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The Ok Taco Show-Conrad and Shannon restored a 1977 Airstream into a Taco wagon. They are traveling across Oklahoma to serve every town in the state. This hilarious journey of misfortune is documented with a podcast each day they are out.
Those guys from Wichita- Conrad, Shannon, Casey, Skinman, and Smooth E get together each week for a fast paced comedy show that includes stories, games, weird news, bits, and phone calls.
The Conrad Show- Conrad talks to the windshield of whatever studio he is driving about family, business, thoughts on robotics taking over the world, Jewish dance moves, other religion dance moves, and gravy.

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Ep. 24 TCS

From the shed.

Apr 05
Ep. 23 TCS

Conrad is on his way back from Wichita, with a weekend update.

1h 1m
Apr 04
Assigned Parking… Alopecia

The golden boy strikes again, Ivy calls in to brag about his freedom, Eric is a curd burglar, Zach thinks it’s fine to have someone sit on his leg and fart, Casey coordinates a group of threats, to circle Conrad’s car in Blackwell. 

2h 5m
Apr 02
Ep. 190 The Ok Taco Show

Thank you Wellston for a great day. This is NSFW depending on where you work. Conrad gets a call from a publication to discuss Shannon's favorite artist. Plus the Micheal phelps story. Consider supporting the show by subscribing to the bonus shows,

Apr 01
Ep. 189 The Ok Taco Show

NSFW, Depending on where you work. Shannon and Conrad are headed back from Paden Oklahoma, where they had a great day of selling tacos to many great people. They then talk about a new Blake Shelton development and a nudist colony in Depew Oklahoma. "you don't have to call me dad, but you do have to call me country." to support the show.

Mar 31
Ep. 188 The Ok Taco Show

Shannon and Conrad are headed back from Cromwell Oklahoma, after a average day of taco sales, but the guys do come up with a new idea for a cold coffin bed, and Conrad has an idea to spice up your love life by role playing with regular day job attire.

1h 2m
Mar 30
Golden Corral

From new ideas for cats, to new ways to spice up the bedroom, from hanging plants, to pooping in bags, ultimately this all leads to Golden Corral 

2h 33m
Mar 26
Ep. 187 The Ok Taco Show

The guys are headed back from Tonkawa Oklahoma, after a great day of selling tacos. They go into that a bit then Conrad has a story about running in KC, and made up games that he and Jonah play. Shannon talks about setting up army men and shooting them with bb guns. All of this re sparks the discussion of a random dude ranch Olympics. for the bonus episode taped on the way. 

Mar 25
Ep. 186 The Ok Taco Show

Shannon and Conrad are heading to Red Rock Oklahoma today to sell tacos.... This is what they thought about.

1h 20m
Mar 23
Ep. 22 TCS

No tacos today. Today we talk about Jelly, and the most dangerous man in Japan.

1h 3m
Mar 22
Ep. 185 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are headed to Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Mar 22
Ep. 184 The Ok Taco Show

Headed back to random dude ranch. Matchmaking Ivy, mailman talk. and More.

Mar 21
Ep. 183 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are back at it this early Saturday morning headed to Tulsa for a car show. These are things they thought about. To hear how the day turned out. listen on patreon.

1h 6m
Mar 20
IKEA cowboys

The most heroic episode yet. From almond milk gravy to president Lincoln selling yoga pants helping the elderly and finally saving a family from a monster.

1h 16m
Mar 17
Catholic Pistachio

Ukrainian Whalers attack tonight’s show, and teach us about Catholic values, while taking us to pistachio land to shop for Yellowstone house boats… Shannon watched moneyball. 

2h 18m
Mar 12
Ep. 182 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are headed back from Maud. What a great day again, Conrad is in a goofy mood and starts the show with a interesting question, and then that turns into a discussion about the scariest thing in Oklahoma, the guys then talk about bringing rainforest people to America and how fun that would be, the golden boy gets presented a statue and then the guys come up with a plan for the scary sleepover. Subscribe for more distractions....NSFW depending.

1h 16m
Mar 11
Ep. 181 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are headed back from Tryon Oklahoma, This is their show.

Mar 10
Ep. 180 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are headed to Stroud Oklahoma. These are the thoughts that crossed their minds.  For more exclusive episodes, consider supporting the show by joining patreon.

Mar 09
Ep. 179 The Ok Taco Show

Weekend Update.

Mar 08
Friday night free

Free show of those guys from wichita. / 

1h 0m
Mar 05
Ep. 178 The Ok Taco Show

Conrad and Shannon are headed Home after a great day in Agra, Oklahoma, They talk Russian oligarchs, yacht life, and hunting coyotes with falcons. So a normal show.

1h 0m
Mar 04
Ep. 177 The Ok Taco Show

The guys are headed to Meeker, Oklahoma.

Mar 03
Ep. 176 The Ok Taco Show

Is this Public Hunting?

Mar 02
Ep. 175 The Ok Taco Show

Shannon and Conrad are back and headed to Morris Oklahoma

Mar 01
Ep. 21 TCS

Monday Morning Episode. 2-28-22 Full

Feb 28
Ep. 20 TCS

Conrad talks about the Jeopardy lady getting engaged, the usfl, the best part of the Kobe bryant documentary, and a new movie called Free Guy, plus a new game to play on TGFW next wednesday.

1h 5m
Feb 25
Ep. 19 TCS

Conrad talks about Russia, midwestern people, NBC's making it, cbd gummies, and severance, plus aids. Subscribe for free on itunes and spotify, follow on podbean for live updates, support the show and have access to bonus content on

1h 5m
Feb 24
Ep. 18 TCS

Conrad and Shannon are stuck in a Oklahoma snow storm. Conrad heads to the shed to talk about a leftover show on netflix, turning our hands into usable utensils, and tom hanks ruining the new elvis movie.

1h 9m
Feb 24
Ep. 17 TCS (snow plow episode)

I thought I posted this episode the other day, but apparently I reposted the valentines episode. Luckily? I found this. The contents of this episode are in the context of sleep deprivation.

Feb 22
Ep. 16 TCS

Conrad is in the shed studio. He talks about feeling like crap from eating the pizza, alarm clocks for 3rd world countries, his new hair cut, and teachers selling themselves for vape pens. Consider subscribing or supporting the show.

Feb 22