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Unlocking the Secrets of a Mix Vision: Expert Tips and Tricks!

Chris and Jody delve into how a mix engineer goes for getting a vision for where a mix can go. Listening to a rough mix to chatting with the client about their wants. Determining the type of music it is, along with the arrangement and feel will play a part in generating the vision. Listen to get even more ideas for how to fully realize the vision needed for a mix.

Mar 24
Unlock Your Creativity with these Dynamic Reverb Choices!

Chris and Jody return to the subject of reverb. Going over a review of the types of reverbs we have access to. Then discussing what types of reverb we use under various examples of particular instruments. Learn what both Chris and Jody use on vocals and some hidden secrets of layering different reverbs and why.

Mar 17
Join the Exciting Adventure into the Depths of Flanging Effects!

Chris and Jody look further into the world of modulation effects. This time the journey goes into Flanging. How it got it's start and where did it debut. Who original thought it up and where did it begin to branch out. What exactly creates the flanging effect? It's all in here plus a little dip into the Phaser pool as well. Plus find out how Chris and Jody make use of it.

Mar 10
Writer’s Block? No Problem! Learn How to Conquer it Now!

Chris and Jody get down and dirty as helpful producers when it comes to songwriters having writer's block in the studio. Obviously not a great problem to have. Here we dole out 10 ideas to help alleviate writer's block in all kinds of ways. Plus there's even a story about a famous composer / producer that might make you hurl.

Mar 03
The Pros & Cons of Hardware & Software Synths - Let’s Talk Now!

Chris and Jody waltz into the minefield of hardware vs software synths. What are the pros and cons to each side of the fence? What particular side of the fence do they land on? What is the practical application of each and what do some of the more successful musician producers tend to use in the studio or in a live situation? They're ready for the blowback on the controversial topic.

Feb 24
Unveiling The Secrets of Choosing The Right Vocal Mic

Chris and Jody detail the journey they have taken learning the ropes of choosing the right vocal mic. Discussing different types of mics and how they go about figuring out what mic will suit a voice. Plus what advantages we now have with modern mic setups that gives the end user a better way to choose the right mic to compliment a voice for a recording.

Feb 17
How to Enhance Your Music Production with Esoteric Effects

Chris and Jody look into the outer reaches of the effects to use for productions. What would be called Esoteric effects. What are they? Why would we call them that? How to go about putting some of them to use in productions and mixes. What are our favorites that we reach for when needed? It's all in here and a little more.   *****************************************   Gear We Used: Jody’s Mic & Voice Chain:  Telefunken C12 - Apollo - UA Neve 1073 - UA LA2 - UA Studer A800 Jody’s Channel Strip: iZotope RX 8 Spectral DeNoise - iZotope RX 8 Mouth DeClick - UA Neve 1073 - UA LA2 - UA 1176E   Chris’ Mic & Voice Chain: Slate ML1 - Apogee Duet - iZotope RX 7 Spectral DeNoise - Slate VMR (FG12 - FG76 - API EQ - SSL 4kE) Chris’ Channel Strip: Eventide Precision Time Align - iZotope RX 8 Spectral DeNoise - iZotope RX 8 Mouth DeClick - UA Neve 1073 - UA LA2 - UA 1176E   Master: Soothe 2 - iZotope  Ozone 9 Imager - iZotope Ozone 9 Maximize   *****************************************   If you want to collaborate, sponsor a podcast or want us to review your product - contact us at -   *****************************************   Follow Us on Social Media: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -  

Feb 10
Autotune Secrets Revealed: Inside Look at the Best Tuning Software and Plugins

Chris and Jody hit the autobahn of decisions. To tune or not to tune vocals or other instruments, that is the question. It's a subject many don't like to chat about. It's also an important part of modern music's DNA. What does the ItRS duo do? What do they use? What are the major players in the world of tuning? It's all here and a little bit more.

Feb 03
Production Candy: How to Use It For Professional Quality Music

Chris and Jody delve into the tasty subject of production candy. What elements make up production candy? Why think about production candy? Are there overused elements of production candy? How can you implement production candy into your mixes and production? Should you implement production candy in them? It's all here and then some.

Jan 27
Diving Into Chorus FX: What Makes It So Special?

Chris and Jody delve into the inner workings of what makes up Chorus as an effect. Talking about how the sound is achieved and where it really got it's comeuppance. Explaining some of the common parameters that control Chorusing and describing how they use it. Plus divulge what their favorite Chorus units are.

Jan 20
Reference Tracks: What You Need to Know for Production & Writing Inspiration

Chris and Jody come with a partner chat about reference tracks for production and writing emulation. What are reference tracks for production and writing and do Chris or Jody use them? What's the point of emulation inspiration? Are there pitfalls to making use of reference tracks for this purpose? Where should they fit into one's workflow and what should be avoided if using them? That's the burning core of this episode.

Jan 13
Reference Tracks: What You Need to Know for a Professional Mix

Chris and Jody kick off 2023 with a chat about reference tracks. What are reference tracks and do Chris or Jody use them? What's the point of reference tracks? Are there pitfalls to making use of reference tracks? Where should they fit into one's workflow and what should be avoided if using them? That's the burning core of this episode.

Jan 06
2022 Wrap Up

Chris and Jody take stock of 2022. Talking about things they've learned, things they've changed and things they think the future will hold. Plus there's some added bonus of goal setting.

Dec 30, 2022
Mixing Secret Revealed: Learn How To Master Parallel Compression

Chris and Jody take a side street with today's episode as we come down the alley to the end of 2022. It's parallel compression. How do you do parallel compression? The methods that can be used to achieve it. Why would you want to do parallel compression? What to watch out for and how often we use it. Is there a compressor we each use more often than others to work with parallel compression? Come along for the ride.

Dec 23, 2022
Talking Music, Life, Creation and more with Venus Theory

Chris and Jody bring on the creative powerhouse Venus Theory. Find out about his humble beginnings on Mount Olympus and the unique way he got into music. We dive into making music, matters of life, ways to create and so much more. It's a power-packed 90 minute interview with Cameron aka Venus Theory.

1h 29m
Dec 16, 2022
5 Recording Workflow Tips That Will Make You A Studio Pro!

Chris and Jody cut to the chase with some workflow tips to help you when it comes to not wasting client's time in the studio. They have 5 tips to put on your front burner to simmer into your workflow. Plus there's a few personal choices to help color the stew.

Dec 09, 2022
How To Record Killer Electric Guitar Tracks At Home

Chris and Jody unwind the simple choices that producers need to make when tackling electric guitars. Hardware choices like amp heads and cabs to pair with mics. Or going the software route.

Dec 02, 2022
10 Things To Know When You Go Into A Session

Chris and Jody head over to the other side of the glass. Going into a checklist for musicians, artists, and bands looking to go into a studio and record. What are the do's and don'ts? How can this help you find the right fit of a studio. How it can help a studio owner better serve those who wish to record at their studio. Plus we give a few personal examples we've dealt with. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Nov 25, 2022
Mono Compatibility Explained - How To Check For It!

Chris and Jody decide it's time to think about mono compatibility. With so many smart speakers on the market these days, it's a wise choice to start thinking about how a mix will translate on them. What are the reasons for mono compatibility? How to check for mono compatibility? What are some of the pitfalls that can ruin mono compatibility? All this and more this time around. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Nov 18, 2022
Tips For A Better Studio Schedule That Will Help You Be More Productive

Chris and Jody pull into the station on a listener request. Talking about time management and good studio scheduling. Making sure you stay busy, but not feeling over worked. Making sure you're not under scheduled and scrambling to find more work. Also, hints to keeping track of your time in order to figure out how long you take and what you should be charging. It's all in here and more. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Nov 11, 2022
Strymon BigSky Reverb. Why You Need To Know About This Amazing Plugin

Chris and Jody get an early bird worm look at a new reverb plugin, BigSky from Strymon. This is Strymon's first foray into the world of plugin computing and what better way to introduce itself to your DAW and digital rig setup than with the luscious BigSky? Chris and Jody discuss putting the plugin thru it's paces. An in-depth look at all the reverb playgrounds. Plus an extra deep dive into several of the playgrounds and how they make the BigSky Reverb unique. And for a first time ever for ItRS, we have some audio examples to showcase the BigSky - head over to to listen. 

Nov 04, 2022
SSL 4000 Console - The Nearly Complete Guide

Chris and Jody go exploring the SSL 4000 console. Giving a brief look at the history of the company and the board. Then they get into the nuts & bolts of all aspects of the channels and the SSL sound. The input, the dynamics, the EQ, the filers and more. It's all here and then some. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Oct 28, 2022
Productivity Hacks - How To Be Productive During Your Down Time

Chris and Jody unload about how to be productive while having down time. You know that time when you're not super busy recording, mixing, mastering all the latest tracks from the current hot band who requested your special skills. There are 3 categories of ideas presented here to help you get your mind right when you're between projects. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Oct 21, 2022
10 Common Mastering Mistakes Most People Make And How To Fix Them

Chris and Jody lay out a list of mistakes that are easy to make when starting on the journey to becoming a mastering engineer. There are no less than 10 mistakes laid out to take in, internalize and then let go of. Come on inside and figure out the path to mastering bliss with us. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Oct 14, 2022
How To Get Things Done Quickly When You Have Short Deadlines

Chris and Jody make quick work of ways to operate when you've got short deadlines. What are some real world examples we've come across. Best practices that have helped us and can certainly help you. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Oct 07, 2022
The Difference Between Corrective EQ And Sweetening EQ - What You Need To Know

Chris and Jody divide and conquer the subjects of corrective EQ and sweetening EQ. What is the definition of each? Where do we approach each style of EQ? What is the process value of each style of EQ? All this is discussed and more. Don't forget the Friday Finds that we found this week for you!

Sep 30, 2022
How To Use Music Theory To Become A Better Producer (And Mix Engineer)

Chris and Jody weigh in on the concept of knowing music theory. Should a producer, a musician, a mix engineer know music theory? Will it help or hinder the situation in the studio? How about the writing process? Are there pitfalls to dealing with artists that don't know music theory? It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Sep 23, 2022
Inside the World of ’Bad’ TV, Music Composer Mike Greene

Chris and Jody (with their kinda fun podcast) sit down to chat with songwriter, producer, VI maker extraordinaire - Mike Greene. You've likely heard Mike's handiwork on "bad" TV shows or some artist's records. Or maybe you've heard of his VI company Realitone. We go deep with Mike and find out what makes him tick. Plus we learn a rather interesting connection between him and David Bowie. Find out what we learned!

1h 34m
Sep 16, 2022
Learn How To Become A Master Compressor User

Chris and Jody open up some windpipes on the methods of learning how to hear what compression is doing. Covering the controls of a normal compressor, to extreme settings that should really accentuate what it's doing to a signal. Plus a few more little tricks to the trade that we've used to learn to hear what a compressor is doing and use it to your advantage. It's also not unlikely that there will be some nonsense discussed.

Sep 09, 2022
The Return Of Side Chain: What Is The Best Way To Use Side Chain In Your Mix?

Chris and Jody delve into the depths of side chaining. We discuss what it is, and various ways it can improve your mix. Plus what types of methods we make use of to effectively incorporate side chaining to create movement and change in a mix.

Sep 02, 2022