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AfricaLink on Air — 24 March 2023

Africalink Special Edition: Anti-government protests in South Africa, Kenya

Mar 24
AfricaLink on Air — 23 March 2023

Sierra Leone's economic crisis+++ Ghana's inflation soars+++Kenyans urged to replace staple food with rice and potatoes+++Zambians divided over the decision to give land to Kenyan farmers who escaped drought+++Showbiz

Mar 23
AfricaLink on Air — 22 March 2023

Uganda's harsh new anti-gay legislation blasted by UN, rights groups+++South Africa's EFF presses demands for Ramaphosa's resignation+++Humanity has 'broken the water cycle,' UN chief warns

Mar 22
AfricaLink on Air — 21 March 2023

Is East Africa becoming more homophobic? +++Uganda debates a bill on banning homosexual relations +++International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination +++Zimbabwe gearing up for general election +++South Sudan government and rebels meet in Rome for talks +++ Showbiz

Mar 21
AfricaLink on Air — 20 March 2023

Tear gas, arrests as Kenya opposition stages protests +++ South African protesters march to demand Ramaphosa steps down +++ Nigerian ruling party keeps powerful Lagos post after tense local polls +++ Mauritius ranks highest among Africa's happiest nations

Mar 20
AfricaLink on Air — 17 March 2023

DW's AfricaLink Special Edition: Cyclone Freddy affects 500,000 people in Malawi, UN says

Mar 17
AfricaLink on Air - 16 March 2023

The re-election of Gianni Infantino as FIFA president +++ The West's Love Affair with Rwanda +++ Guinea: Friction between the junta and opposition +++ 77% Debate: How can young people avoid cyberhackers? +++ A taboo-breaking artist in Sierra Leone

Mar 16
AfricaLink on Air - 15 March 2023

US Sec. of State Blinken in Ethiopia +++ Follow up Cyclone 'Freddy' aftermath in southern Africa +++ Feature: DRC: The M23 and mining resources +++ Tanzania youth interested in selling their kidneys +++ Showbiz

Mar 15
AfricaLink on Air - 14 March 2023

Kenya runs short of dollars +++ Expert on forex shortage in parts of Africa +++ Don’t Hold Back: Black tax +++ How did women fair in Nigeria's election? +++ Why do African Americans flock to Ghana?

Mar 14
AfricaLink on Air — 13 March 2023

Ethiopia seeks to block UN probe into massacres in Tigray region +++ Rape was used as weapon of war in Ethiopia, UN report +++ 52nd session of the Human Rights Council kicks-off in Geneva +++ Punitive crop laws hurting farmers in Africa+++ Tems' outfit at the Oscars criticised

Mar 13
AfricaLink on Air - 10 March 2023

Special Edition: Migration and Tunisia racism

Mar 10
AfricaLink on Air - 09 March 2023

What is happening in Nigeria after the Presidential elections?+++Can technology guarantee transparent polls?+++ What are the solutions to youth unemployment?

Mar 09
AfricaLink on Air - 08 March 2023

Nigeria: Who are the women in the life of President-elect Bola Tinubu?+++Gender pay gap+++ Amanda Ajami, a nutritionist helping Liberians to break bad eating habits +++ Breaking skating gender stereotypes+++Showbiz

Mar 08
AfricaLink on Air - 07 March 2023

Is a new "electricity minister" enough to help South Africa tackle its energy crisis?+++Ghana battles Lassa fever.

Mar 07
AfricaLink on Air - 06 March 2023

Nigeria: Defeated Atiku Abubakar leads protests against election results +++Tunisia crackdown on migrants raises concerns +++ Ghana celebrates Independence amid economic crisis +++Zambia: Human traffickers using the country as smuggling route to South Africa.

Mar 06
AfricaLink on Air - 03 March 2023

Nigeria Special: What challenges lay ahead for the new President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Mar 03
AfricaLink on Air - 02 March 2023

Why did it take long for African leaders to congratulate Nigeria's president-elect?+++ Anger in Kenya over LGBT ruling.

Mar 02
AfricaLink on Air - 01 March 2023

Nigerian reactions to Bola Tinubu, their new president +++ Expert on the outcome of Nigeria's presidential election +++ Portrait: Bola Ahmed Tinubu +++ Africa and the world reacts to the change leadership in Nigeria

Mar 01
AfricaLink on Air - 28 February 2023

Nigeria opposition dismisses ‘sham’ election as ruling party’s Tinubu takes lead+++Uganda’s Museveni in South Africa on bilateral trade talks +++ Malawi women and girls held ransom in the Middle East

Feb 28
AfricaLink on Air - 27 February 2023

Nigeria counts votes+++Buhari's legacy +++ German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil on migration reforms aimed at Africa +++ Ghana: Manure instead of Russian fertilizers +++ Showbiz

Feb 27
AfricaLink on Air — 24 February 2023

Special Edition: Nigeria 2023 Elections

Feb 24
AfricaLink on Air — 23 February 2023

Nigeria’s election 2023: What is the situation on the ground? +++ Who are the main contenders? +++ Facts and details about voter demographics +++ Nigerian journalist turned politician Tari Taylaur runs for a seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly

Feb 23
AfricaLink on Air — 22 February 2023

Vote buying set to characterize upcoming Nigerian elections +++ Jill Biden makes 6th visit to Africa, her 1st as first lady +++ Equatorial Guinea VP's sparks diplomatic spat with South Africa

Feb 22
The 77 Percent — What do Nigerians hope for their election?

On Saturday, Nigeria - Africa's biggest economy - goes to the polls to elect a new government. Incumbent President Buhari stepping aside, but a cash crunch and a flurry of fake news in the run up have made this election even more unpredictable. Listen in on our Street Debate and our interview with Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw to hear how Nigerians are preparing for the vote.

Feb 22
AfricaLink on Air - 21 February 2023

Nigeria's IDPs left out of electoral process +++ What do young Nigerians expect from their leaders? +++ Burkinabe are finding refuge across the border in Ghana +++ How Zambian women stay afloat financially

Feb 21
AfricaLink on Air — 20 February 2023

Nigerian ruling party against Buhari's currency swap +++ Why Germany is keenly following Nigeria's election +++ S.Africa: Military exercise strains relations with West +++ Nigerian Afrobeats superstars perform at NBA All-Stars

Feb 20
AfricaLink on Air — 17 February 2023

DW's AfricaLink Special Edition: Impact of social media Nigeria's elections

Feb 17
AfricaLink on Air - 16 February 2023

Nigeria: Rich in oil but poor in refining +++Expert on Nigerian economy+++Analysis: Kenya's clampdown on rich tax cheats+++ AU Summit: Are Africa's nations now moving closer together?+++Showbiz: 77% Debate: Why do global celebrities ignore Africa in their world tours?

Feb 16
AfricaLink on Air — 15 February 2023

DW's AfricaLink Special Editon: Nigeria's Election

Feb 15
AfricaLink on Air - 14 February 2023

Love in a Cameroonian refugee camp +++ Countering Fake News in the Nigerian Election +++ Guinea's Ebola orphans +++ Rwanda's pregnant prisoners +++ Showbiz: Valentine's Day special

Feb 14