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From the Dean of air cargo journalists off the cuff, right to the heart of the air cargo business. It's the past, present and future in conversations with Geoffrey Arend, Award Winning Editor & Publisher of Air Cargo News Flying Typers since 1975 .Geoffrey is the original Air Cargo News .Our publication was in business publishing monthly eight years before a publication of the same name, now owned by the German DVZ Group appeared in the UK during 1983. Support this podcast:

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Tulsi Smart Hits The Bullseye For Dart

The theme for International Women’s Month this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” Who better to represent air cargo during International Women’s Month 2023 than Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney, who is celebrating over five decades in air cargo. Tulsi is Managing Director and Accountable Manager of Blue Dart Aviation and is our lead off story as we launch Women’s Month 2023. Blue Dart is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and serves 7 Indian metro cities. Deutsche Post owns a 70% stake in the airline through its subsidiary Blue Dart Express. Blue Dart operates a fleet of 6 B757-200 freighters to leading India cities. “The only constant in my 28 years here,” Tulsi said unhesitatingly, “has been the enduring passion and resilience of the people who make up this amazing industry, and who have helped it grow and evolve through decades of varied challenges and turbulence”. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 06
Fruit Logistica Opens Wednesday in Berlin / CEIV Up Close

Fruit and vegetable lovers will be 'loving it up' at Berlin’s Annual Fruit Logistica all this week at the massive Berlin ExpoCenterCity and CityCube in Germany, February 8-10, 2023. It may come as a shock to some shippers to learn that one of the biggest challenges to safe handling of lithium batteries or lithium anything is the paperwork. Enter an IATA-initiative branded Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV), a process that now can assure auditing the action and providing confidence for lithium battery shipping. Created by IATA Cargo in 2021, Qatar Airways and its global handler Qatar Aviation Services just received certification of the duo’s outstanding ongoing handling of lithium battery shipments. Qatar Aviation Services is the first ground-handling company to be certified in this manner globally. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 06
All Bruce Did Was Give Air Cargo A Lifetime

A Billion Here a Billion There . . . Remember the Price-Fixing Air Cargo Surcharges scandal that rocked the global air cargo industry in late 2010 when  in Europe for example 11 legacy carriers were found guilty after Lufthansa and Swiss threw everybody under the bus and elsewhere got immunity, as eager prosecutors in countries around the world handed out fines? On again, off again, the case has continued for the past dozen years. In America and elsewhere once young lawyers looking to make political or law careers have entered middle age and still may still  file an appeal. Well, while you were putting your kids through Grade School, High School & most of College if you have been (happily) married, (we hope so) for that long, the airlines have been fighting the price-fixing fines. Now apparently, finally Air France /KLM beat the rap on December 20, 2022, and were issued an annulment for their €3.9 million fine according to Linklaters ( I sat down at a favorite watering hole The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station in New York City with the late Bruce McCaffrey the lifetime Qantas Cargo USA  hand who ran North & South America and masterminded  the Qantas Freight West Imperial cargo transfer facility at LAX, after he was thrown under the bus by Qantas.  It was 2008 . In ill health,  bowed but not broken, Bruce died a few years later. Recently Air France /KLM beat the"Price fixing" rap on December 20, 2022 joining a growing list of airlines, and were issued an annulment for their €3.9 million fine according to Linklaters ( --- Support this podcast:

Jan 30
Gentleman Bill An American Saga

Bill Spohrer died December 16 in Sarasota, Florida at age 91. Air Cargo lost a giant that quietly walked among us and made one hell of a difference in air cargo, changing the face of Miami Airport completely by innovating that airport some decades ago, into the pole position of global leadership in perishables. It was Bill that changed "Corrosion Corner" in the air cargo area at Miami International into a huge refrigerator masquerading as an air cargo facility that eventually became a cornerstone of UPS operations at that gateway. Bill was the driver in the creation of The International Air Cargo Association where he served as that organization's first President. He also was instrumental in the founding of Air Cargo Americas. Both are forces for good in organized air cargo today. In the here today, gone tomorrow world of air cargo, Bill was for all seasons, and now he should be remembered as among the greatest air cargo builders of the 20th Century. Here is Bill's story, written in 1993 by the greatest aviation historian R.E.G. Davies, when Ron was Curator of Air Transport at The National Air Museum in Washington, D.C. Ron died in 2011, after many decades at NASM, having authored 30 books, including more than a dozen detailed histories of the leading airlines of the world and the Berlin Airlift. Happy New Year 2023! --- Support this podcast:

Jan 08
JC Delen On The Case & Brussels Sprouts

Here is an update as trade shows begin to take shape for 2023. The International Air Cargo Association said its Executive Summit 2023 will be held in Brussels November 6-8, 2023 at the exquisite, recently renovated, historic Skyhall. Inaugurated in 1958, to receive the many visitors of the first post-war World Exhibition, Skyhall was nothing short of ground-breaking. One of its outstanding features was the 1,800-meter high, glass-fronted transit hall with its seemingly floating arched roof. Interestingly the TIACA Executive Summit will take place in Brussels almost one month to the date FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations closes its World Congress Event (October 3-6, 2023) , making 2023 the year of a big double header win for BRU Gateway. Dare we imagine some interaction of these two stalwart world transportation organizations? TIACA said that it is working with Brussels Airport Company to organize a first class conference, which will bring together over 300 decision makers from across the globe to network, showcase their companies and products, as well as learn and debate pressing issues affecting the entire industry. This story prepared by Marco Sorgetti includes a visit with iconic FIATA activist and airport expert Jean-Claude Delen --- Support this podcast:

Nov 29, 2022
How Miami Landed It's First Asian Scheduled Carrier

How Miami Landed Its First Asian Scheduled Carrier Once upon a time in 1994 I found myself in Taipei, Taiwan sitting at lunch with Peter Yap, who was the top cargo executive for China Airlines Cargo. At one point, Peter looked at me and said: “The trouble today is finding markets that offer great growth potential and also support from the local gateway. “Very rare,” Peter said. “Taiwanese people love to eat fish and we cannot get enough of it, competing with Europe and elsewhere.” I looked at Peter, who was eager to do business, and thought about Miami. Our company had personally served and followed the gateway since 1975 with distribution of our Air Cargo News publication. We delivered ACN to the cargo area at Miami, back when it was located in the part of the airport that served the U.S. Army during World War II. The place was called Miami International Air Depot, or MIAD. I also thought about the two detailed history books we created about the airport after Amaury Zuriarrain brought us in to meet General Manager Richard Judy. Legendary Dick Judy green lit the first book and later an all-cargo book about MIA Cargo created for Miami Aviation Director Gary Dellapa. I looked at Peter and said: “Peter, come to Miami, bring a freighter into South Florida where all the fish you need will swim right into the airplane, and you will make history.” Celebrating Michael Chowdry, one of the most successful people in the history of air cargo founded Atlas Air Worldwide 30 years ago. The Pakistani native began flying in 1993 with one 747 freighter. Today Atlas is the largest ACMI operator on the planet. It's been 21 years since that sad day on January 24, 2001 when Mike, who was only 46, died whilst piloting his jet in Watkins, Colorado with Jeff Cole, a reporter on board. Election Day Strange Choice For TIACA Opening The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Air Cargo Forum (ACF) begins on November 8 Election Day across the U.S., which means to attend the first day of TIACA, unless you can figure out how to get to an absentee voting center, how will you be in two places at the same time a week from this Tuesday? --- Support this podcast:

Nov 03, 2022
EMO Trans USA Celebrates 50 Big Ones

The Garden City Hotel in Long Island, New York with its distinctive cupola originally designed by Stanford White atop the structure, has been a landmark hostelry in New York for over 125 years.      Here was the ground zero center of the global aviation universe for a couple of days in 1927, situated at the exact spot from where a young air mail pilot and soldier of fortune named Charles Lindbergh spent his last moments sleeping fitfully upstairs, resting his head on a pillow for a few hours, while downstairs the press corps plugged in the rest of the world to the news that an attempt was about to take place for one man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.      Soon enough “The Lone Eagle”, as Lindy was dubbed, emerged from his slumbers and took the short ride over to Roosevelt Field in the early morning mist. The flight that changed the world took off in a tiny monoplane, heavy with fuel that caused it to barely skim over the tree tops at the end of the runway. From that point, the world held its breath and followed that flight.      The next evening when Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget Field in France, the Garden City Hotel had hosted the first flier to cross the Atlantic. Today that Garden City Hotel no longer looks like it did in 1927: it was lost in a fire. In its place, The Garden City Hotel in 2022 is a big beautiful modern hostelry. It radiates opulence and success with few traces of its glorious past, aside from the one that has mattered for about 100 years.      Surely this is the best place to celebrate reaching a milestone, with the greatest credentials tied to world avOn October 1st, EMO Trans Global Logistics people celebrated the 50th Anniversary of service to the U.S. In this place so hallowed to aviation the spirit and the finely crafted traditionalist hand of EMO U.S. founder, the late Joachim “Jo” Frigger was fondly remembered by Mr. EMO himself, Eckart Moltmann, who today at 84 travelled to honor and celebrate 50 years of service in the U.S. of the company now branded EMO Trans Global Logistics.      EMO, an endearment attached to Eckart’s name as a young man, ended up being used as an "easy to remember and pronounce" branding device for the company he created in Stuttgart in 1965 as a one-man shop.      EMO on this past Saturday night fondly recalled his friendship with Jo and admitted that he never dreamed that eventually the company he began, “would end in 2022 as a global power.”      But this night’s celebration belonged to the visionary and inspirational leader of EMO Trans, Jo Frigger, his loss keenly felt in an outpouring of affection by those who knew him well.      Today there is no doubt where the heart of EMO Trans beats: the EMO Trans World Headquarters, the seat of the global enterprise, is just down the street from the Garden City Hotel. Jo Frigger, it can be said without hesitation, is the person that put it all together in the U.S., half a century ago. --- Support this podcast:

Oct 05, 2022
Pay Cargo Big Story At IATA World Cargo This Week In London

Today PayCargo pulled off a show stopper announcement at International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium in London announcing that the financial service company is spreading its wings beyond North America into Europe, the Middle East and Asia. PayCargo also revealed that they will be expanding their product offering and will be providing payment solutions for air waybill charges in addition to the ancillary charges they do today. PayCargo brought in air cargo industry expert Michael White to make it official at the World Cargo Symposium in London. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 28, 2022
Busan FIATA Best Produced Global Logistics Show of 2022

Busan Blockbuster Best Produced  Logistics Show of 2022 The essence of the freight forwarding job is being the body and soul of the problem-solver. This particular nature comes to its acme at the FIATA World Congress every year and those who have the opportunity to participate will always return home with more value than they have brought into it. On 12th of September 2022 Ivan Petrov, President of FIATA, opened the FIATA World Congress in Busan Korea with a message of hope and achievement. His words resonated in the wonderful setup of the Congress venue in Busan, where hundreds of delegates flocked from all over the world, eager to meet again after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic.      Mr. Petrov mentioned the Reset Program launched in 2019 entering a new chapter with big progress in digitalization, training and development, membership growth, marketing and events. Media report showed an excellent outcome: considerably increased FIATA’s global visibility, and recognition amongst international organizations, NGOs and UN structures at governmental level.      Ivan unveiled the new FIATA mission statement: “FIATA is the largest Federation and voice of global logistics serving its entire eco-system. It is fostering the knowledge of its members to ensure a sustainable and resilient supply chain.” One more thing worth mentioning: The South Koreans are head and shoulders better at putting on a grand cargo show than anyone. Hats off to them for a great ,exciting and wonderful presentation at FIATA World Congress in Busan. Looking Ahead in 2022 Trade Shows: The International Air Cargo Association TIACA ACF waits in the wings for early November (8-11) in the Miami Beach pastel paradise. TIACA looks like the best bet, and for all the world as the big show of the season having added some additional organization numbers along the way. But we also hear that many show stalwarts, including the any meeting anywhere devotees, saying that while it is great to go face-to-face once again, business spending being what it is, and maybe just as importantly habits post pandemic, may see some show types and other regulars pulling in their trade show ambitions in 2023. So will  Autumn 2022 be a one and done preview of back to hybrid meetings as a new normal? We hope not but check this channel as we are on this story every step of the way. Thanks for listening and for your loyal support. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 26, 2022
Fall Back Lightly Into Trade Shows

Now come a few quiet weeks after which, from September until later November, air cargo trade shows will be front and center. But wait, the pandemic is still loose and people are still getting sick. The challenge seems to be for preventive methodology and medicine to position ourselves a half a step ahead of a disease that mutates quickly. While the dreaded face masks wait in the wings for now, a new global health emergency is rearing its ugly head called “monkey pox” and can be spread via surfaces where it lives for some time. We are sitting here writing what might take place at The FIATA World Congress in Busan, Korea during mid-September. Normally organizations are boastful of who some of the higher profile attendees will be. FIATA has posted this message to their trade show website: “Please note that the Local Organization Committee (LOC) cannot publish the list of the participants to the 2022 FIATA World Congress (FWC) on its website for privacy reasons. “Only registered participants will be able to access the participants list through the custom-made 2022 FWC App, which will be made available early September.” In May we reported several cases of COVID  post Air Cargo India and combined meetings of United Airlines employees in New Orleans led to a rash of infections termed  “super spreader events” by sources. So now we are at the doorstep of the Fall Trade Show season with IATA World Cargo Symposium scheduled for September 28th in London and the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) November 8 in Miami and Logitrans set for November 16-18 in beautiful Istanbul. So maybe the numbers will be a bit off for these shows. But what is your strategy if you are going? What can you expect or at least hope for at one or all of these events? --- Support this podcast:

Aug 08, 2022
The Lady Declares Her Time Is Now

Talk about no guts, no glory—an overlooked, albeit quite courageous lady named Michelle DeFronzo has worked as an Airline Cargo Sales Agent (CSA) for 30 years. In 2000 she formed ImEx Cargo, a global logistics and air transport service provider.  ImEx Cargo like most of us over the past few years fought its way through tremendous negative COVID impacts and was just beginning to recover as a contractor for the largest Russian cargo freighter airline AirBridgeCargo, then came the Ukraine War. ABC, a Russian flag has its own story operating the world’s largest cargo planes, including the now destroyed Antonov AN-225. Using the airline’s regularly scheduled service, ImEx powered businesses and agency organizations transport products, including pharmaceuticals, PPE, vitamins, equipment, machinery, aircraft parts, and livestock to specific global destinations. But now due to the sanctions driven by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ImEx Cargo found its business with ABC Cargo shut down and had to return all shipments that had used Russian transports that were in various customs areas ready for export. ImEx customers including shippers, end customers, and ImEx itself have all been lost to each other at this time in some or all part, orphaned in the fog of war. Michelle DeFronzo, talks about Putin’s war. She  speak about it with great expertise and certainly with more experience that any other top female air cargo executive. Michelle is straight from the shoulder, right from the heart, telling it like it is. “I have been in the industry for 30-plus years and have started seeing some positive changes for women over the past 10-15 years. “More women are coming into the field and taking on more prominent roles; although it is not very common to see women in leadership positions. “At the top, air cargo is still a very male-dominated business and exponentially more difficult for women to advance. To secure contracts, I have had to learn more, know more, work harder for less money and prove myself, time and again. "My goal has always been to continue building this business by implementing strategies for competitive advantages and providing high-value added service. "ImEx Cargo has a compelling reputation in the local communities, and the community plays an essential role in expanding opportunities for airline partners. "We have earned the city, state, and federal government certifications for government contracts under the Supplier Diversity Program. This has been a work in progress, and we are developing partnerships for government contacts and companies with supplier diversity goals. We are certified for all states in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii." --- Support this podcast:

Jun 29, 2022
Ram & Des What Old Friends Do

Air cargo, it seems, will always find a way to stay close and working together on the local basis almost everywhere in the world. But in truth events that bring together and actually move the marble, whilst searching for some big ideas from a host of attendees feel like they are fewer and further between. As you read about Ram Menen, a guiding spirit that raised Emirates SkyCargo from an afterthought to a great worldwide cargo resource and Des Vertannes, an innovative original thinker and very effective one time Head of Cargo at IATA before retirement, picture yourself landing and still engaged in some future situation even from double arms distance, and still loving it. What in some part accelerated Ram and Des to become who they are, and who they are to each other was a vital, energized industry and the people they came up and worked with all during their career. Right now air cargo is famous, respected and doing boffo landmark business all over the world. We believe that it’s a good thing to think of ways to preserve the vital open meeting format of the air cargo industry that in no small part produced these two gentleman and throughout the past sixty years, countless thousands of others. If you agree and would like to comment, or have something else to say, we would very much like to hear from you. --- Support this podcast:

May 31, 2022
IATA & TIACA Sullivan & Hughes At FIATA Geneva Sessions

Listen Up As CNS Partnership Meets In Phoenix Here is Flying Talkers Podcast with details of last week in Geneva as  Glyn Hughes, TIACA DG, and  Brendan Sullivan, IATA Head of Cargo headlined the FIATA Headquarters Sessions. That deal between IATA and FIATA forged in 2016 that was supposed to make the peace between the airlines and the worlds largest organized forwarder group just did not work out. But something good just happened as revealed in an excellent job of reporting FIATA Headquarters Sessions created by Marco Sorgetti. Two top flight airline industry executives currently or at one time  tied up with IATA  gathered in Switzerland last week and participated in open and frank discussions at the FIATA Headquarters Sessions event held in Geneva May 18th. Glyn Hughes former Head of Cargo at IATA now DG at TIACA and Brendan Sullivan  Head of Cargo at IATA were very much a part of the conversation that included whats new and maybe what’s next post COVID for airlines and forwarders. Both of these gentleman will undoubtedly be situate at Phoenix all this week as IATA Cargo Network Services (CNS) gathers for  a  2022 comeback Annual Partnership Conference. So what can we expect to hear in terms of looking ahead at CNS might be interesting to preview here ? What is apparent (fingers crossed) is that our world of airlines and forwarders seem in step to working together a hell of a lot closer post pandemic. --- Support this podcast:

May 23, 2022
Apodicticity In The Sky?

Picking up the pieces of a historical disaster such as the COVID19 pandemic may not be anything one would wish to do, but reading the comments that economy analysts are sending to press this spring you get a chance to ask yourself what are these explanations trying to teach us and wonder. Looking at logistics, airlines and freight forwarders, that is more or less what I have been doing most of my life, your sense of amazed skepticism gains even more ground. --- Support this podcast:

May 10, 2022
Living,Loving,It's Just A Trade Show

Living near a street named Utopia Parkway in New York City, I suspect something unexpected could happen anytime. My great city is a kind of utopia in its own way and loyally prepares you for the unexpected. No wonder something unusual can lurk between the trade show resort meeting rooms and the golf course. Cargo Network Services (CNS) is conducting its Partnership Conference for air cargo in Phoenix beginning on May 23rd, as we just find out. I like the trade show sense of surprise. CNS, like all organized events, insists on some disciplined routine from participants and we shall be disciplined all right. Rerun In Hope Of A Result Last year we ran a story about how the hoped for cooperation between IATA and FIATA announced in Dublin in 2016 apparently was allowed to just slip slide away and did not happen. Since that time with everything else that is going on, we still wonder what happened? We think that the question deserves a clear answer from both parties: You raised a lot of hopes at the the airlines and forwarders for a new deal in cooperation between airlines and forwarders six years ago and then after launching some trial balloons in Canada, just let the cooperation fade away without so much as a long kiss goodbye. Can someone explain to the industry at large what happened? Get A Job! Here are some offers and contacts at BRU with a lyric table setter with thanks at the top for some lyrics from The Band. --- Support this podcast:

May 02, 2022
Kale By Golly A More Story / Joe McBryan & The Legacy Of Flying A DC-3

On the road again like hundreds or maybe thousands of others in logistics right now, Amar More, the Kale Logistics co-founder and Chief Executive Officer carries a business card that states in no uncertain terms: “Committed to transformation of global logistics industry”. Let us discover together why this is indeed a true statement, as many in our industry already know. We wonder about some of the drivers that moved and are still moving this company into a greater digital future in transport and logistics. Here you can get a sense of what Kale is all about to create a lead: and here are the questions to profile Amar More, who replied to us with his usual soft and effective eloquence; far from being a supercilious person, he even agreed on showing his email address in our feature. If you prefer to contact Kale directly with your additional questions, you’ll have no trouble reaching Amar by email: Joe McBryan & The Legacy Of Flying A DC-3 Joe McBryan is a modern day air cargo pioneer of aviation and air cargo. Over a half century he has pulled himself and Buffalo Airways up from the bootstraps first by flying supplies to little hard to reach villages in Northern Canada and also as an aerial firefighter, and maybe more importantly by lovingly keeping the art and ability of some 50 and even 80-year old aircraft not only together but also airworthy. Canada, for one reason or another, forbid Joe McBryan to fly passengers on one of his wonderful DC-3s via a regular schedule from Yellowknife to Hay River. The puddle jump at a couple thousand feet was a daily ritual used by commuters, business people and tourists turned a six-hour drive into a 121-mile blast from the past air journey. --- Support this podcast:

Apr 11, 2022
Stars Fell On San Francisco That Night / Why FIATA Matters in 2022

Terms of Endearment . . . United Cargo wins Sustainability Award at The International Air Cargo Association TIACA San Francisco Executive Summit March 23. Jan Krems, who never in his imagination would have planned a situation like this, as President United Cargo almost singlehandedly saved the airline with the most ambitious cargo program in airline history,  accepted the award saying simply: “I am proud to be in an industry that is really delivering.” Stars fell on San Francisco Wednesday night. At 96 years since its founding in Vienna in 1926 ,FIATA has outlived and in many cases outclassed most industry organizations in transportation. Meet some of the outstanding members of this "United Nations of Cargo" here, and beginning on May 17 when The FIATA Headquarters Session meets in Geneva. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 26, 2022
Gentleman Bill Is 90 In The Shade

Bill Spohrer had done about as much as anyone you ever met to lift organized cargo when he served as CEO of Miami-based Challenge Air Cargo. He became a driving force of a great all-cargo enterprise based at MIA that landed four square behind a new idea for a trade show called Air Cargo Americas and also helped lift the comeback of TIACA. Bill celebrated reaching 90 years of age last June 11th. Today, living quietly and comfortably out of touch in Florida with wife Lynn, Bill is smiling his way toward 91 years of age in just about four months. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 11, 2022
Charlotte's Baby Moves On Without Her

When the 2022 version of Air Cargo Americas/Supply Chain Americas Show launches this week on Tuesday March 8 after having suffering its 2021 version postponed because of COVID, the event venue will look pretty much the same as always. Maybe after all the uproar of the past two years that continues, 105 booths and 1,500 people signed up with many walk-ins always a factor at this event can be looked upon as some kind of miracle. For those of us who operate whilst in Miami on coladas and pastries from Vito’s on Curtiss Parkway, the return to this place with its vibrance is always a happy one. It’s about the people there and that this is the only true airport cargo show in the world sponsored by an airport, Miami International. No other airport in the world has a biennial cargo event of this size and dimension that has lasted as long, nor greeted more members of the air cargo industry --- Support this podcast:

Mar 07, 2022
Air Cargo Delivers Prayers For Imma

Say A Prayer For Imma As Imma van der Walt was undergoing brain surgery at Duke University Medical Center in a nine plus hour procedure meant to arrest an enlarged brain tumor, her Dad, well-known and respected transportation executive Lionel van der Walt and Mom, the always gracious and lovely Ilonka were standing by as the procedure continued all day Monday February 21 I spoke to Lionel, who said: “Never been this scared of anything in our lives before, but we know the surgery must be done. “Feeling rather "small" and helpless today. "Wish there was something we could do to help her, but it's out of our hands. “The worst feeling ever!” Here were people that are operating flat out to summon up the courage that is the resistance to master fear during the most challenging moments of their lives together. Asked what we in air cargo can do at that time, Lionel said simply: “Thanks to everyone that might say a prayer, for Imma." So we asked our readers of Flying Typers worldwide to join together and share a prayer for this young lady in her moment of maximum peril. Well you did, and the amazing team at Duke did, and somebody up there likes Imma, so our news here from the recovery ward today is excellent. For all we can tell there was some pretty powerful praying going on all over the world. So here take a moment in everything else going on in our world today to tell a feel good story about something we all did together. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 23, 2022
Valentines Day Not Coming Up Roses For India

Happy Valentine's Day It is that time of the year when love shines. But India’s flower growers/exporters will hardly feel the warmth of love this Valentine’s Day 2022. Cupid will once again bring tears – like last year – to flower growers/exporters. Many had hoped that exports would rise but that did not happen. Farewell Alfred Kuehlewind We were saddened to learn of the death of Alfred Kuehlewind this past weekend in Los Angeles. In 1974 Alfred opened Commodity Forwarders Inc. (CFI) as a one-man office in Los Angeles specializing in perishables products, especially strawberries to Europe by air. In 2017, CFI became part of Kuehne+Nagel A LUNAR NEW YEAR STORY IT IS APPARENT TO ALMOST ANYONE TRAVELING ON BUSINESS THAT THERE ISN’T ENOUGH TIME TO ENJOY AUTHENTIC LOCAL SCENERY. SINCE NO TIME FOR ANYTHING MORE THAN SURVIVAL COVID BUSINESS AS USUAL HAS BEEN UNUSUAL, TO SAY THE LEAST. BUT NOW WHILE THE VEIL SEEMS TO BE LIFTING HERE IN THE U.S. WE CAN MAYBE GET BACK AND STICK OUR TOE IN THE WATER. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 14, 2022
Can Glyn Hughes Save TIACA? Remembering The Owl At JFK Cargo

For the first time since Daniel Fernandez picked up the baton from the first TIACA DG, the late Garth Davies, TIACA has a running chance as the world emerges from the depths of lockdown and uncertainty to what could be a new deal as an organization. The place was called The Owl and it was located just outside the airport on the corner of Farmers & Guy R. Brewer Blvd., and what fun it was. The Owl, a local air cargo haunt operated by Joe “Owl” Mancusi was reportedly an occasional gathering point for the gang that planned and later held up Lufthansa Cargo and were immortalized in a book and the movie “Goodfellas”. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 07, 2022
Sometimes Smelling The Flowers Is All There Is

In this COVID-19 (semi) lockdown early-February 2022 as we receive notes of  greetings and good wishes for Christmas cards that were send in early December, we have been thinking, based on the slowdown in the US mail service maybe it is not too early despite the snowfall to think about flowers &. Valentines Day Always a big part of Valentines Day now less than two weeks away , we are wondering if space demand for floral shipments that always cube out before they weigh out will be  severely impacted by demands to move vaccines and other stuff? Any air cargo force worth its salt would be loathe to cast away the flower markets anytime now as junk cargo. Think of all those reefers in MIA and elsewhere masquerading as air cargo terminals. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 30, 2022
Lady Liberty She Ain't

Before you Google to ogle, think about the implications of balancing a woman on top of a skyscraper like a Christmas ornament. Lady Liberty she ain't. The latest ad from Emirates features a flight attendant standing atop the almost 3,000-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai—the tallest skyscraper in the world. Given the context of an ongoing pandemic and the resultant travel woes that have arisen (A recent American Airlines flight from Florida to London that had to return because ONE traveler refused to wear their mask—talk about "you better pipe down back there, or I'm turning this car around!"), one can only hope that most flight attendants do not have to teeter atop the needle point of a skyscraper to earn their keep. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 27, 2022
Sustainability And Tips For New Orleans Forwarder Week

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree is a phrase that is typically said in CONNECTION WITH CHILDREN WHO SHOW QUALITIES OR TALENTS that are similar to those of their parents. When EMO Trans Jenni Frigger Latham appears on the stage in New Orleans at the first panel Wednesday morning to moderate a discussion on sustainability that includes the former Head of IATA Cargo and current President of TIACA Glyn Hughes and the former President of Cargo Network Services (CNS) and current title of PayCargo Lionel Van der Welt, she will be a dynamic freight forwarder leading a discussion of major consequences in a the first welcome back live face-to-face AfA session in two years. Jenni comes from a dynamic pioneering company building freight forwarder culture built by her Dad Joachim "Jo" Frigger, and her Mom, Karin Frigger who accelerated and built EMO Trans, USA from a small office up a long flight of stairs on Rockaway Blvd next to the main runways of John F. Kennedy International Airport into a global power. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 16, 2022
What Happend To American Airlines Hangar 1 At LaGuardia?

Just came across an announcement that American Airlines Hangar 3-5  have been cleaned up at LaGuardia Airport That caught my eye as the notice also  mentioned that the original AA domestic passenger facility at LGA Hangar 1 one of the most historically significant buildings on any airport anywhere had been demolished. Hangars 3 an 5 look OK  in the style of the late 1930s and for sure have a lot of history. But to compare them in value historically with Hangar 1 is like trying to match up  some pseudo paste with the Hope Diamond. This is the place that guaranteed that there would be a LaGuardia with airplanes in New York City in 1939. As the airport was building in 1938 at North  Beach , Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia  still needed an anchor tenant so he set aboutconvincing American Airlines founder CR Smith and the brilliant negotiator CR had just coaxed away from Braniff OM “Red” Red Mosier to move AA's  entire corporate headquarters operation  from Chicago to  New York's new North Beach Airport Hangar1 in Flushing Queens. Mosier made the deal,New York City awarded American "pole position" in Hangar One at the new airport, and AA set up shop in New York City. LaGuardia emerged as the busiest airport in the world. . --- Support this podcast:

Jan 12, 2022
Cargo Gatherings Versus Cabin Fever/Cargo In Cabin Was Delivered At Jet Speed 60 Years Ago

Can't wait to get to an air cargo show?  Airforwarders Association is at just that inside a big downtown  hotel beginning January 17 in New Orleans. You know all about Cargo in Cabin that saved the world and kept the airlines flying for the past two years. Did you know Cargo In Cabin was invented  and performed aboard 40 long range commercial passenger carrying jet aircraft 60 plus years ago by Pan American World Airways Clipper Cargo? Thanks to our readers Bob Rogers and Martin Beasdale we discovered some more of our world that we share with you dear listener right here. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 04, 2022
Farewell and Goodbye to 2021

As we say goodbye to yet another year of pandemic caused by COVID lets remember those parted while looking forward to 2022 hopeful that this seemingly endless string of months that now has turned into years of living in doubt, may finally  move into the broad sunshine of a new day people all over the world pray is soon upon us. Bill Boesch has always been the common sense voice in the throng. From the early days at Seaboard World and at Pan Am Clipper Cargo; serving as President of American Airlines Cargo for Bob Crandall, as logistics specialist at Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was recognized with the USA Medal of Freedom for his dedication and service, and most recently as a key player at Operation Warp Speed, Bill Boesch for more than a half a century has been in the thick of the movement to advance air cargo at the airlines wherever he has served. “For air cargo, Bill says,” 2021 was a year of change.” Jo Frigger gets a long last goodbye. But I have said goodbye a couple of times since he died April 19,2021. There still is more to say. Our last words for this year are for you. Happy,Peaceful and Healthy New Year! --- Support this podcast:

Dec 29, 2021
Greatest Air Cargo Charity Outreach/Seaboard World AirwaysBuilding 260 Made History/A Christmas Story

Greatest Charity Outreach In The History of Air Cargo Slowly in the U.S. people are getting together, although, in some quarters the feeling continues to prevail that the risk of COVID is still there, so maybe better to lay low. That's not good at all for some people anxious to get back to life, as they try to help others. Recently a cargo fundraiser by Lufthansa Cargo at ORD during of all things, a Christmas Party (remember those?), brought to mind Cargo Human Care headed up by Fokko Doyen. CHC with love at its heart, stands today as the greatest charity effort by anybody in air cargo, Trumpeting progress at the biggest airport for the greatest city in the world is, at best, a dicey proposition. Kindly consider and never forget all traffic at JFK International Airport comes and goes like toothpaste being squeezed through the tiny opening in the tube better known as Van Wyck Expressway. Until someone comes up with a better overland alternative, or launches a cargo water taxi, or comes up with something more than the pathetic and nearly totally useless roadway system in and out of JFK, building for air cargo at that airport is more like a dead heat on a merry-go-round. This edition includes our traditional "A Christmas Story" recalling the blessings of a Christmastide past. --- Support this podcast:

Dec 12, 2021
Thanks In Hand From UPS Foundation At 70 / Jerry Trimboli Was A Slugger Without A Bat

Mixed in Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a phalanx of other branded retail days almost too numerous to mention, days between now and Christmas 2021 let's take a deep breath and give thanks to those deliver it by hand to others in need.UPS celebrating 70 years of the UPS Foundation feels like a good place to start. A Slugger Without A Bat The exemplary In the game of baseball who is able to hit the ball far distances for home runs and extra base hits just three times times every ten at bats can be called a "slugger" Hank Williams was a slugger, Joe Di Maggio was a slugger, Ted Williams was a slugger, as was Willie Mays. Jerry Trimboli at Scandinavian Airline System (SAS Cargo) was a slugger without a bat; a pioneer industry minded man who also happened to be in my 50 years of service,  head and shoulders amongst the best big league airline cargo transportation executives , ever. Here the exemplary life and times of Jerry Trimboli who passed in February 2020 is remembered. --- Support this podcast:

Dec 03, 2021