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FHP 511 - Seeing Abs, Pull Up Tips and Building Body Confidence With Dr. Charlotte Markey

IN THIS EPISODE: __ __ Featuring Dr. Charlotte Markey For more information on Dr. Markey and her books visit... Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Mar 21
FHP 510 - Should You EAT MORE to Lose Weight? Are Greens Powders Worth it?

Should You EAT MORE to Lose Weight? Are Greens Powders Worth it?  In this episode...  I’ll discuss why results aren’t just about working hard and 4 tips to help your hard work pay off.  Michelle and I will dive into the science behind why you may need to EAT MORE to lose fat  Well talk about getting in those greens - using a greens powder to boost that micronutrient intake.  Why you may want to use INTERVALS over counting reps at times  And why you need to stop avoiding those moves that frustrate and challenge your coordination.  Use code "fitnesshacks" and save 10% off your order Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Mar 14
FHP 509 - Can You Lose Body Fat From Specific Body Parts? Living Boldly with Kelsea Hellyar

In todays episode... - I want to talk about sacrifice and why it’s needed to reach any goal - I’m excited to then share an interview I did with Kelsea from Constantly Varied Gear to talk about living boldly and loving the journey -I’ll also share my favorite macro hack for quickly being able to hit your macros with go-to meals you can tweak as you need -Can you lose body fat from specific body parts? Well cover stubborn fat, such as the menopause belly, and spot reduction and some of the science behind fat loss and spot lipolysis. -And finally a must-have foam rolling tool you can easily make at home that will improve your spinal mobility and help you prevent and alleviate neck, shoulder, back and even SI joint aches and pains  Check out Kelsea and Constantly Varied Gear: CVGWebsite: CVG Instagram: Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Mar 07
FHP 508 - 3 Nutrition Myths (Debunked), Meal Timing, Unilateral Modifications

3 Nutrition Myths (Debunked), Meal Timing, Unilateral Modifications In This Episode: __ __ Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Feb 28
FHP 507 - 3 Perimenopause Training Tips and Aging Well with Hayley Hollander

In this episode, I’m going to go over why you need to care about it NOW. I interviewed with Hayley Hollander on aging well and training tips for menopause and perimenopause. We’ll talk about heavy vs light weights - which is better? I’ll share a meal prep hack and a great bodyweight movement to combat the effects of sitting. Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Feb 21
FHP 506 - Why is Change So Hard? Alcohol, Holidays and Cardio!

IN THIS EPISODE: __ __ Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Feb 14
FHP 505 - Should Women Take Creatine? Perimenopause and more

IN TODAY’S EPISODE: __ __ Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Feb 07
FHP 504 - Being Wrong is RIGHT | Pyramid of Protein prioritization

In this episode of The Fitness Hacks Podcast well cover... 00:00 - Welcome to the Fitness Hacks Podcast 00:42 - Being wrong is right. Embrace being wrong! 03:16 - The Protein Pyramid of Priorities 19:42 - This macro hack to enjoy a sweet treat 22:36 - A fast fix for lunges and Knee Pain 24:15 - And what’s the difference - Compound sets vs supersets Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Jan 31
FHP 502 - Macro Hacks, Changing Diet Habits and Maximizing Squats

In this episode of the Fitness Hacks Podcast... 00:00 - Introduction 00:35 - Quality Over Quantity 04:00 - Dietitian Corner - Behavioral Changes 16:44 - Macro Hacks - Healthy Swaps 21:45 - Fast Fix - Wrist Pain and Push Ups 23:31 - Maximizing Movements- Squat form Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Jan 24
FHP 502 - Are Fad Diets Addicting? | Are BCAAs Worth it?

IN THIS WEEK'S EPISODE... __ __ Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Jan 17
FHP 501 - Better Results Faster

Hey Guys it’s Cori from Redefining Strength!  In this new season of The Fitness Hacks Podcast I’m going to be bringing you all new segments. In this episode we’ll cover... 1) 3 tips for kickstarting the new year,  2) Get some amazing goal setting advice from my lead dietitian Michelle,  3) Discuss 3 Key Macro Hacks 4) Go over a delicious one pan chicken recipe 5) Talk about an amazing training technique and then talk about dealing with hate as you work toward your goals. Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Jan 10
Special Fitness Hacks Podcast Announcement!

Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Jan 03
FHP 452 - The Self Control Gas Tank

As we go into a New Year, we may be motivated to make some changes - to reach new goals. But all too often, only a few weeks into the New Year and new habits, we find ourselves completely unmotivated and lacking the “willpower” to maintain some of the habits we’ve created. Are we just doomed to fail? Do we just not have the self control or discipline that others have? Or are we just approaching changes the wrong way? I think it is key we realize one big thing and then implement these 4 tips to help us see results… And that big thing we need to realize is that… SELF CONTROL IS LIKE A GAS TANK! During the day, there are so many things that happen that can deplete it. That’s why the more changes we make at once, and the more dramatic those changes, the more they become harder to implement when other things come up and our tank is already on EMPTY. It’s why we can feel like we just don’t have the willpower of someone else. Because we are trying to force changes that don’t meet us where we are at and cause the gas tank to have to be full to be maintained. Since life though so often doesn’t allow for us to maintain a full gas tank all of the time, I wanted to share 4 tips I think can help you make changes that don’t just rely on motivation and self control to sustain…. #1: Understand your current lifestyle - your beastette origin story. - Where are you truly at currently? Realistic changes mean knowing your current position…and even understanding your pain! --> LEARN MORE #2: List your nonnegotiable. - What are things that you like that the restriction instantly drains you? #3: Create one small repeatable habit that can fly under the radar. - What habit will you not even notice you have to do? #4: Have a reminder of WHY you want this goal and why these changes are worth it to replenish your stores! - Why does the pain of staying stuck outweigh the pain of change? By creating changes in this way, we can help ourselves not feel like we need a full gas tank to keep moving forward. We can even find ways to create habits that keep us moving forward when times are tough. We can even better embrace doing the minimum at times when we know our tank is on E! Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Dec 26, 2022
FHP 451 - 5 Cold Hard Facts About Losing Weight (AND KEEPING IT OFF!)

If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you’ve got to face some cold hard facts… As much as we like to just get excited about a new goal when we are motivated and even tell ourselves that it will be “easy,” to help ourselves embrace the change, this actually sabotages our long-term success. Because there will be challenges. And the more we can prepare for them, the better off we will be! #1: You get good at, and used to, what you consistently do. Results come not from what we do every once in awhile, but what we do daily. However, what feels natural is also what we’ve trained our body and mind to see as natural. Often we have to UNLEARN old patterns and habits before we can learn new ones. For example, you may find you can track for a few weeks and then fall off. At some point, you have to push through this hurdle. You have to acknowledge the hard and believe your goals are worth the sacrifice. #2: There is no ideal plan. One size doesn’t fit all. What worked for you before, may not work for you later. Because we are constantly evolving - our bodies, needs, goals and lifestyles are constantly changing. So in order to create the perfect plan or you, you have to know where you are currently at to accurately adjust. Meeting ourselves where we are at allows us to make small changes so we aren’t dependent constantly on willpower. So we don’t get overwhelmed. So we can actually create habits that stick. It helps us create a lifestyle so we then think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” #3: Your body fights the weight loss process. The longer you’ve had the weight on, the longer you haven’t been at your goal, the harder the process will be because your body doesn’t like change. And then as you try to get your body to even do something it’s never done, lose those last few pounds for instance, it is going to rebel more and more. The longer even you’ve been dieting, the more you’ll start to feel things adding up. Realizing this and planning in other ways to measure success, or even strategic breaks, is key! #4: It’s going to be boring and hard. The things that work aren’t the sexy 1% tweaks. They are the boring basics done daily. And at times, it will be hard to want to do them. We never want to do what we should 100% of the time.  BUT these things are what allow us to enjoy life in the way we want. These are the little sacrifices we make to do more of what we love! #5: Your mindset matters most. You can have the exact macros you need, the exact workout plan in place, but if you don’t implement it, if you don’t trust in it, you’re not going to fully use it and see results. Too often we doom ourselves with doubt. We have a plan that would work, but we just don’t fully take action or trust in the process long enough for results to build. We doubt it will work and then we don’t truly make the changes consistently but convince ourselves we have so we give up when we don’t see the results we feel we deserve. Even sometimes causing ourselves to fail because we’ve done MORE…which, in our head, feels like it should have worked out better. But if you’re going to do a program, DO THE PROGRAM. Believe in it and expect to LEARN even if you don’t hit your exact goal as fast as you’d like. Because often, as skeptical as we can be, we can ultimately see better results faster when we go all in and do trust the process knowing we will get something out of it no matter what! Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Dec 20, 2022
FHP 450 - Shed The Ego - Fail Faster

Why do we have ego, take pride, in doing things alone? Why do we fear failing? If we want to succeed, we need to overcome these hurdles. We need to embrace failing faster and embrace an outside perspective. If youre finding yourself fighting against "help," fearing starting something new because you could fail.... Here are some questions or perspectives to get out of your own way and even fail faster honestly…. #1: WHY NOT ASK FOR HELP? #2: WHAT PITFALLS HAVE OTHERS SEEN WHEN TAKING ON THESE CHALLENGES? LEARN FROM OTHERS! #3: REPEAT FAILING ISN’T FAILURE…FAILURE IS NEVER TAKING RISK SO YOU NEVER SEE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL. #4: YOU WANT TO PUT UP A WALL AGAINST DOING IT? THEN DO IT MORE. Learn more about why that coaching, and accountability, may be key. --> Learn More Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Dec 12, 2022
FHP 449 - It Never Gets Easier

Talking to client - she’s like… “It didn’t get easier this week! You lied!” And I said back, "Did you use a harder variation? Did you finish the workout faster?" She said...“Yes.” "Then it DID get easier." With training, you will ALWAYS feel challenged, because you’ll always be reaching for that next thing. But you’ll see the progression in how far you can run and how fast you do it…or the weights you can lift for more reps… But no…it never FEELS easier. We are just stronger, fitter, faster, more confident… I don’t share this to be negative but I think this delusion that things will at some point be “easy” holds us back…because it makes us ignore how much more we can do… Whether in the gym or other areas of our life. And even habits that do become fully ingrained…well we don’t always want to do them! This isn’t a bad thing either. It’s just a fact. It’s why you… #1: Always want to track progress to truly see progression and not let "feelings" derail you! #2: Focus on tracking all the different ways you’re growing! #3: Recognize that feeling MENTALLY tired can be a reason to take a diet break, switch ratios or even use a de-load week. Just because we CAN push through doesn’t always mean we should. #4:  Sometimes embrace doing the minimum to stay consistent. Realize that strength doesn’t come from NOT doing hard things…it is built going through the hard. And pushing those limits never feels easier, but you are able to handle more! Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Dec 06, 2022
FHP 448 - What Is Your Beastette Origin Story?

Want to achieve amazing results and reach your goals? Recognizing where you’re actually starting from! Create your beastette origin story…By recognizing where you are, you can map out accurate changes to achieve amazing results. And you can motivate yourself by taking ownership of your priorities and even what has caused you to not see results in the past. To write your origin story, consider these questions… What does your current day look like? What are key parts of your lifestyle? What do you struggle with? Why do you really want a change? Where do you feel the negative impact of your situation currently?  What setbacks have you had recently making you want to see a new and better result? Why is the pain of staying stuck worse than the pain of change? TELL YOUR STORY!!! And don’t miss out on the first ever STRONG Action Blueprint LIVE class: —> REGISTER NOW Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Nov 29, 2022
FHP 447 - Scared of Gaining Weight? Try This!

Travel…the holidays…many of us feel like gaining weight is inevitable. And in the past, it may have been. But you don’t have to feel doomed to gain weight during the holidays or when you travel. You just need to consider some strategies to address the patterns that usually add up. And more importantly, you need to PLAN AHEAD! So what did I do? #1: I stopped to assess prior and plan out options. #2: I focused on doing the minimum and allowing that to build momentum and motivation. #3: I focused on controlling what I could control aka the meals AROUND holiday meals or vacation meals out. Even using more “strict” ratios and calories prior and after. #4: I focused on swaps. Where could I swap things at restaurants. How could I swap things in dishes I was prepping to share. #5: Used fasting strategically. #6: Never felt guilty. #7: Realized too often we emphasize the few holidays or vacation days over focusing on the other 300 some odd days of the year…. -- Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Nov 22, 2022
FHP 446 - Watch Your Language

Watch Your Language Have you ever considered the power of some of the words you use? I know many of us have read and listened to things discussing how important the way we speak to ourselves is… But often that even misses the little words that really change our mindset most. Honestly, the power of words is why I will always say “Act as if” and never fake it till you make it. We don’t realize even sometimes how we are framing things until we see the changes they create. Or realize the mindsets holding us back. Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Nov 14, 2022
FHP 445 - Is Perfection Holding You Back?

You woke up late. Your alarm didn’t go off. The kids took longer to get ready than usual. There was traffic. You’re off your game and feeling a bit frustrated with running behind. You’re late starting your workout.  And while usually you’d do 5 rounds of your circuit, you only get in 2. You then have to rush off for the rest of your day. But all day you’re slightly frustrated because you didn’t get in your full session. You feel GUILTY. And maybe even a bit grumpy about not doing what you’d ideally like to have done. Your meal prep starts to look worse and worse to you. It would be so easy to grab those chips, those crackers, that candy, instead. I mean, who cares right? Your days already off. Wouldn’t it be better to just start over tomorrow anyway? If you can’t be perfect with things… BOOM. That thought right there, that thought we’ve all had…this desire for perfection…is so often what holds us back. Even just hearing this story, we all think BUT you still did SOMETHING. Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Nov 08, 2022

Just tell me what to do! I know most of us have thought this when struggling to figure out what actions to take to reach our goals. Especially when we feel like we’ve been working really hard to not see any progress, or such up and down progress, we want to give up. There are truly so many options out there. We just want a set DO THIS THING AND you’ll see results.  But what if this is actually the thought that is KEEPING YOU STUCK. This idea that there is just one thing to do, one plan we can follow forever that will get us the lasting results we want? Because honestly this thought of just wanting everything mapped out for us, does hold us back from making sustainable changes. And I see this most often when it comes to meal plans. So while meal plans can be a great way to start making changes, we have to recognize their limitations. They do give us an idea of how to hit our goals - the portions we need, recipes we can use, ways to quickly and easily meal prep. BUT they don’t teach us to include foods we will ultimately want to eat. Or show us how to balance our actual lifestyle with our goals.  They’re a short term fix. They are the reason we get bored or feel restricted or eventually fall off our habit changes… Because we don’t learn. So if we choose to use a meal plan, we want to realize it is meant to be a short term fix. And as we implement it, there are some strategies we can use to transition over time to fully learning how to make those sustainable changes… We can start by tracking the meal plan to see the portions to then make swaps with other foods we enjoy. We can tweak the recipes in the plan or even take the macros and search for other recipes we like or already use that match, even adapting our current favorites to work. We can include meals out where they work in. But the key is we take that framework and see how we can slowly tweak it based on what is realistic for us. Because we need to see making changes less as us forcing ourselves to fit a mold and more as there are different ways to use the mold to also fit our needs. We have to balance doing the “right” habits with what we can also do consistently! And this can even mean creating our OWN meal plan… Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Nov 01, 2022
FHP 443 - 5 Sucky Truths You Need To Embrace For Success

Honestly succeeding at anything in my opinion is hard. It often means doing things we don’t like. Sticking with things even when there doesn’t seem to be progress. Not only putting up with failures but embracing them and learning from them… There is lots of not so fun things along the road to success…but you have to find ways to embrace these things if you want to see results and maintain them. That’s why I wanted to share some “truths” I’ve found that I think taking ownership of is key if you want to see long-term success…. Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Oct 25, 2022
FHP 442 - You Must Let Go To Move Forward

You Must Let Go To Move Forward A psychology professor entered the classroom with half a glass of water in his hand. The students expected the old common question “was it half empty or half full?” But to the surprise, he asked them “How heavy is this glass of water?” The answers given by the students ranged from 7 oz. To 25 oz. But the professor replied that the actual weight of the glass with water doesn’t always matter but how long you hold the glass is what matters. If you hold the glass for a minute, you won’t feel much weight. But if you hold for 10 minutes, you will feel a little more weight and it gets heavier for you with hours. If you hold it for the entire day, then your hands would go numb and pain. That very light and small and MINOR glass of water will become increasingly heavy. The same thing happens with our little slip ups and stresses. The more we focus on them, the more we give them our attention and beat ourselves up over them and focus on them over just learning from them and moving forward, the bigger they become. We need to learn to let go of the things we can’t change or control while not ignoring them. We have to recognize them, take ownership of them BUT not just dwell on what happened. Because if we instead feel guilty, let it derail multiple days and throw us off...well the weight of that event adds up. It gains more importance in our mind. It festers and builds to hold back progress. It becomes WORSE than it really was. Do not little mistakes that are mere light glasses of water become things you can barely hold up because youve let your mind stay focused on them. Instead remember that those mistakes only hold weight if we allow ourselves to DWELL on them. Basically the Moral: You should learn to let go of your stresses and setbacks. If you can do something about it, just do it. In the other case, just leave it and work towards your goals or else it just kills your productivity. NOW WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP YOURSELF MOVE FORWARD: Consider WHY This Situation Impacts You So Much Learn my 3 step recipe to lose fat and keep it off without feeling miserable. Show me the three-step recipe

Oct 18, 2022
FHP 441 - Don’t work harder

One of the hardest things for me personally to do is PAUSE. Pause and assess. Pause and learn. Pause and reflect. I like action. Honestly I’m prone to working harder wasting effort to just DO something over slowing down to learn and assess. But the secret to the best results in as short a time as possible isnt hard work... Its efficiency of work. And efficiency comes from constantly learning, constantly honing your skills. Constantly perfecting your tools and building your resources. It doesnt come from simply trying to do more. Because too often when we try to just do more and work harder, we dont find the best way to do something. And we end up wasting a ton of effort. A perfect example of this is the tale of two woodcutters. Woodcutter A cuts wood all day, never pausing to rest. Woodcutter B, on the other hand, at times throughout the day stops and sits down. At the end of the day, Woodcutter B has cut 3 times more wood than Woodcutter A. Woodcutter A incredulously asks, "How the heck have you cut so much more wood than me? You rested far more!" Woodcutter B says, "I wasnt resting, I was sharpening my saw." All too often we dont want to take that step back to improve. We dont want to regress to progress. We dont want to slow down and learn something new. It feels like were wasting time. Or slowing our momentum. Or taking a "break." But often that step back can lead to a huge leap forward. Stop trying to rush results by just working harder. Be willing to pause and sharpen your skills (hehe) and build your resources and knowledge to be more productive. It will save you a ton of time, wasted effort and ultimately help you move forward faster in the end! So how can you get yourself to pause at times and do the learning that is necessary to stop working harder and instead learn to be more efficient?

Oct 11, 2022
FHP 440 - Are You Truly Ready To Make A Change?

I think sometimes we WANT a change. We WANT a new and better result… But we aren’t truly READY to do what it takes to make a change. And so we will never succeed no matter how motivated we are. Now you may be thinking how can I be motivated but not ready? Because motivation is the DESIRE to do something. Being truly READY to make a change means you’re in the headspace to make sacrifices. You’re capable of doing the hard. You’re ready to embrace things that make you question what you’ve always done and challenge you to get outside your comfort zone. Ready is about more than wishing or hoping for a change…it means you’re prepared to do the hard to get the result. And all too often the reason we buy a program and never start despite being motivated is because we aren’t ready for the challenge of change. Because change is hard. Now if you’re thinking…. “I’m motivated so how do I know if I’m ready?” I wanted to share some tips I’ve found helpful for clients to take that motivation and let it propel them into being ready to do what is necessary to get results.

Oct 04, 2022
FHP 439 - Tracking IS NOT Restrictive

One size doesn’t fit all and tracking isn’t right for everyone. And even those that do track won’t use this tool in the exact same way or even forever. Heck, I was a person AGAINST tracking for a very long time. I made all the excuses about why not to do it. And I never saw the results I wanted. Until I decided to try to see opportunity in a different perspective. Until I decided to be open to something new and uncomfortable. I like to really highlight the purpose of any tools we may choose, or not choose to use. I want us to truly understand them. Because that gives us power. I think when we don’t understand a tool and its purpose…we don’t properly use them or even know when they aren’t right for us. I also want to discuss tracking being restrictive because I’m a big believer in NOT giving tools power over us. When we say we can’t track because it makes us obsessed or judgmental…or it’s too restrictive, we are giving the tracker POWER. And in trying to avoid something, we are almost giving it as much thought and attention as we do if we just do it. If you think about it…we can oddly obsess just as much in avoiding as we can in implementing. That tool still has power even in our avoidance of it. And that’s not to say we may not choose to avoid using it BUT I think the more we can put everything in its place and realize we are fully in control of our implementation the strong and more in control of our life we become. So now is tracking restrictive? The short answer is no.

Sep 26, 2022
FHP 428 - 5 Unpopular Truths - Why You’re Not Seeing The Fat Loss Results You Want

While we each do have our own unique set of circumstances, our unique needs and goals, often there are some fundamental things we can adjust no matter what if we aren’t seeing the results we want. There are actually 5 things I like to focus on first before we move into more of the details if a client comes to me saying they aren’t seeing the results they’d like…

Sep 20, 2022
FHP 437 - How Do You Even Know What Is Possible?

How Do You Even Know What Is Possible? I got asked on a post about getting abs the other day… “How do you even know what is possible for you?” It was one of those moments where you sit back and you go… “Well huh!” And my honest answer back was… “I don’t think you can fully know what is possible until you try.” I don’t think we can ever fully know how far we can go with something until we’ve tried. And even then, we can’t fully predict the snowball that will happen as we continue to accumulate knowledge, make those small improvements and let TIME do its work. I say this looking back at my own photos over the years, my own lifting logs… When I was doing 2 pull ups, I would never have said I’d get 20 beautiful ones in a row. When I was first trying to change my body type from the orange with toothpick limbs, I would never have told you I’d have abs I wanted to show off. Heck if you asked me if I’d have half nakey photos I’d share of myself to social media while also filming videos every week, I would have laughed at you and thought you were crazy. Because none of these things are what I necessarily envisioned even when working toward specific goals. Because I don’t think we can fully predict the outcome of any journey.  We can just envision what we’d like, constantly work to improve and implement and adjust habits…and stay focused on tweaking based on how things are progressing. But I do think we have to embrace that our ultimate goals, our results may not be exactly what we expected to start. This doesn’t mean they’ll be worse or better. But often they are different.  But we also have to remember we can’t hold ourselves back from trying just because we don’t know what is possible. We have to remember that line of…  Everything seems impossible until we prove it possible. So if you want to get better at something, don’t set a limit. See you goal as your starting point to shoot for. See a goal not so much as the expectation but a vision to drive you. And then set your expectations to learn and grow along the way. When we do this, we find out more about ourselves. We learn what are truly our priorities. We learn what matters to us. And we improve and grow. And often, no that end result isn’t fully what we expected. But often it can even be better. And it can lead to other progress, other wins. But I think in life we have to realize that so much can’t be predicted. So much has to be us taking a risk and seeing where things can go! So if there is something you want to work toward…who cares if it is even truly possible? Why not see how close you can get? Here are 3 tips to help you get started today seeing what is possible…

Sep 12, 2022
FHP 436 - Which Direction Are You Heading?

Everyday we are either working toward our goals or moving farther away from them. And while I don’t think we can always be focused on the future, and immediate gratification will at times “sabotage” our long-term goals and focus, I think recognizing that every day is building our future result… That your situation today is a result of your past hustle… Is super key. Because so often we stress perfection when we start a new program. We get up in a 21 day or even 6 week SPRINT….only to burn ourselves out with the habits so we can’t keep moving forward. Instead we need to focus on those small habit changes. The ways we can make 1% improvements. The ways we can be BETTER THAN we would have been in the same situation before. Because every day we are technically building and moving forward or taking that step back. And step backs are GOING to happen. But we have to recognize that, in life, there is no starting over. So how fast we get results will also be impacted by those steps….in either direction. That’s why that TODAY, right now, as you plan for tomorrow…as you choose between trying to be perfect and rely on willpower over making small changes to constantly learn and grow, you have to recognize that every day you are making the choice about which direction you will move in. And if you fall down? If you slip up, while that one event may have moved you away from your goal, the power you give that situation can impact future days. And those days again are either moving you forward or setting you back. Results come from what we consistently do. From how we learn and move forward. And again…There is NO STARTING OVER. That’s why I wanted to share 3 tips I use to help myself find ways to always move forward even on those days that feel like you’ve taken that step back.

Sep 05, 2022
FHP 435 - 7 Travel Hacks To Maintain Your Weight Loss

There is nothing better than going on vacation. But it is often where we feel like we sabotage our results and our diet and exercise routines go to die. I wanted to share 7 tips to help you stay on track while you travel so you can keep moving forward toward your weight loss goals. However, I also want to mention that I believe vacations can, and should, be a time to relax and enjoy. Diets often fail because we force restriction at times when we do need to embrace a balance. We end up not really being able to diet on vacation while also not really allowing ourselves to relax. And this ultimately backfires. However, if you travel for work or just travel often and want to find the lifestyle balance right for you, these tips can help you stay consistent with your macros and your workouts while not at home! Do not feel guilty about not using every time you travel as an excuse to splurge. I know sometimes our friends or family can make us feel awkward for caring, but we need to stay focused on what also makes us happy in our progress toward our goals! Because we can’t just always make the excuse that this is a once in a lifetime experience if we’re traveling all the time! So what are the 7 travel hacks to help you stay on track?

Aug 29, 2022