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Cousin Colby share his intellectual conversations with his friends. They talk about life love and business. So bring your notebooks to jot down all the gems that will help you work, live and play. Free Game

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Maine the Master

Cousin Colby sits down with Augusta's own by way of Brooklyn, New York. Maine, the Podcast Enthusiast. He talks about the lessons and success of life and podcast. He elaborates on how he built Augusta's most consistent and prominent podcast.

1h 14m
Mar 14
Free Game the Podcast - Augusta Edition

Cousin Colby sits down with Augusta's own Katrell Nash. A prominent criminal defense lawyer who is running for chief judge for the county. She talks about almost failing and getting kicked out her program. She covers how hard the bar was and she even told us what song she turn up to before trial. So sit back this is a hour long series.

Mar 10
In My Bag aka Feelinssss

This episode is Cousin Colby comeback. He talks about the mental health limitations that set him back from unveiling his gift to the world. He does a deep dive into his feelings, making this the most vulnerable he has ever been in public. Make sure you grab your kleenex you may need'em .

Mar 10
Nips of the Neighborhood

Cousin Colby sit down with two great friends of his. They talk about how they originally got connected and how they plan on taking over the world. They include every thing from father hood to business. Neal the Great and Fa the CEO are a great group of brothers who drop gems of a lifetime.. Check it out!

1h 33m
Aug 07, 2020
RECAP BGBT - Cousin Colby visit w/ R.Taylor and her new Podcast

I have a coaching consulting business titled GrindChat. On this episode recap we catch up and talk about the principles my business partner sowed to help develop icons like R.Taylor.

Feb 14, 2020
RECAP - Cousin Colby Speak at a Private Middle School

I was invited to speak at this middle school during Black History School. I was invited to share my story on how I overcame adversity.

Feb 14, 2020
RECAP - 2017 w/ More than the Master podcast. Free Game Bonus Ep - 3301

This was my first podcast interview opportunity with my guy Maine. He is from Augusta by way of Newyork. We met years ago when I was hustling cutting hair. We catch up on life, rules and principles. Check it Out!

1h 33m
Feb 14, 2020