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#3 - Eric Miller

Due to persistent audio issues, this upload is largely a test to identify how it sounds through the applications.  Working description:  Eric Miller is an analytical biochemist working at Pfizer. I had the pleasure to sit down with Eric and have a great conversation with him broadly surrounding Science, Athletics, Ethics and Philosophy. This conversation took place shortly before memorial day and, due to technical issues and personal-life conflicts, has not seen the light of day. I am hoping to get these issues solved so the world may hear our incredible 3-hour conversation.  --- Send in a voice message:

3h 12m
Sep 11, 2022
#2 - Hunter Kinder

Hunter Kinder is an Analytical Chemist, Validation Chemist, and my friend from DynaLabs LLC.  --- Send in a voice message:

1h 10m
Feb 14, 2022
#1 - Nathan Suthoff

Eric sits down with Nathan Suthoff, his friend and coworker. Nathan is a Quality Control Chemist at Avantor.  --- Send in a voice message:

1h 57m
Jan 18, 2022
Introduction / Mic Check

Checking the playback of my new Shure SM7B microphone.  Soon to be deleted, this episode details the intentions behind the new name and production.  --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 04, 2021
A bit of a farewell

Saying goodbye to E on the Go and launching another series soon

Jan 08, 2021
Columbus Day - “Indians” Be Specific

On this Columbus Day, I’m exploring our usage of the word “Indian” without PC jargon. This is a solo free association to articulate this idea of using the word as well as being specific with your speech.

Oct 15, 2019
Academic Journals

Researcher: A new app that compiles thousands of research articles. Also, a mini-rant into why I despise the academic journal paywalls

Apr 15, 2019
Blinkers, Monkey Scientists, and Gabriel’s Horn

In this Episode: Eric covered proper use of blinkers, proper use of science as a means of discovery, and the mathematical complexity that is Gabriel’s Horn.

1h 22m
Mar 22, 2019
Pi Day, Why Pi?

E on the Go features science breakthroughs, physical phenomenon and philosophical debates. In Today’s Episode, we explore Pi on Pi Day

Mar 14, 2019
Platform Test, Background and Random College Degree Tangent

E on the Go features science breakthroughs, physical phenomenon and philosophical debates.

Mar 13, 2019

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Jan 13, 2018