV To Participate 38:07 Imagine You Beefing and You Just Got the Address 39:52 When You Look Out the Boat, You’ll See Different Parts of the Whale 40:39 Tory Lanez Is a Good Time 42:34 Don’t Text Me No Advice! 44:58 The Parental Portions 47:02 Druski Hands on ‘Snowfall’ 48:19 How Do You Find the Time to Watch TV? 49:28 Who Could’ve Predicted the Yo Gotti Trajectory? 50:14 Will the Five-Day Work Week End? 52:29 I Need More Canes In My Area 55:39 Productivity Better at Home 57:19 I’m Not Even Jamaican and I’ve Always Had Multiple Jobs 1:00:17 The Deal’s Coming!

1h 0m
Mar 22, 2022