Big Adventures with Brian Dierker

Brian Dierker, Gavin Boughner, Margaret Knight


Grand Canyon boatman Brian Dierker sits down to chat with fellow guides, scientists, politicians and oddballs about adventure, conservation, and all things outside.

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Ed Smith

Ed Smith is a river runner and skier, celebrating his recent retirement from Northern Arizona University. He and Brian sit down to chat about the early days guiding in the Grand Canyon and the American west, skiing, and much more. Enjoy Ed Smith!

Mar 21
Dave and Mimi Demaree

Dave and Mimi Demaree founded Demaree Inflatable Boats (DIB) in 1982. They sit down with Brian to chat about boat building, old types of rafts and whitewater craft, and some of the adventures they've shared. Enjoy Dave and Mimi Demaree!

1h 3m
Feb 21
Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips is a search and rescue expert who spent 27 years at the Grand Canyon working for the National Park Service. He chats with Brian about his start at the canyon, teaching rescue techniques around the world, and much more! Enjoy Ken Phillips!

1h 7m
Feb 07
Phyllis Hogan

Phyllis Hogan is an herbalist and the proprieter of Winter Sun Trading Company in Flagstaff AZ. She sits down with Brian to chat about her journey to the Southwest, ethnobotany, and starting a small business. Enjoy Phyllis Hogan!

1h 7m
Jan 17
Richard Bangs

Richard Bangs is an adventurer and co-founder of the international guiding company Sobek. Enjoy Richard Bangs!

Dec 13, 2022
Ross Garrison

Ross Garrison is a surfer, river runner, and avid backpacker. He sits down with Brian to chat about his world travels, long distance hikes, and much more! Enjoy Ross Garrison!

Nov 29, 2022
Jon & Ruthie Stoner

The Grand Canyon brought Jon and Ruthie Stoner together, and it is still a major part of their lives. They sit down and chat with Brian about Ruthie's art, their trips in the Canyon, and their many years working for river companies. Enjoy the Stoners!

1h 5m
Nov 08, 2022
Lynn Hamilton

Lynn Hamilton is the executive director of Grand Canyon River Guides. She sits down with Brian to chat about her educational path, adventures, and GCRG. Enjoy Lynn Hamilton!

Oct 11, 2022
Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper is a boatman and adventurer out of Dolores Colorado. He and Brian sit down to chat about his first descent of the Little Colorado River, his early days in the Grand Canyon, and much more. Enjoy Tim Cooper!

1h 1m
Jul 19, 2022
George Bain

George Bain is a Flagstaff-based boatman and adventurer. He and Brian chat about George's many ascents of Grand Canyon summits, his early days on the river, and much more! Enjoy George Bain!

1h 2m
Jul 05, 2022
Erica Fareio

Erica Fareio is an artist, adventurer, and river runner. She and Brian sit down to chat about the beauty of Arizona and her activism through art. Enjoy Erica Fareio!

May 31, 2022
David Edwards

David Edwards is a freelance photographer, adventurer and river runner. He and Brian chat about his photo trips to Mongolia, and numerous other adventures in the Grand Canyon and around the globe. Enjoy David Edwards!

1h 35m
May 10, 2022
Gary Bolton

Gary Bolton is a long time river runner, guide, and botanist. He and Brian chat about his international adventures, getting his PhD, and much more! Enjoy Gary Bolton!

Apr 26, 2022
Mark Lamberson

Mark Lamberson is a skiier, ski judge, and outdoor retail businessman. He and Brian chat about skiing, changes in the industry, travel, and much more. Enjoy Mark Lamberson!

1h 2m
Apr 05, 2022
Bob and Jim

Robert McDonald and his nephew Jim Wilson join Brian in the studio. They chat about growing up in Arizona, hunting, skiing, and much more! Enjoy Bob and Jim!

1h 4m
Mar 22, 2022
Chris Louderback

Chris Louderback is a risk manager/ski patroller at the Arizona Snowbowl. He and Brian sit in a gondola lift and chat about skiing, Alaska adventures, the environment, and much more. Enjoy Chris Louderback!

Mar 08, 2022
Jim David

Jim David is a river runner, chemist, mathematician, and educator. He and Brian chat about early days on the Colorado River, the importance of science education, and the future of the planet. Enjoy Jim David!

Feb 01, 2022
Christa Sadler

Christa Sadler is an educator, author, and river guide. She and Brian sit down to chat about science in the Grand Canyon, her books, and adventuring around the globe. Enjoy Christa Sadler!

Jan 18, 2022
Dan Hall

Dan Hall is a river runner, adventurer, and slayer of ravenna grass. He sits down with Brian to chat about his epic cycling trips, radio improv, and Grand Canyon science. Enjoy Dan Hall!

1h 1m
Jan 04, 2022
Matt Fahey

Matt Fahey is a river guide, videographer, and producer. He sits down with Brian to talk about how the river helped launch his career as a cameraman and TV producer. Enjoy Matt Fahey!

1h 0m
Dec 21, 2021
Jimi Hendrick

Jimi Hendrick is a river runner and adventurer with too many stories for one sitting. He and Brian sit down to chat about the Grand Canyon, river running in Alaska, and his roundabout journey to becoming a river guide. Enjoy Jimi Hendricks!

Dec 07, 2021
Jose Martinez

Jose Martinez is a fashion photographer and hatmaker. He and Brian sit down to chat about breaking into photography, moving around the country, and life in Northern Arizona. Enjoy Jose Martinez!

Nov 16, 2021
Wayne Ranney

Wayne Ranney is a guide, geologist, and author. He and Brian sit down to chat about geology and science in the Grand Canyon. Enjoy Wayne Ranney!

1h 2m
Nov 02, 2021
Ed Keable

Ed Keable is the superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park. He and Brian sit down to chat about his 30+ years of federal service, their river trip together, and all things Grand Canyon. Enjoy Ed Keable!

1h 1m
Oct 19, 2021
Octavius Seowtewa

Octavius Seowtewa is the supervisor of the Zuni Cultural Resource Advisory team. He and Briand sit down and chat about his life, the river, and the A:Shiwi in Zuni, New Mexico.

1h 1m
Oct 05, 2021
Carolyn Alvord

Carolyn Alvord is a river guide and former jockey. She sits down with Brian to talk about the wild world of horse racing and river guiding. Enjoy Carolyn Alvord!

1h 1m
Aug 17, 2021
Brian Dierker

Brian Dierker joins his own podcast to try and answer the question "Who is Brian Dierker?" He and producer Gavin Boughner sit down and try their best to find answers. Enjoy Brian Dierker!

Aug 03, 2021
Ellen Tibbetts

Ellen Tibbetts is a river runner and artist out of Flagstaff. She and Brian sit down to discuss river running, ceramics, and much more. Enjoy Ellen Tibbetts!

Jul 20, 2021
Peter Reznick

Peter Reznick is a river runner, guide, realtor and water company owner. He and Brian sit down to chat about the early days of commercial river running in the Grand Canyon. Enjoy Pete Reznick!

Jul 06, 2021